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A quick view of Tinman's recent activity.

  • all over

    The sky has gone patchy with jpeg compression, and I had 2 pike out of there that day,this was as I packed away...... I still have Pike fever
    • 20 Jan 2003 7:53PM
  • Fun Guy's

    There is not mushroom for a shot like this, are u back on the Magic Mushies Unc?
    • 2 Dec 2002 4:51PM
  • Summer colours just for B Bri

    Just when I thought it safe to switch back on I get buttrflied again Mavis U need treatment
    • 2 Dec 2002 12:15PM
  • Misty Church by Lough Erne

    This is another lovely shot from that same corner of the Sligo rd It is amazing how one location can inspire so many wonderful photos p.s. did U see any Pike moving?
    • 2 Dec 2002 12:12PM
  • Missing!!!!

    Excellent work Paddy, if a little sluggish at times.....I love the textures on the background and the attenna poking out of the stroked frame :@)
    • 2 Dec 2002 10:18AM
  • Calshot

    Ah Calshot, One of my favourite places on the Solent, Another windsurfing venue, I learned to canoe here and this shot is great I know it well I used to set up my boards behind those huts before sailing.......Thanks for this one Marianne
    • 28 Nov 2002 9:39AM

    • 24 Nov 2002 9:58PM

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