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A quick view of tonyguitar's recent activity.

  • Shelling it...

    Version seven is a stand-out Isabel, yet they all have appeal for this ocean dweller. TG
    • 16 Jan 2017 4:39AM
  • Quiet Winter Day

    Makes me suspect bee hives in this real winter scene. Lace like tree detail looks good too.TG
    • 16 Jan 2017 4:34AM
  • Glass by candlelight

    Judgement from the couch suggests runway lights. I am much closer and can see the candles in glass. Pretty either way. TG
    • 16 Jan 2017 1:08AM
  • Holy Island Boat

    The version is my choice. If we go rowing in this then bring bubblegum for patching leaks. TG
    • 16 Jan 2017 1:05AM
  • Rest In Peace

    We think this is great yet it would be a smash hit in Japan. TG
    • 16 Jan 2017 1:02AM
  • red wall

    Shades and flavors of Peru. Lovely. TG
    • 16 Jan 2017 1:00AM
  • Warwick Castle

    Warm dawn or dusk light is the friend of old British stonework like this. Choosing the good light time of day will make this come to life. TG
    • 16 Jan 2017 12:57AM
  • I agree with Isabel. Your careful sense of image and composition prove no Luddite made these images. social networking is often a time hog. I do very little of it and never key in sensitive data to the net at all. You are wise to choose to refrain. Your portraits are really good. TG
    • Posted on vivdy's profile
    • 25 Oct 2016 7:35AM
  • This is so outstanding. Leads me to think you may be an arts scholar. Every image is profound. A pleasure to peruse. TG
  • You, Paul, seem to be a careful craftsman with the camera. A high standard is very evident. So many fine wings in butterflies, birds and bugs. A pleasure. TG
  • Some very good images Chinga. A hint about lenses... Before I decide to buy any lens, I check here first.


    Photozone.de [ Germany ]. They are very tough on expensive but poor lenses. Saves you money. Cheers. TG
    • Posted on Chinga's profile
    • 9 Nov 2015 2:49PM
  • You have a good eye and broad interests. Images are different and show insight. I also have an eagle on a mast yet yours is better with the wings spread out like that. TG
  • How come I missed all this? Addictive collection to sift through and I am enjoying very much. Been north but not to your magic land. Always liked points north. Churchill Manitoba, Resolute Bay, Greenland, Elsmere Island. The land of sharper contrasts. Beautiful. TG
  • Wow!... Those Red Kite shots are super. Well all your birds are nicely cropped and looking good. You sure don't need any advice from me. I'm quite often sloppy but have switched from medium Jpeg to high-quality Jpeg so detail should improve. Maybe I will use a tripod soon. I hear that helps. TG
  • I see that you are a careful image maker. Each one seems a gem. My PF will give you quantity. Lucky if you see a gem or two. I remember seeing that steely 4 eyed spider of yours some time ago. Your images MUST be good if they stick in MY memory. That green heron brought me here. I had an opportunity to get many snaps this July. They are so elusive normally. You had some stealth to get that crisp close, I suspect. TG
  • New and original twists make it fun going through your very good images. Will check back again
    now that you are on my radar. Tony [TG]
    • Posted on Prizm's profile
    • 12 May 2014 5:25PM
  • Hello Mya. Thanks for taking notice of several of my images. I had no idea you were so young.
    Your work is very advanced for one so early in life. Photography is a valuable skill to have. You
    have ability in spades so be sure to continue even through difficult times. TG