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Hiya, Im Dave from sunny Stoke on Trent, and welcome to my portfolio. I would welcome any feedback, good or bad on my photos. So please leave plenty of comments...x.
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    Just thought I'd update this thread, I just got my Sigma 10-20 from there for 305 and the service was amazing, came with a 3 year warrantee through them. It took 2 da...
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  • Monday Night challenge 17/08/09

    LMAO!!! It's snout over yet ... snigger You know one of the fun things aboutthe MNC is that often you get to see what people have in their kitchens! (I'm so nosy .....
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  • Copyright at NT places

    That's ok abwhitt, I didn't think that you did aim that at me, I just wanted to say that even a gentle approach from myself didn't work. I am glad that you have had a be...
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  • Image stabilised lens's and motion sickness

    "Not sure about the Cannon setting but I guess the'd be similar " It depends on the lens. The base IS lenses have on or off, the L series ones have a panning mod...
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  • Capture One Ver4.0 and Canon 50d Raw files

    Cheers Mike, thanks for replying. Ive just spoke to Phase One and they told me Ive got to wait for an update later in the year. So Ive got to put up with canons software ...
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  • Camera Clubs in North Staffordshire

    "Thankyou Henchard, u'd think Newcastle, Cheadle, Leek and Stoke would have web sites..." They may do; just that this was the first info I came across on google!
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  • Posted on crookymonsta's profile

    Love your portfolio Sandra, Keep up the excellent work...

    • 9 Mar 2009 9:23PM
  • Posted on xstevex's profile

    Great portfolio Steve, Keep up the great work

    Dave (Different one to the one above me)
    • 23 Nov 2008 7:13PM

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