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A quick view of timwilson's recent activity.

  • The Long Goodbye

    Thanks for the feedback, Dave. As I said, it's something a little different for me... let's see how it's received!


    PS - the 'model' in question left the building complete with pulse Smile
    • 7 Jul 2008 3:05PM
  • Desolation

    Typical - you wait all day for a waterfall picture then 2 come along at once! lol

    Simply stunning. Love the height of the falls, and the composition. Definately well cropped losing the sky.

    • 10 Dec 2006 6:54PM
  • Arran rays


    You've done a great job here capturing those stunning rays poking though.

    Welcome to epz!

    • 2 Oct 2006 7:39PM
  • Eye Spy

    Dave / Peter,

    Thanks for the feedback - much appreciated!

    • 14 Sep 2006 9:15PM
  • web

    Really interesting perspective, well executed. Nicely chosen for B&W too.

    • 14 Sep 2006 9:00PM
  • Big Bang

    Thanks all.

    This one seems to have generally gone down like a lead balloon, but I love it anyway!

    • 17 Aug 2006 11:36PM
  • Idwal


    Firstly welcome aboard Epz!

    Ok - you've asked for a constructive critique, so I'll try my best, in the hope it will help.

    The overall scene is quite a tried and tested classic, with moving water and a bridge in the rear. I think there are 2 main areas which you could consider to lift the shot:

    1 - composition: I like the feeling that you're standing in the middle of the river, with it rushing towards you, and the bridge makes a perfect mid-ground focal point, but the angle this was taken at has effectively blocked out the views in the distance. Perhaps a slightly different angle, with the bridge a bit lower in the frame, or off to one side, would have created an interesting view, all the way from your feet, to the horizon? A slightly wider angle would have also helped (in my opinion). What focal length was this taken at?

    2 - lighting: I feel that the main area where this shot could have been made to sparkle would have been the choice of a different time of day. You've correctly chosen the lowest ISO, the narrowest aperture, and a matching shutter speed, but if taken early morning / late night, you would have got 2 major benefits. Firstly, nice shadows would have been cast on the rocks, giving extra depth. Secondly, you would have needed a longer shutter speed, hence the water would have appeared more silky smooth and milky. You could try using a ND filter for an even more pronounced effect, as this reduces the amount of light going into the lens.

    Hope it helps!
    • 14 Aug 2006 6:28PM
  • Hey Rob,

    Just stumbled across your portfolio, and am blown away by some of your images. I've just moved to Melbourne from the UK, and it's a real inspiration to see these shots and to know so many great new landscape locations are on my doorstep - now all I need to do is buy a car and to begin learning my Australian geography!

    Look forward to seeing more from you, and maybe even bumping into you one early morning on a beach somewhere!

  • Having admired so many of your pictures, I thought I'd better get around to leaving you a profile comment!

    Love your work - it's a real inspiration. One day I'll master photoshop, and if my results turn out half as good as yours, I'll be chuffed to bits!

    Keep up the great work,

  • After months of seeing, loving, and commenting on your work, I thought it was about time I should leave a portfolio comment!

    Your work is some of the finest on this site (in my opinion), and every time I look at your portfolio I find new images that amaze and impress. What makes your portfolio rare is not only the quality of the images produced, but the originality behind them. Keep up the fabulous work - you're a real inspiration.