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Wink You...and ePhotozine have inspired and encouraged. Progress continues.

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  • Esteban and friends deliver a most mellow La Paloma. Really enjoyed that. TG
  • Thank you Rick, The ' Movie Goat ' happened while I opened one Member's thumbnail. No fault of that member so no mention of specific names in public of course.
    Just wonder if the Malware was in that image code and the photo could be mentioned by private email.
    No harm done so far in any case. Thanks for a quick reply. Tony.
  • Tommy sure knows how to do the impossible. Jerry Reed has a degree of magic on the strings.


    Here is Nokie Edwards of the famed Ventures...


    And Doc Watson magic in Deep River Blues. I never could pick up the special beat.


    Saving Thom Bresh, [ son of Merle Travis], Fretkillr [U-Toob] and Los Idios Tabajaris for another time. TG

  • Just got over a first time pop-up disturbance [ from EPZ], to my screen while looking and commenting in the galleries.

    Suddenly there were black rectangle ' windows ' popping up all over the screen at random.
    BitDefnder anti-virus sounded the alarm and trapped some bad code in quarantine.

    Then a big pop-up prompted me to click here for...' Movie Goat '

    I shut things down and after a re-start, ran scans with Spybot and MalwareBytes.

    All seems to be running smoothly so Now I am happy once again.

    Movie Goat ring any bells? Not the way to win friends or influence us EPZers.

    Isolated event probably, yet I thought you and ePhotozine should like to know this happened in case of a possible trend. Maintain the happy state. TG
  • My final answer to this question was the Tamron 150-600mm lens bought used for $700. A demanding lens that delivers only if you are rock steady. But that is normal for all long lenses. TG
  • Interesting to read what Mr. Altitude says above. Plenty of wisdom in that. I have used a Canon 70 =- 300mm with a 1.4X tele-converter for shooting long and while it may not be the sharpest, it certainly got me plenty of good birds and ducks. Makes an easy cam/lens combo to handle.. The Canon 100 - 400 is sharper but heavier and costs so damn much to buy. TG
    PS: I would never go to a 2X tele-converter. Too dark.
  • I had a Sigma Zoom 500mm and promptly sold it, not due to image quality but due to poor handling. It was no fun to use. I now have a Tamron 150 - 600mm used at half price. Very lucky to find this locally on Craigs list. Images are soft at 600mm so more like a 150 - 550mm lens yet pleasing to use compared to the Sigma. Now new Sigma art lenses are much better and so is their higher price. Take your camera to the store and try on ANY expensive lens FIRST. Some are a pleasure and others can be a pain. Don't end up with a long lens pain. If you only have 1/10th the long lens money then a 500mm mirror lens at fixed f/6.3 will get you up close on BRIGHT days, yet the BG doughnut highlights are something you must work around. TG
  • PS: Now using the ' just downloaded ' Opera browser. Used the Opera browser often in the past and really like it. Still like Opera today and wonder if you in the UK find the 'Euro centric' Opera browser to be more popular than Chrome or Mozilla FireFox ? Fewer issues with EPZ site... possibly? TG
  • Have also had no problem uploading the Downey Woodpecker. Using Wi-Fi; if it works for me it will work in spades for everyone. This Wi-Fi i am using runs on molasses. TG
  • Tried to up load an image to galleries and two input options failed to accept the clicked choice.... [ Main Tag ] and [ Adult / Non- Adult] . Using the Chrome browser this time.... last time I used Firefox...same thing. I leave it with you ... will try again much later. TG
  • I was using the new Firefox browser... Will Try with Chrome... TG
  • Just lost an upload due to field for Adult - Non- Adult, refuses to take input choice. TG
  • David.....Things are coming along well... Just a heads up for the DEATH of JAVA coming up in September. Good riddance to a windows headache we all want to be free of..

