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Hi. I don't consider myself as a creative type but instead try for the sharpest and most detailed images possible in my Close-Up photography. If I can show someone what an insect or flower really looks like then I'm happy. I have a continued passion with Fungi so look out for those cropping up.

Back on ePhotozine after an 8 year break I'm enjoying looking through people's portfolios. Hopefully I'll get to yours soon if I haven't already. Tony
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A quick view of Tony_Baloni's recent activity.

  • Sunflower frog

    Immaculate Image

    Boy I wish that was my photo.

    Well Done

    • 2 Jun 2016 7:15AM
  • Red Splash

    Terrific Image

    It looked good on my phone but blew me away on my big iPad. The turbulent detail is stunning and the splash on the outside adds tons too. I also like that you've taken time to explain how it's done.

    I'd have been tempted to extend the canvas on the right side a touch as the glass is uncomfortably close to that edge but it's easy for me to criticise something I'm incapable of achieving.

    • 2 Jun 2016 7:12AM
  • Marsh Fritillary Butterfly

    Superb Image and Capture

    As for your crit... I'd have removed the dark area from the bottom left.

    • 28 May 2016 10:21AM
  • Sunrise

    Stunning Image

    The mix of soft oof with sharp focus is Superb. Wouldn't change a thing.

    • 28 May 2016 10:08AM
  • Innocence

    Superb Image and Idea

    I feel there's a touch too much light falling on the cuff near her face and would've reduced that. Otherwise she's done you proud with her subtle pose and look.

    • 28 May 2016 10:02AM
  • Seduced

    Outstandingly Brilliant

    Anyone who's tried a shot like this knows it's near impossible to achieve.

    Superb Photography

    • 28 May 2016 9:49AM
  • Ever decreasing circles

    Super Image

    Your composition and tight crop are spot on for the image but your flash has been a touch too powerful for my liking.

    Only 9 out of 10 from me... he he.

    • 28 May 2016 9:33AM
  • Outstanding Macro Photography...!

    There's been huge leaps in the Quality within your Close-Up shots since the early summer. I've just spent 30mins working through your Folio and it's clear to see your technique, coupled with your MP-E lens has gone from strength to strength. It's hard to imagine what you'll be like this time next year.

    Keep at it as I'm sure lots of us enjoy your Photography.

    All the Best.

    • Posted on alliec's profile
    • 17 Dec 2007 1:40PM
  • Hi Fiona. Your shots are great and we really like your depiction of the zoo animals. It's clear you've visited the zoo a few times now as you don't have the usual through the mesh one we've all been disappointed with.

    My kids and I will check in on you now that we know it's easier than climbing that HILL in Edinburgh Zoo... lol.

    All the Best.

  • Hi Roger. Thanks for the World Tour I feel I've just shared with you. I'm almost certain I'll never see most of the places in your shots and I've spent 10 pleasant minutes viewing yours.

    It's obvious you've mastered many facets of photography as your views are simply "spot on".

    Good luck on your Globe Trotting.

    • Posted on limmy62's profile
    • 4 Mar 2007 2:34PM
  • Hi Andy. Your Folio is going from strength to strength, especially your work with the models. Your Still life shots were always good but the sense of design style you've developed is showing strongly in your latest shots.

    I've enjoyed my time spent perusing your images and will check in again to see what else you try.

    Keep at it...

  • I really like your afternoon and late evening images and wonder if you'll ever get out your bed early so we can see some sunrises... ha ha ha.

    Yer pal Tony.
    • Posted on uggyy's profile
    • 8 Dec 2006 5:28PM