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Thanks for visiting - all input very welcome
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  • Freesias sheltering from the rain

    Thank you everyone - every year as soon as the freesias are out we get high winds and heavy rain so no opportunity to really appreciate them. Your comments are very much appreciated.
    • 1 May 2021 3:33PM
  • Rose experimenting with low light and using PS and Viveza

    Thanks John - that is actually very helpful. Not having much to photograph at the moment (at least my 'inventiveness' is not working!) I have resorted to going backwards just to try and adapt or create. So it does add to my thoughts. Thanks.
    • 28 Mar 2021 1:28PM
  • Unknown blossom

    That will be a terrible problem if it is Janet - it has grown tangling itself in the Hibiscus which I rescued from my Mum's garden- it has moved house with me 5 times and is now very established here. Suggests I may have to dig both up and replant the hibiscus - hopefully it will survive any damage but as I have been here 20+ years it will need some care. And as my back will be put to tremendous stress I am already anticipating severe pain!!!
    • 1 Mar 2021 4:58PM
  • Little Egret Derbyshire

    So pleased to see this - I was just thinking how much beauty you bring to my life! Thank you.
    • 30 Jan 2021 9:53AM
  • Thistle

    I like that Willie - I was really going from the 'ready-made' examples in Silver-efex and the one I chose was pretty much unaltered.

    Thank you, Chris - I know Black and White is something you work with a lot so praise from you is praise indeed. much appreciated.
    • 29 Jan 2021 8:16PM
  • Christmas Orchid

    Thank you for that Willie - but I actually wanted this one soft - hence no sharpening at all. I was looking more for an Orton effect.
    • 3 Jan 2021 11:16AM
  • More travels

    Thank you Moira - I do agree - it looks good with the photo inverted. Just so much easier with the orb safely secure-(ish) on the Gorilla pod. And it was help from both Ian and John that helped me over the last hurdle - so thank you everyone for your thoughts and suggestions. We have a sunny day - at last - I may get a chance to experiment a little more with natural light which I think would make things brighter generally. But time is also an element at the moment.
    • 20 Dec 2020 11:57AM
  • Travels with an orb

    Yes that is the ideal John but this was one of those 'experiments' - which I had to try! I was manually focussing but it would seem that either the orb - because of its shape - throws everything out of focus, or that the focus point in the orb is very small and I couldn't find it!. Obviously if there is one it would be in the middle (I think) but the magnification doesn't give me any idea where the middle is. But now that I have such a good solution to placing the orb the logistics are easier to play with.
    • 19 Dec 2020 10:09AM
  • Moving the orb much closer

    Thanks Willie - that's looking good - a question. When I lighten the image the tree loses its green and goes dark grey. What is your secret?
    • 17 Dec 2020 2:28PM
  • Crystal orb and Christmas lights

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments and some interesting ideas. I think the Choccies will have to be someone else's as (strangely!) don't love Roses Choccies!
    • 15 Dec 2020 1:34PM
  • What species please ?

    I would suggest that you Google a specialist orchid grower in South Africa. I suspect that this may be in a class of orchid that would be very rare to the British orchid grower as it would need the environment of S.Africa rather than our damp, mild environment. Have you thought about asking the folk at the nursery where you found it? Congratulations on your patience and endeavours in bringing forth such a beautiful tiny flower.
    • 5 Dec 2020 11:49AM
  • ART MACRO.... with a DIY lens ....

    I too have seen Kathleen Clemons and marvel at her images which are stunning. I haven't got the know-how to produce lenses Hobbo, (wush I had) but I really applaud what you have done - I think all your images are very beautiful.

    I don't know if you were aware but she made a video of DXO Nik collection which I did see and became quite enraptured of what she had produced.
    The video is here
    • 1 Nov 2020 3:12PM
  • Brown Hare

    Fantastic image Ian - I think she has taken quite a fancy to you!
    • 6 Sep 2020 10:12PM
  • Silver Y moths on a glass door

    I think Chase that if I had lightened the background at the time I had the moths separated from it, that may have been a good idea but lightening the whole I think has lightened the moths - which they aren't they are that dark.I thought at first that they were black. One of my problems in taking the photo was that they were positioned very low down on the window and given my back problems I couldn't spend too long - so there was only one shot!
    • 29 Aug 2020 11:36AM
  • After the rain

    Thank you, Chris - much appreciated.
    • 9 Jul 2020 10:00PM
  • 3 Paeonies

    Thanks for the comments GGAB - the problems probably arose with my impatience as it was causing me a great deal of pain - lesson - don't attempt to photograph anything when you are in pain. But your critique is very valid and I thank you for it. i'm afraid I must say 'mea culpa'.
    • 25 Jun 2020 12:57PM
  • Gift during shielding

