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thanks to everyone who comments on my pictures,they mean a lot,i hope you enjoy them
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A quick view of Tom-Melton's recent activity.

  • Nuthatch by trevrob

    stunning sharp capture
    • 6 Apr 2014 7:14PM
  • Goldcrest by Tom-Melton

    Full frame sorry Derek
    • 30 Jan 2014 4:32PM
  • Show off! by JohnoP

    What a superbly times capture
    • 26 Jan 2014 4:35PM
  • Jay by JohnoP

    Stunning capture in some great light
    • 26 Jan 2014 4:33PM
  • Hawfinch by Lillian

    • 23 Jan 2014 9:50AM
  • Foxy... by jacques st-jean

    A truly beautiful image
    • 21 Jan 2014 3:37PM
  • Crossbill (male) by Tom-Melton

    Great shot. I think the photo composition may have been enhanced if you had is full reflection?
    Still a great capture


    Thanks Steve I agree did this in an earlier post but I wanted to show as much details of the feathers in this one.
    • 18 Jan 2014 8:00AM
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  • Posted on NaturesHaven's profile

    excellent portfolio to grace antones books
    • 2 Jul 2012 9:24AM
  • Posted on Glyn1's profile

    a superb gallery of exceptionaly stunning shots,a real pleasure viewing
    • 25 Apr 2012 8:15PM
  • Posted on NaturesHaven's profile

    A Beauiful and stunning portfolio awesome collection
    • 18 Apr 2012 7:32PM
  • Posted on hasslebladuk's profile

    what an absolutely superb portfolio,
    one of the best wildlife collections I have ever seen counting books and expositions and all. Hope the awards will come streaming in one day, you deserve it.
    I so totally agree. tom melton
    • 21 Dec 2011 11:03AM
  • Posted on RonnieAG's profile

    A stunning and varied portfolio ,and a superb collection
    • 13 Dec 2011 2:48PM
  • Posted on annettep38's profile

    a stunningly versatile and varied portfolio,superb photography
    • 9 Dec 2011 12:16PM
  • Posted on teocali's profile

    A stunning and varied portfolio, of a very high standard,a real pleasure to view
    • 4 Jul 2011 11:16PM
  • Posted on ringyneck's profile

    A really stunning portfolio,covering a variation of subjects,master of all superb quality work
    • 19 May 2011 8:54AM
  • Posted on WindowonWildlife's profile

    A most beautiful and technically stunning portfolio Dean
    • 15 May 2011 6:04PM
  • Posted on jennialexander's profile

    What a beautiful portfolio i can see by the shots you are well travelled and love your nature,thank you for including us on your glorious advbentures
    • 15 Apr 2011 9:31AM
  • Posted on Ray42's profile

    a very wide and varied portfolio Ray a real pleasure to browse you obviously love your nature as it reflects in your shots,great work
    • 15 Apr 2011 7:34AM
  • Posted on terry_cavner's profile

    stunning portfolio, have been seeing your shots around lately on the net and they are quite inspiring
    • 9 Apr 2011 3:44PM
  • Posted on LukeParkinson's profile

    a stunning portfolio with exceptional quality shots which makes it a real pleasure to view,16yrs old is a great age to start and with your talent it can only get better and better good luck in your future exploits,your already high up the ladder in my opinion
    • 8 Apr 2011 3:55PM
  • Posted on WindowonWildlife's profile

    got to be one of my most favourite portfolios on site.SUPERB.
    • 24 Mar 2011 6:58AM
  • Posted on VidB's profile

    stunning portfolio right down my street
    • 20 Mar 2011 5:43PM
  • Posted on Imagephotographics's profile

    A most talented portfolio which captivates and inspires.speechless
    • 20 Mar 2011 5:12PM
  • Posted on Brian_Scott's profile

    just like to say what a great portfolio you have,a collection that inspires me
    • 26 Nov 2010 8:37PM
  • Posted on 64Peteschoice's profile

    I do love this portfolio,it has a definitive style with excellent work through out
    • 2 Nov 2010 3:57PM
  • Posted on SurreyHillsMan's profile

    One of the finest galleries I have ever seen SUPERB
    • 15 Jul 2010 8:00AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    your name seem to be popping up on all the great shots i like,thanks for that as they are a real pleasure to my eyes.such an excellent portfolio
    • 14 Jul 2010 3:58PM
  • Posted on Maiwand's profile

    Wow what a great varied portfolio,of the highest quality shots,a library to inspire.
    • 6 Jul 2010 11:33AM
  • Posted on JoshReptiles's profile

    A brilliant growing portfolio Josh,Keep up the excellent work.just spent some time browsing your gallery.VERY NICE INDEED
    • 12 May 2010 8:08AM
  • Posted on lawbert's profile

    excellent portfolio superb high speed flights shots to grace anyones library,a joy to see
    • 16 Apr 2010 2:44PM
  • Posted on tomcat's profile

    an excellent portfolio you have excellent shots to be admired
    • 28 Mar 2010 5:06PM
  • Posted on Karrol's profile

    excellent portfolio beautiful shots with excellent quality
    • 23 Mar 2010 2:45PM
  • Posted on Brian_Scott's profile

    what a superb portfolio.i find it inspirational
    • 20 Mar 2010 3:22PM
  • Posted on skye1's profile

    a beautiful portfolio Linda.a real pleasure to view
    • 9 Dec 2009 8:00AM
  • Posted on dalecath's profile

    one of the nicest wildlife portfolios i have ever seen,oh to be so good.a real pleasure to view
    • 6 Nov 2009 4:05PM
  • Posted on csurry's profile

    wow such a varied and talented artist behind the camera.a real pleasure viewing
    • 9 Sep 2009 9:05PM
  • Posted on Wilmot's profile

    An excellent portfolio a pleasure to browse through,i shall be watching out for more
    • 5 Sep 2009 6:45PM

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