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I was born in Hamilton, Ontario in the mid 1960's to parents of English and South African thus leading me to even today sometimes can be confusing to some.

In 1974 when my Grandparents came over for visits I was allowed to use my parents old Kodak TTL which took 127 film which was interesting, but with the trip to Republic of South Africa in 1976 to see my Grand-parents made me realize how much more powerful photographed a family friend with a POLAROID CAMERA and you could see the shots what appeared almost right now for a nine year old child this was MAGIC.

The following August 1977 -- National Geographic World Magazine with the Eastman Kodak Company contained a kit to make your own PIN HOLE CAMERA thus I was hooked as best one could be at every picture costing something this last four rolls of film, and then stopped working but parents allowed me now being eleven years old to use their Kodak 126 film camera to shoot a roll of Kodachrome and package of flash bulbs once a month, and then moved on a few years later to Kodak Colour Print film and with family trips an extra roll of 24 pictures.

This was very cool, but when I graduated in May 1987 from George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, ON in Physical Distribution with the Toronto Harbour Commission Award for Research in Ocean Shipping to present with me a state of the art Minolta SLR this lead to more skills including taking Photo One at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario in Spring 1989 for I graduated from the Art Photography Certificate in December 2007 and the Applied Photography Certificate with Honours in May 2008 so one can see I was in no real rush to complete either programme of study with my first photography certificate was "CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE" from Practical Photography in July 1994..

My experience from camera clubs in September 1990 joining Latow Photographers' Guild in Burlington, Ontario which I remained to August 2006 with finishing being in SILVER in Projected Images, and Prints, in 1991 my mother saw how much I joined this decided to treat me in November 1991 with a membership of the Photographic Society of America, which thanks t some friends and with luck I was awarded in 2000 an ASSOCIATE along with being able to represent them in Shanghai in July 2004, and presently have two SILVER EDITORIAL STARS along with being an active member, and in September 2006 deciding I wanted a change I joined the Hamilton Camera Club.

With all these experiences I was approached over the years for the elections which I was volunteering if I would take photographs and was delighted to and provided the roll of films but they had to have then pay for developing a printing as that's the expensive part, while doing Judy Marshaled, M.P. was last successful election I have worked on in July 2006, I moved on total digital with went totally digital with the Pentax *ist DL2 with their 18-55 and 50-200 mm lens and since have upgraded this with a Metz flash and RING LIGHT and as the filters where compatable with my MINOLTA stuff I have keep most of them.

As I was turning fifty in 2016, I decided to get back into some track activities and such I completed my first race of the 5K when I did with the AROUND THE BAY RACE as it allowed me to remember how I was involved in my days at High School when I was on the indoor and outdoor track and field teams when I was at Saint Mary's Catholic High School

The last item is April 2017, my Pentax *ist DL2 stopped working so I moved up to in May 2018 the Pentax K-70 as this DSLR allowed me to use my flash, lenses and odd filters as I used on the camera which died .


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