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just to let everyone know im so excited about my new course photography introduction level 1 i will keep you all updated
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  • Soak yellow

    my favorite flower and you have captured in beau i can never seem to take good photos when it comes to flowers but you my friend have a talent when it comes to cameras
    • 4 Sep 2012 10:55PM
  • A world away

    thank you both for your comments means alot
    • 4 Sep 2012 10:52PM

    of course lol as this wasn't my camera i couldnt get it off of black and white im actually really surprised its not smuged as i had three kids hanging on my legs not a gd way to work trust lol.
    there are so many things i would haved changed and would have done if this wasn't a late wedding it was so rushed even the ppl at the reg was in a rush i littery had time to ask them to stand together.
    i would have tryed different angles maybe had a play around with the shutter speed like i said to my mum wen the wedding was over with a little more time and a little knowledge of the actually camera i would have done so many things different.
    have any adive i would love to know some of the best had to work for thier knowledge .
    • 15 Feb 2012 9:13PM
  • New Sculpture by Ross, the chainsaw carver

    and also may i be the first to comment and vote brill pic i can now see what you mean and buy the looks of it really casual pose but really talented with as a cainsaw carver and the black and white format really whats the word ? brings certain points to centre focus like the fallen tress , the fantasic carving and the sheer talent coming from this man.
    I have promblems wen it comes to trying to find a focus point yet you seem more than 3 in most of your photos
    • 15 Feb 2012 12:32AM
  • cruelty...

    thank you for your kind advice and defo will try to be more advent in my pics.
    this photo caught my eyes there is so many storys to go with this picture the list is endless and so many of them sad storys were did you find this shoot what was running through your mind wen you took it ?
    sorry if im to nosey ppl learn from other pll lol
    • 13 Feb 2012 11:19PM
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  • hay great port by the way couldn't take my eyes away from the talent