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"A good eye for a photograph - sounds like a fair trade"
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A quick view of TheViking's recent activity.

  • How Much!

    Quote:You could line the inside of a spare pair of spectacles with the wallpaper of your choice. Et voila! Job's a good'un.
    ... already done that Nev ... actually i tried painting my eyeballs with dulux solid emulsion first but it was quite limiting and I found shocking pinkl was not a good colour for bathrooms
    • 14 Jan 2011 4:37PM
  • Cottaging

    Quote:And a good idea it was too! This is fantastic and if she had any reservations about this shot being shown, then there shouldn't be as its a cracking image! Sensual, well lit, beautifully posed and a beautiful lady (you're a lucky man!)....a top, top shot and a bit different to your usual style, which isn't a good or bad thing...just goes to show you have talent
    ... Cheers Johnnyboy ... I am somewhat unused to such praise ... no need to worry about the other halfs resavations, I met her because she took her clothes off for me, to be fair shes not really used to wearing them much at all ...
    • 29 Nov 2010 10:43PM
  • Tally Ho!

    Quote:I see no fox !!
    ... I count at least two Ron Grin
    • 29 Nov 2010 2:58PM
  • Sweet spot

    Quote:How did you keep your lady from laughing and making the dots fall off??
    .... Spirit gum, however giggling was still a major problem
    • 6 Nov 2010 2:43AM
  • Blind date

    LOL Priceless ... its been ages since I uploaded a deliberately seedy image, (the last one made POTW, fickle EPZ!) ... I must do it more often ... in this case it looks like the subject matter is a little close to home for some ...

    I'll be sure to pass on all the comments to the team, I'm sure they will find them highly entertaining ... however please continue, I have been looking for some new quotes for my website and this is absolute gold dust ...

    PS oh and Bristles this image in NOT real life, its a deliberately contrived scene for the purposes of entertainment, Claire is a professional model, who plays the roles she is assigned ... making personal attacks on fictional characters is a rather perplexing thing to do ...
    • 26 Oct 2010 11:18PM
  • Lou

    I imagine In Lou's own words its ... gurt lush me babber innit ... *buurp*
    • 9 Oct 2010 4:19AM
  • 1312

    cracking lighting, cracking use of the space, cracking colour, cracking tonal range, cracking model and cracking narrative ... erm ... cracking
    • 7 Sep 2010 11:51PM
  • What no new uploads? ... c'mon we havent got all day mucker ...
  • Oi Oi!
  • What an outstanding talent you have ... kudos!
    • Posted on beckas's profile
    • 20 Feb 2010 10:40AM
  • Cracking portfolio ... your use of colour is very much to my taste ... every piece an eyeball pleaser
  • Stunning portraiture from a stunning talent ... pure class
    • Posted on vismaya's profile
    • 30 Jul 2008 2:05AM
  • Outstanding use of colour in your work Dan ... I'm very interested in HDR images and yours are some of the best I have ever seen ... a benchmark for my efforts ... fantastic!
  • I respect the way you can turn your eye to any sublect and produce fabulious images with equal aplomb ... It dosent seem to matter who or what your subject is your love of photography is evident ... fantastic work
  • I dont think i have ever seen so much talent in someone so young ... You have skill and vision in equal quantitys ... find your niche and greatness awaits you ....
    • Posted on Alyssia's profile
    • 30 Jul 2007 5:50PM
  • Your portraiture is insane! ... bouncing in my chair and clapping here ... I'm really digging the tonal quality of your work to ... going to spend a while having a proper rummage through your folio now ... cool
  • I really like your stylised approach ... stunning body of work ...