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I'm kinda weird, snapping away with my phone and trying to see places I've ever wanted to see. Photography is my passion, just like traveling and diving. Photography changes the way we perceive the world around us, it changes the way we see light, our relations with other people, backlit leaf lying on the ground, small drop of water.... ourselves.
I got into photography two, maybe three years ago, when I put my hands on my first dslr .... kinda freaky, 'what the hell am I gonna do with it' feeling, but here I am.
Photography is fun for me and it's relatively easy, creativity on the other hand isn't. It's complex and demands fresh approach to everything, what surrounds us ... keep working on that part.

I love to interact and take portraits of people, those are main subjects of my photographs.
Retouching of photos of people taken during any of my trips I'm trying to keep at minimum (curve, saturation, maybe crop sometimes), because it would be against my inner voice otherwise.

So far, so good. Having good time playing with light Smile

Thanks for your visit.



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