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Activity : Photo Comments


I'm Ann,I'm having fun here,hope you are too.

I was once told by a very clever man 'an expert is someone who has stopped learning'

I know i haven't uploaded much lately but my computer went down and i lost my cs....however that will be sorted at christmas and i hope to be able to join in again soon.............look forward to it......AnnSmile
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  • Rome 2

    i was going to try and do a mod just for fun as this is perfect but i can't figure out how to download it to have some fun. oh well maybe try later.love it it's brilliant Patriciax
    • 22 Jul 2016 3:41PM
  • Garden Phlox

    love the macro,detail,colour,depth and how it totally fills the frame.Perfect one JennnnSmile
    • 22 Jul 2016 1:59PM
  • Puffin Flight

    i agree with everyone Val a fantastic puffin image in flight,poetry in motionSmile
    • 22 Jul 2016 1:50PM
  • There will always be dancers

    sway to the music of your mind
    dance your blues away
    and your happiness abound
    as about you go this day
    round and round
    living,loving and being kind........
    fantasy inc.....Paree in name
    • 21 Jul 2016 7:59PM
  • Sunset Crater

    what a unique site you've found,love the stripped dead trees and the detail and texture in them,they are like sculptures in there own right twisted and animated and the living to let you see both and compare yet both look so suitably at ease with the other.Brilliant.
    • 21 Jul 2016 7:44PM
  • Calm

    beautiful everywhere you look there is something else too look at and keep you interested,great reflections and light.
    • 21 Jul 2016 7:40PM
  • Padley Gorge

    now that's how to show off water flowing Malcolm,excellently done.
    • 21 Jul 2016 7:38PM
  • Popping the Peacock

    lovely detail and play Patricia well doneSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 7:22PM
  • 6 Spot Burnet

    A beautifully captured 6 spot burnet moth looks like it's draped in an art deco style cape and the macro detail is stunning Char.love it,Annx
    • 21 Jul 2016 4:18PM
  • A more upclose shot of the same part of the river.

    thankyou Richie,I think it is....it's got places near for hawks etc you can photograph and the Glen is a good place for walking for fungii,plantlife etc,now and again deer........it's got some lovely walks.
    • 21 Jul 2016 4:00PM
  • Obersee

    Hi Rick,your image has just rocked my world.........and won my award and heart this week. it's amazing,love it.AnnSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 3:37PM
  • Little Miss Blue Eyes

    simply love this little girl Suzan she's so gorgeousxx
    • 21 Jul 2016 3:01PM
  • Christening

    nice one Mark it's nice being back in your pfSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 2:55PM
  • Red Rain Dancer

    Great subject in monochrome with just that pop of colour and the movement that brings it totally aliveSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 2:46PM
  • Saturday Shadows

    Hi Andrew,i love both the actual and version,it's got everything,shading,texture,colour,macro and detail in heaps. this sounds daft but usually we can do selective colouring in this it almost looks as though you have chosen to do the opposite and had selective mono but it's more like selective silhouette with colour.Amazing.love itSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 2:40PM
  • shield bug

    i like versions 1 and 2 best bun but they are all good considering i don't like the little critters anyways.......great texture,detail and sideways going up they look good and the macro work as always is top notchSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 2:34PM
  • A Shady Road

    this is the picture that books are made to be illustrated with and walls to be hung with Jennn it just illustrates and makes beautiful and shows a time past but not forgotten........a softer looking picture of a harder time with softer memoriesSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 2:12PM
  • Untitled

    Hi Jennn, it could only be one of your text book images with a bit of a twist...........great texture,simplicity yet beautyx
    • 21 Jul 2016 2:06PM
  • happy

    Hi Ollie a beautiful image of a beautiful young lady......great monochrome.....the picture talks for itselfSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 2:03PM
  • A little creek

    Hi Peter,so nice to be back in your portfolio and thankyou for looking at my picture. Great timing,water motion,texture,light space and detail.........all a magical Jaktis experienceSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 1:59PM
  • *** Man with his pet momkey ***

    lovely street shot,lots to see and such interest and detail as well as such a good portrait of both the man and the monkey each in their own right you have an amazing overall image of street life.
    • 21 Jul 2016 1:54PM
  • The Blue Pool, Dorset

    lovely reflections,light detail and colour. I really like the photo overall beautifulSmile
    • 21 Jul 2016 1:28PM
  • The thistle

    love the butterfly on the beautifully captured Thistle it's got it all,insect detail,texture by the ton and the negative space shows off the skipper perfectly. Perfect MacroSmile
    • 20 Jul 2016 9:55PM
  • to quick

    nice one arnieSmile
    • 24 Apr 2016 6:49PM
  • Maids of the sea

    he joined you in the sea below
    as he couldn't resist your face aglow
    his heart tore at him
    and the maid said ahem
    and together they went off to the sea and so.........

    been a while since i tried to join your poetry....but i'm out of practice now.
    amazing work.......i love it,wish it were on my wallSmile

    • 24 Apr 2016 6:35PM
  • Bells of blue

    nice one maureen been a while since i saw your workSmile
    • 24 Apr 2016 6:25PM
  • That way, folks

    lovely shading and detailSmile

    • 24 Apr 2016 6:01PM
  • for those who are lost

    Hi Andy,
    a beautiful pick and the light is gorgeous......thinking of you and yours....my mum had a stroke not as bad as your dads but her speech went and her memory and she wasn't able to walk about....she's in a wheel chair now....she can stand with a stick but not for long....but what i want to say to you is it took six weeks but she was able to talk after six weeks......slow at first and her memory isn't good....she's better one to one but she's not in a home.....she's at home with dad....there is hope...wait and see what happens after a little while.......i'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers,AnnSmile
    • 9 Jun 2013 7:48PM
  • Confession

    you said it Dave..............intertwine with the beyond..........
    • 29 Jan 2013 9:39PM
  • Just Messing About

    both are brilliantly done images.............love the more natural shot of V2Smile and also the more 3d look of V1 well done AndrewSmile
    • 29 Jan 2013 9:27PM