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  • White rose by Tigercomp

    Thank you so much Karen
    • 25 Apr 2021 1:57PM
  • Cosmos flower by Tigercomp

    Quote:In my mod, I...
    Cloned away the second Cosmos and the light blotch and the lighter stems.

    Sharpened the centre as much as I dare without losing quality.

    Cropped and rotated the image to put it on a diagonal in the frame which meant cloning in the spaces the cropping left. Just a different way of composing your image and has a different dynamic in the frame.

    All done in Photoshop on separate layers.

    I don't mind softness on the petals, that can be pretty but the centre does need to be sharper.

    Reframed to compensate for the crop.

    Wow, it looks like a completely different photo. Thanks very much for your explanations and the time you've taken to modify the original. I must confess to not using a tripod on this occasion. I was lying on the grass in order to get the shot I wanted and thought it would be difficult with a tripod. It was also a little windy, so perhaps not the best day to be taking photos outside. I haven't got Photoshop, but can see it is really useful and is probably something I will purchase. Also a dedicated macro lens is a good idea. I do like taking macro shots. Have you any recommendations on what to look for?
    • 22 Jul 2020 6:29PM
  • Chocolate courgette cake by Tigercomp

    Thanks for the comments.

    I did use a tripod, but pressed the shutter with one hand whilst holding the knife in the other, so it might not be completely stable. I did take photos with and without the knife and with and without the basket behind. I'd read a tip beforehand saying include a hand to make it look more friendly. Afterwards I did also wonder if I should have cleaned the knife for the shot and think I should have done that, even though I wanted it to look like I'd just cut it (which I had). I did sharpen it a bit, but probably not enough.

    I'm not really sure how to do the diamond gradient thing - I'll have to look into that. Never thought about adding a border - will try that next time.

    Thanks Banehawi for the mods, it really helps looking at the different versions.
    • 19 Jul 2020 5:00PM
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