    My problem is that all of my house is a bit cluttered (due to my pain) so moving stuff is not so easy but new tablets today so maybe later I can give this a go. My original idea was to send the entire vase full so my daughter could see what she had bought but then (and only when I had photographed them) did I realise there were so many brown patches. (Not good floristry, I think). Perhaps re-arranging them so that the brown ones are all at the back. Thanks John - I'll have a go to see what I can do.
    • 24 Jun 2020 2:38PM
  • Male Redstart

    Beautiful Ian - lunch for the babes?
    • 17 Jun 2020 9:34AM
  • Aquilegia with paper textures

    I think you may be seeing the cloud which is a part of this 'paper texture' from Adobe. And if anything I have made that more obvious by changing the blending mode as I rather liked it. I think this particular texture is a converted 'sky' image - at least that is how I have always thought of it.
    • 8 Jun 2020 9:32PM
  • Cleared to Land

    Not a 'critique person' but I Thought this might be useful to you. I used to try and do exactly what you are doing but because of the layout of my garden it wasn't possible to sit outside and see the birds, so I put the camera on a tripod and focussed it to the spot where birds landed and took off - a long cable on a remote control and I could sit inside and managed to get some reasonable 'birds in flight'. (No longer feed the birds as it led to rat infestations). Sad
    • 4 Jun 2020 11:45AM
  • Fade to Black

    Thank you for posting this - I am in total agreement with you and find it very difficult to understand the minds of people TODAY who still think that there are differences, who still have an idea that the colour of someone skin creates a personality and actions. And 'the President' has the affrontery to wave the Bible at the protesters!
    • 3 Jun 2020 12:16PM
  • Rupert The Bear

    Brings me many memories, both of reading them when I was a child - new one every Christmas, in which I coloured all the colouring pages and made all the models and did all the puzzles. And then reading them to my own Children. Still have some of their annuals. But grandchildren were not taken with them and I don't see enough of great grandchildren to have tried them out.

    Wonderful image - tells many stories!
    • 31 May 2020 10:06PM
  • Colours of the morning

    Amazing coincidence - but I do this every year! Beautiful photography.
    • 31 May 2020 9:04PM
  • Love in a mist

    They are in my garden John and they reseed themselves each year so there are a lot, but I think this is my favourite photo I have ever taken.
    • 31 May 2020 8:58PM
  • Poppy

    I'd never thought about a length of string Moira - that is brilliant. I took the secateurs out yesterday to rephotograph a rose as there was intruding leaves etc - the second photo was better. But the string would have saved me a trip.
    • 22 May 2020 10:42AM
  • Blue Iris

    Thanks Chris. They do only last a short while Chris which is such a shame as I think they are so beautiful. I have quite a few and luckily they seem to flower at slightly different times so I have some still in bud and others finished.
    • 22 May 2020 10:39AM
  • Yellow Iris

    I was lucky in as much as it clouded over and so I went out to try the longer lens. I did lighten it quite a bit in pp but should I have either reduced the shutter speed or increased the aperture? But having the camera on the tripod was so much easier for me The background came out very dark and when I got into processing increasing light increased the view of the fence (which is even worse where this iris is) so stopped at the point where it was not obvious. Your modification has made all the difference. I have a habit (bad) of over-processing things so I am trying to pull back a little. Thank you again for all your help.
    • 17 May 2020 11:22AM
  • Iris - taken yesterday evening - shadows from the tree causing some problems.

    I am pleased the background is less intrusive. The fence is an eyesore but not much I can do about it. I have tried masking it with a large sheet of black or cream card - which works to some extent. I think that to get this particular Iris in the soft evening light may be impossible as the tree which is adding shadows is quite large and needs pruning badly. It is on a very long list of things to do Sad And in early morning light it would be completely in shade until the sun is quite high and being very bright. The bed face South West and at the back of the bed is a high fence with bushes above and then a large house, so the sun is high in the sky before it reaches this bed. Thank you for your comments and your time. I hope I have learned a great deal.
    • 16 May 2020 8:05PM
  • Bronze Iris 2

    I'm afraid not much hope of any help Moira - small village and I am in serious Lockdown as I am old and have Asthma - family all live a couple of hours away. And health wise I am very unlikely to be able to manage earlier in the day - but I can manage evenings so I will attempt something then.Thanks for your help - I will see how evening light goes.
    • 15 May 2020 2:04PM
  • Bronze iris

    Thank you Chase - I must admit I hadn't realised the ISO was as high as that! Obviously need to check everything before I start. I can only stand for a very short period of time so sometimes it is a little difficult but I will heed your suggestions. Grin
    • 14 May 2020 2:59PM