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  • Coppice update

    After the horrendous journey home yesterday evening, I awoke this morning at 5.20, took one look out of the window and decided I was not going to attempt the 70 mile journey to Nottingham.Nothing hurting at work, or at least nothing that one of the m...0

    19 Feb 2010 8:16PM  |  Read


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  • The Coppice

    I have decided that the woodland I now have sole access to, will be known as The Coppice ;) After carrying out the initial set up on Friday, I spent a couple of hours there yesterday, freezing my proverbials off. I just stood and watched and real...0

    16 Feb 2010 7:44PM  |  Read


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  • Back soon

    Seems ages since I spent any time on the site, doing my normal thing. Catching up with folks' images etc; etc; Anyway I am pleased to report that after a very tiring fortnight, we managed to achieve handover of Phase 2 of my current contract.Fini...0

    12 Feb 2010 6:46PM  |  Read


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  • Update on woodland

    Not long arrived home after having a final meeting with the owner.(See my previous blog) We dotted the "I's" & crossed the "T's" and it is now all systems go. He told me the areas where I would not be in the way of any ongoing woodland works and af...0

    31 Jan 2010 3:42PM  |  Read


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  • At last

    After a few years of fruitless investigation, I finally found out who owns 40 acres of mixed woodland, not more than 15 minutes drive from home. A few things to finalise, but it seems that I am going to be allowed to have sole use of said woods to s...0

    29 Jan 2010 9:26PM  |  Read


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  • Common sense

    My sleep was disturbed around 3.45 on Thursday morning by a throbbing,akin to toothache.I hadn't had any previous twinges. Went to work and bought some painkillers.Pain/throbbing appeared to have abated.However driving home from work(I was in Derby ...0

    29 Nov 2009 10:07AM  |  Read


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  • The ratter

    I was disturbed early Wednesday evening by a constant Miaow,miaow coming from the kitchen. I thought who has brought the remains of what in now :) To my surprise,what was staring up at me from the kitchen floor was a Woodmouse. More surprising it ...0

    14 Nov 2009 10:01AM  |  Read


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  • Hooray-Headin' norf

    Hopefully caught up with events on EPZ this afternoon/evening. Off to Dumfries & Galloway early a.m tomorow :) Myself & Paula Paula were the joint photographers at a wedding last Saturday at Brockhall church/Fawsley hall. Had to get everything...0

    24 Oct 2009 8:38PM  |  Read


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  • Just when...

    ....I thought I could devote a tad more time to the site and get out and about more with the camera something gets in the way again. As usual work(Shoudn't knock it,I know). Completed a thirteen month contract in Leicester the other week and though...0

    12 Sep 2009 9:02AM  |  Read


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  • Guilty

    Prior to my last bevvy of uploads which commenced on Saturday I hadn't uploaded for a month. Nowt to do with the site,just to busy with work etc;. The thing is I feel guilty for ignoring all that occurs on the site. Apart from being on holiday I a...0

    10 Aug 2009 5:30PM  |  Read


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  • A result

    Without naming the local authority concerned I managed last Thursday to prevent a wilderness of a garden being cut down until the Dunnocks have bred. It amazes me how so little of the law,that pertains to wildlife is known. When you start quoting i...0

    25 Apr 2009 1:13PM  |  Read


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  • A peaceful morning

    I was at Twywell for 7 this morning.Mainly went for a reccy to check on the Willow warblers.The whole air was filled with their song.Just waiting for the thorn to blossom to hopefully attain some decent shots. The bonus was spotting a Whitethroat so...0

    25 Apr 2009 1:07PM  |  Read


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