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A quick view of tonyguitar's recent activity.

  • Juvenile perigrine falcon??

    This is an impressive and very pleasing portrait. TG
    • 21 Feb 2018 2:23AM
  • Juvenile Eagle having a Stretch

    The lifted claws add to this beauty as well. Seems ver sure of himself. Looks self confident. TG
    • 21 Feb 2018 2:22AM
  • Looking out through the porthole

    Priceless!!...This enough to make one hum tunes all day long. TG
    • 21 Feb 2018 2:20AM
  • The Eyes Tell All

    This one seems to have a very determined look due to the mouth Big prominant eyes. TG
    • 20 Feb 2018 6:29AM
  • Drip! Drip! Drip!

    May as well enjoy the beauty of snown while it is here. This is the spirit in a drop. TG
    • 20 Feb 2018 6:22AM
  • Hungry

    Delightful action photo and those nails are ready for a Cordoba C5 Ce cut-away easy to play nylon string guitar. You always want to pick it up....No pun lots of fun. TG
    • 20 Feb 2018 6:12AM
  • Sculptured in light

    Whoa!! This is spectacular. Graceful fountains of rich luxiourious colour. A smash!! TG
    • 20 Feb 2018 12:44AM
  • This portrait collection of yours is priceless. In fact you could sell it to National Geograp[hic or Canadian Geographic especially if you find out they may be doing a special on India. ' Personality of India '...TG
  • Welcome to ePZ Jovy. It takes time to be discovered here, so normally your wonderful photograph ' Castle for Mary ' would get Awards and more votes. As time goes by you will get ' discovered ' and votes will get better. TG
    • Posted on jovy's profile
    • 17 Nov 2017 3:37PM
  • Saw your comment on Mike Smith's bullfinch. Quote ' ..wish I have the equipment & patience to venture into this aspect of photography. SmileSad '.
    You can get the bird reach you need with the 16X Leica lens on the Panasonic FZ1000. Around $700 or less refurbished. Refurbished is usually a like new return or ' open box '. Like new at half the cost. Save your money. Never pay new prices again. I like your classic high quality portraits. TG
  • I agree with Isabel. Your careful sense of image and composition prove no Luddite made these images. social networking is often a time hog. I do very little of it and never key in sensitive data to the net at all. You are wise to choose to refrain. Your portraits are really good. TG
    • Posted on vivdy's profile
    • 25 Oct 2016 7:35AM
  • This is so outstanding. Leads me to think you may be an arts scholar. Every image is profound. A pleasure to peruse. TG
  • You, Paul, seem to be a careful craftsman with the camera. A high standard is very evident. So many fine wings in butterflies, birds and bugs. A pleasure. TG
  • Some very good images Chinga. A hint about lenses... Before I decide to buy any lens, I check here first.


    Photozone.de [ Germany ]. They are very tough on expensive but poor lenses. Saves you money. Cheers. TG
    • Posted on Chinga's profile
    • 9 Nov 2015 2:49PM
  • You have a good eye and broad interests. Images are different and show insight. I also have an eagle on a mast yet yours is better with the wings spread out like that. TG
  • How come I missed all this? Addictive collection to sift through and I am enjoying very much. Been north but not to your magic land. Always liked points north. Churchill Manitoba, Resolute Bay, Greenland, Elsmere Island. The land of sharper contrasts. Beautiful. TG
  • Wow!... Those Red Kite shots are super. Well all your birds are nicely cropped and looking good. You sure don't need any advice from me. I'm quite often sloppy but have switched from medium Jpeg to high-quality Jpeg so detail should improve. Maybe I will use a tripod soon. I hear that helps. TG