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  • Dryslwyn Castle ruins in Morning Mist

    Had this have been mine, I would have had a go at cropping out that very light sky, if you scroll the image upward you may see what I mean.The sky isn't really adding to the frame and imho removing it makes a much cleaner image and I can appreciate the mist much better.

    Thanks for that. I think your advice is spot on. I will definitelydo that before I make a print version.
    • 13 Jul 2020 7:02PM
  • Arnardrangur

    Quote:Needs a cw rotation

    Yes, quite right. Had one eye on the level of the headland instead of the actual horizon and didn't check properly before uploading.
    • 6 Dec 2018 11:58AM
  • Arnardrangur

    Quote:I thought this was a long exposure shotBlush
    The conditions must have been unusual for the photo to have this mystical look with such a short exposure time!

    Thanks for your comments. The camera, Sony a6500,with a digital app filter takes a series of shots (1/125s) and instantly combines them to create the effect of this longer exposure. Not as good as using a ND filter, but a heck of a lot cheaper and good fun anyway.
    • 3 Dec 2018 12:00PM
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