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Bronze Iris 2

By Tianshi_angie
I can see no noise in this image so I think it has improved. It was very bright sunshine this morning and the white section of the petals reflects the sunshine so I may have pushed the shutter a little too far.

Tags: White Iris Flowers and plants Bronze Brone

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mrswoolybill Plus
14 2.7k 2395 United Kingdom
15 May 2020 1:26PM
I didn't comment on yesterday's, everything had been said by the time that I got there, but I do much prefer this one. You have isolated one flower, it's simpler, less cluttered, easier to read. You've avoided a lot of background distractions, though I would prefer to omit the purple iris top left.

200 ISO rather than 6400 does make a big difference in quality, I wouldn't expect to see noise in this one!

With regard to the problem of bright sun on light petals:

a) Try much earlier or much later in the day, to avoid having the sun high in the sky. (In recent days I have been working on outdoor Still Life, I have found the light at around 8.30am has been perfect).

b) See if you can rig up a diffuser, or get someone to hold one for you. This needs a piece of fine white cloth, muslin, gauze or similar, stretched over a hoop. Hold it so that it softens the light falling on the flower.
15 May 2020 2:04PM
I'm afraid not much hope of any help Moira - small village and I am in serious Lockdown as I am old and have Asthma - family all live a couple of hours away. And health wise I am very unlikely to be able to manage earlier in the day - but I can manage evenings so I will attempt something then.Thanks for your help - I will see how evening light goes.
chase Plus
15 2.1k 562 England
15 May 2020 3:10PM
Great to see the noise improvement Angie, I hope our comments yesterday helped you, especially the camera stuff.
This, to me looks a little...not much...dark although the bronze colour is demonstrated better here.
That naughty purple one, popping its head in ! easily cloned out though.

F11 would give you an even more diffused bg and still keep the detail on the subject.
You can make a diffuser that you don't need to hold...4 garden canes shoved in the ground in a square shape. Drop over them a bit of netting, gauze, muslin, anything similar to hand, there you are...diffuser and you don't have to hold it Smile
Evening light will be pretty on this flower.
15 May 2020 3:18PM
They did help a lot. I think one of the things that actually causes me some frustration with the A7 is that it highlights in red, areas which are overexposed, but trying to reduce those makes everything go so much darker and the viewfinder is not the best in showing the image as it will be (if you understand me) - the 850 was extremely good at that. I can turn the red highlights off and I think I will give that a go. It may in fact give me a better idea of where I am with the light.
banehawi Plus
16 2.4k 4227 Canada
15 May 2020 5:31PM
Sometimes highlights should be left as they look! I think you can probably disable those flashing red highlight warnings if you wanted to.

Mod has a +0.6 exposure increase, and a white balance closer to daylight.

pamelajean Plus
15 1.5k 2211 United Kingdom
15 May 2020 7:12PM
I love the way Willie's modification warms this beautiful flower up.

So glad you solved the noise problem.

You can see from the shadows inside the iris that the sun was overhead. Mind you, those shadows aren't as deep as I would expect from shooting at mid-day. Yes, try evening or, as I did a few days ago, try on an overcast day. Sometimes we encounter a lovely flower that we'd like to photograph and it isn't in our own garden and the sun is bright, so we have to have a few tricks up our sleeves in order to satisfy the desire to photograph it. A simple trick is to use your own shadow to block the sun from the flower. But I do like Janet's home-made hands-free diffuser, and may try that some time.

dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 761 England
15 May 2020 7:20PM
Much better, much more pleasing to look at.
This was uploaded with the Adobe RGB profile which is why it looks flat here, so my mod addresses that.

I used the Hue and Saturation tool to selectively reduce the saturation of the blue flowers. While blue is a recessive colour it's bright enough here to distract from the main subject..
dudler Plus
17 1.6k 1832 England
15 May 2020 9:17PM
I'm sure that you can switch off the 'red highlights' - though that surprises me a bit. I know you have zebraing available, but that shows as black and white stripes. Are you using manual focus? If so, somewhere around menu 2 of the cog menus offers you a choice of focus peaking colour. That can include red, showing on all the hard edges in focus.

So glad that you've sorted the noise: and evening light is lovely for flowers, and many other subjects.

15 May 2020 10:15PM
Once again thank you everyone for your feed back. I have taken some images this evening - but I didn't realise that as the sun went round the shadow of an Apple tree would be on the Iris. It had also became extremely windy here so, although I haven't uploaded the images yet, I am not too hopeful. I think I may try a different lens tomorrow as I do have problems actually standing on uneven ground - pain gets worse - and a different lens would hopefully give me the opportunity to stand on level ground.
dudler Plus
17 1.6k 1832 England
16 May 2020 7:22AM
A late thought... f/16 and 1/1000 second at 200 ISO seems quite a low exposure. I'm intrigued by this, and how you arrived at it - I notice you've got centre-weighted metering selected, and Sony offers a more sophisticated style. I shall see if I can post some images to help with the control of such things.
16 May 2020 10:50AM
f16 - because it was very bright sunlight and f11 (Janet's suggestion) was giving me no detail at all. 1/1000 shutter was because where I was standing (and there is no room for a tripod) I was unable to stand very still. (Pain is my major stumbling block). But I think moving myself off the raised bed and onto the grass I can use the tripod and also give myself an easier place to stand. Will attempt that later.Thanks again for the advice.

Dark Lord - I checked the colour profile on the camera and it is set to RGB. I also changed the colour profile on Photoshop and again moved it to RGB but I suspect that it is ACR that is imposing the Adobe colour profile so I will look at that and change if necessary.
dudler Plus
17 1.6k 1832 England
16 May 2020 12:20PM
A significant issue may be the Exposure Triangle. There's a trade-off between aperture, shutter speed and ISO: you can't have low ISO, small aperture and high shutter speed all at once, except in incredibly bright light. THIS webpage gives some useful information.

If you haven't done so already, carry out some practical tests to see what speeds you can hold steady with any given focal length. A tripod and remote release will work wonders, of course.

You can choose what colour profile you get in Photoshop. I don't recall where, offhand, but could check...

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