    '' Java browser plugin to be sent to death row in September '' ZDnet


    Things will run better without it. You will be ready no doubt.. TG
  • Excellent! Could not ask for more. Thanks. TG
  • Entered my Canon 70 - 300mm zoom lens in several ways. auto-fill search failed each time. So I entered the 18 - 55mm standard and that worked. Hope no one gets too steamed before this repeating upload delay is fixed. It refused to accept my lens input for the zoom even as it has always been entered in the past. Cheers,,,helping,,,not complaining. TG
  • i have slow internet. Yesterday was S-L-O-W. So pleased that today is MUCH better. TG
  • So we all agree then? One level playing field for all images uploaded. Fair is fair. Simplicity is a feature of good design. Forgive me for some of the jarring colours once tried. Should not have experimented at your expense. TG
  • Every key stroke, including some of my REAL stupidity is permanently searchable here on the net. My personal saving grace is that I have no personal fame or reputation to worry about. There are real advantages to being a low profile ordinary soul. TG
  • Wise EPZ choice to ;...Minimize or eliminate border background colour choices and here is why...
    I recently experimented with these colours and the bald reason if I admit it to myself, is to enhance my ho-hum upload. One or two commentors suggested a lighter or darker colour choice would look better.
    The light went on.... Everyone has different tastes. Impossible to please everyone,...so
    EPZ chooses to keep backgrounds and frames colour neutral so that we are absorbed in the image and not in the frames and frills. Colour matts and frills go in the frame on your wall. Images here belong in a standard plain setting. Don't you think so? TG
  • Here is a full second to what Phil2 so clearly said, [Top of this thread], in support and thumbs up for this recent upgrade. All positive.......Good work! TG
    A little getting used to but over all your upgrade is easy to like. No details just now... too early, however I like everything at the moment. Thanks for EPZ as I enjoy it every day, as you likely can tell. [TG] Tony
  • Here is a quote about some of the differences between the Canon T6i and the T6S.
    ["] The Canon T6i also relies on the user to enable or disable its LCD monitor as needed, where the T6s does so automatically, saving time and battery life. And the T6i also lacks its sibling's single-axis electronic level, ability to adjust focus between burst frames in live view mode, and HDR / digital zoom functions for movie capture. ["]
  • Mike, like most loyal Canon users you may have missed the step differences from the T5i to the Canon T6s. Most important The T6s has 19 vs 9 cross type fpcus points for quicker more reliable AF. [ an essential difference for BIF] A 24 MP vs 17.9 MP sensor for improved image quality, yet Canon only gives one a image quality of 68 compared to a quality level of 80 for the Pentax K3, which costs $400 less to buy. [ 70D and T6s image quality is the same ]
    The Pentax K3 has 25 cross type focus points over the 19 for T6s
    The K3 is weather sealed and most of their lenses are sealed as well.
    K3 has a brighter Pentaprism vs the flipping mirror in the T6s.
    K3 has a faster shutter,.. 1/8K vs 1/4K
    K3 has better light sensitivity,.. 51K vs 25.6K
    K3 Has 2 card slots for twin image storage.
    K3 pentaprism allows longer battery life 560 vs 440 shots.
    So you can see why I prefer not to pay Canon so much more for so much less. TG
  • Clouds Galore... A James Bond Sky.
  • Wings. A rare form made when an abrupt rise of warm air is pushed over a mountain ridge. TG
  • Up from the 550D to a better Canon body is a problem for me to solve as well. My web research suggests the next real step up is the ** Canon T6s** and that is co$tly. There is a world of difference between the T6i and the T6S. The latter has continuous focusing.
    My main Canon lens is the 70 - 300mm f/4 L. The T2i/550D has poor AF and limits what a good lens can do. So how to step up without Making Canon too wealthy?
    Pentax makes a great weather sealed camera in the K3. Super value, but then the cost of a 300mm and 1.4X TC.
    I have a Nikon D3200, but the Nikkor 80-400 zoom is almost 3K$.
    Tamron makes some good long glass if one chooses carefully. Logic suggests I go long with Nikon and sell the deluxe Canon 70-300 lens.
    The Pentax K3 is very tempting after all the user raves I have read.
    The best end run is not clear to me yet.
    Some pros are dumping their DSLR gear for the Sony A-6000. I can see why too.
    What would you do? Tony [TG]

  • Eagle Youth in the American pose

  • Eagle; Stop pulling my tail.