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I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I enjoy sharing them.
Encouragement is welcome, but please feel free to make any suggestions and criticisms too as I've still got lots to learn
Tim Smile
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  • Dictation location by woolybill1

    #1 for me Bill, always a fan of shallow DOF; have you tried converting to mono to get rid of the slight purple and green bokeh fringing?
    • 9 Jun 2011 10:15AM
  • Where's the girls? by Lillian

    Beautiful with #1 and love #2 - "No, no, I don't want either of you!"

    See on Saturday then Lillian - 10.30am in the car park
    • 12 Apr 2011 3:31PM
  • Shin Falls by lifesnapper

    Sorry I'd missed these John and a lovely series with #1 my favourite; beautiful shot and love the sunny fresh feel and that rich blue water
    • 8 Feb 2011 2:09PM
  • Group by helenlinda

    A striking image Helen and excellent work with the manipulations
    • 7 Feb 2011 11:46PM
  • Forgotten....... by Lucy_Locket

    #1 for me too, and also for it's more abstract feel - maybe the door implies it has a new resident?
    (and also a bit concerned by the bullet holes!)
    • 7 Feb 2011 11:42PM
  • Cakes with Cherries on the Top by DilysT

    They do indeed, and nicely shot with the colours and shallow DOF; although I'm not quite so convinced by the stalks Wink
    • 7 Feb 2011 11:38PM
  • Classic Nuthatch Pose by KBan

    Beautifully shot as ever Keith
    • 7 Feb 2011 11:36PM
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  • Posted on: Pentax K-5 Digital SLR Review

    No mention of the built in anti-shake that applies to all lens !!

    This would be my first 'Pro' in the list and the main reason I'd consider Pentax if Sony ever drop their DSLR line.

    Having all fast primes stabilised and not just the telephotos, is very high on my shopping list of features.
    With my Sony this means I have 24mm, 28mm, 50mm, 85mm, 90mm, 100mm, 135mm primes all stabilised, most of which just aren't possibilities with Canon or Nikon and for me this is a major strength that Pentax shares without even a mention, let alone a review to say how well it works!
    • 20 Jul 2011 3:22PM

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  • Posted on Hugeknot's profile

    An amazing collection of simply stunning images
    • 16 Dec 2007 5:14PM
  • Posted on dawnmichelle's profile

    A great portfoloio and I particularly love the shots where the many colours are the central theme. Thankyou for the encouraging comments on my shots too.
    • 15 Dec 2007 7:11PM
  • Posted on xanda's profile

    Just found this excellent portfolio, particularly love the early shots with Liv
    • 13 Dec 2007 12:11PM
  • Posted on themoabird's profile

    A wonderful set of fascinating images
    • 12 Dec 2007 2:44PM

Limited to latest 30 results.