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A quick view of Timpsonboy's recent activity.

  • worm's eye view by cats_123

    Wonderful pictures .we are so lucky to have such fantastic creatures as subjects.
    • 3 Jan 2013 6:36PM
  • Ladybower in the rain..... by Metro6R4

    Love this .The colour burst really gives this life and cheers up a rainy day.
    • 31 Dec 2012 11:32AM
  • Streets paved with photos by Metro6R4

    Wow paul!Thought i was on LSD when i looked at this
    • 5 Oct 2012 7:43AM
  • Grasshopper by Metro6R4

    wow love the detail on tenticles .This is great Paul
    • 9 Sep 2012 5:39PM
  • Busy Bee by RGH54

    Love this Ryan the flower really brings this picture out nicely
    • 9 Sep 2012 5:37PM
  • Anna Gail by Timpsonboy

    Quote:Really lovely comp, Mick... Lots of interest and texture going on. I agree with Metro6R4 as far as darkening the image a little.

    Have you tried using polarisers or graduated filters?, (I have used the cheap cokin filters with some really nice results and I'm pretty sure the A series works with your camera!) I use them often and find I get some lovely results without having to do too much post processing.



    Thanks Lisa im a proper novice at this but will invest in a polorising filter as this took a few attempts before i was in any way happy.
    • 9 Sep 2012 5:36PM
  • Orange and Black by RGH54

    Nice one Ryan wish i had a pentax instead of a fuji with a blurred viewfinder.Great colours!
    • 19 Aug 2012 5:13PM
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