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Wink You...and ePhotozine have inspired and encouraged. Progress continues.

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  • Commented on 'Download portfolio page for printing? How to?'

    Thank you SaltireBlue. That solves my problem for the few I need. Easier to find stuff in my portfolio than on my PC. Thanks again. TG
    • 7 Sep 2019 12:48AM
  • Commented on 'Download portfolio page for printing? How to?'

    Glad to oblige. Now that I am a paid up member...and glad to be such too, could you kindly inform how to download a page for printing a few. Can not locate the originals on my PC at the moment. Thanks. Tony
    • 4 Sep 2019 2:42AM
  • Commented on 'Download portfolio page for printing? How to?'

    What is the best way to download one of our portfolio pages for making a few prints?

    May have been obvious at one time but I can not recall. TonyGuitar
    • 2 Sep 2019 1:45AM
  • Commented on 'Chrome Book'

    PS:......First started using this chromebook yesterday around 3pm and into the evening. This morning I notice there is 9 hours 25 minutes remaining on the battery....Now that's a real treat. Fewer re-charging is freedom and everything lives longer too. TG
    • 24 Aug 2018 3:55PM
  • Commented on 'Chrome Book'

    Good to learn about your Acer C720P. This Acer has everything including a full deluxe keyboard. The one feature missing is a Backlit keyboard for low light. Oh well. The price was under $300 so can't expect the world for that low price. TG
    • 24 Aug 2018 3:35PM
  • Commented on 'Chrome Book'

    RedSnappa;.....Point of a Chromebook.....???

    First use today of a new Acer Chromebook 15 CB3 532....Just under $300.

    1:..Speed...On in 7 seconds. Very quick...I am impressed.

    2:.. Security. No malware. cleaned in the Google cloud.

    3:...12 hours on battery...Show photos Large to friends down on the beach.

    4:...100 GB Google Drive FREE storage.

    5;....Hint;...Download a free app from google store called One Tab. With 10 or 20 web pages open just hit One Tab and they save left side to free memory and keep speed fast. You can reload any single page or all pages when needed . way better than searching bookmarks.

    Doing this on the Chromebook right now. First afternoon of use and getting used to this high quality machine fairly quickly.

    Lots more features like playing Manu Chao Latin music you tube through my big screen TV using Chromecast. Big digital sound and HD colour.

    Best $278 I ever spent. TG
    • 24 Aug 2018 2:18AM
  • Commented on 'Fridge sized energy unit...No carbon exhaust..Fake News?'

    This is what I hoped for and looks so promising. Delighted!! TG
    • 19 Aug 2018 8:32PM
  • Commented on 'Fridge sized energy unit...No carbon exhaust..Fake News?'

    Found this and wonder about ' fake news'. What do you know?? I am not research smart enough to verify this...

    Energy unit the size of a fridge runs a farm with no carbon exhaust.

    could be a version of the bloom box [Google] made in California. TG
    • 18 Aug 2018 9:23PM
  • Commented on 'The End of Nuclear Power?'

    Found this and wonder about ' fake news'. What do you know?? I am not research smart enough to verify this...

    Energy unit the size of a fridge runs a farm with no carbon exhaust.

    could be a version of the bloom box [Google] made in California. TG


    • 18 Aug 2018 9:20PM
  • Commented on 'Sorry about Fools at the top in Canada'

    Delightful humour. The best way to deal with wildcard events we have little control over. TG
    • 16 Aug 2018 7:53PM
  • Commented on 'Sorry about Fools at the top in Canada'

    I will gently and politely correct you there as the Liberal Party is my choice this time around.

    There is no deeply embedded hatred for the Liberal party across Western Canada. We helped elect the Liberals.

    You are correct saying " SA are a terrorist funding repressive regime ". Canada deals with them in a diplomatc way and gains were being made on human rights.

    My point is simply that a brash public scolding of SA from a woman on twitter in public is rude and counter productive. This gives the Saudies an advantage to show how tough they are and sets back gains made with diplomacy. TG

    • 15 Aug 2018 9:40PM
  • Commented on 'Sorry about Fools at the top in Canada'

    Agreed!!....Leadership;...Thatcher was a sort of ridgid type, yet I must admit she had ability that is lacking today. TG
    • 14 Aug 2018 7:19PM
  • Commented on 'Sorry about Fools at the top in Canada'

    In an odd way, it is reassuring to know that ' entitled dimwits ' exist in other advanced country governments besides our own Canada. TG
    • 14 Aug 2018 12:57PM
  • Commented on 'Sorry about Fools at the top in Canada'

    And thank you too Jack. Had no idea about the similar Sweeden 'Sparks'.

    There again;....A woman giving a scolding in public.

    What an affront to the proud male Saudi ego. TG
    • 14 Aug 2018 1:07AM
  • Commented on 'Sorry about Fools at the top in Canada'

    I am a Canadian citizen and not a Twit... There are millions like me who would never fiddle with twitter. We do not want our government talking to us via Twitter. This twitter use is nothing but incompetence at the highest level.

    Any well read Canadian knows that a lecture coming from a woman to the Saudies is simply viewed as an outrageous verbal assault no matter what the topic is.

    We have expert ambassadors who can debate sensitive topics with Saudi leaders. How can a Canadian government official be so stupid as to scold the Saudies in a public forum for twits??

    I worry about our government and fools in high places.

    Also Alberta's raw bitumen should be exported via Abbotsford to Cherry point Washington. Burnaby's fire marshall says he can't save Burnaby from an oil fire even at today's capacity and a tanker collision fire under the Lions Gate bridge in Burrard inlet would likely kill thousands.

    More fools in high places?? Of course! TG

    PS: My sister and her family { who live in Minnisota USA], are asking me about
    a return to Canada. They are worried about fools at the top in the USA. I suggest at least wait till after the next election. There is always hope. TG
    • 13 Aug 2018 9:31PM
  • Commented on 'Best phone network'

    I thought that looked funny.....Virgin. Sorry TG
    • 26 May 2018 6:52PM
  • Commented on 'Best phone network'

    Best not to deal directclty with any of the main providers. A sub-contractor like Vergin buys in volume and has savings clout they pass along to us. You get steady low rates for as much as two years at a time. Main providers, on the other hand, pop you wiith rate hikes much more often. TG
    • 26 May 2018 6:51PM
  • Commented on 'Best phone network'

    Virgin has treated me best with no surprises. Thanks Bransen.
    P.S. I live in B.C. Canada. Hope Richard treats you well also. TG
    • 26 May 2018 12:23AM
  • Commented on 'Battery for Canon 750D/T6i'

    Chris;...That's excellent. You filled out this topic and helped others in the process. Delighted to learn of Hahnel. I will get one and see how it does along with my batteries. As you say...
    " work fine and are recognised by the camera. ". Now THAT is VERY important. TG
    • 4 Mar 2018 11:12PM
  • Commented on 'Battery for Canon 750D/T6i'

    Looked through both topic lists...Nothing on the Canon battery... This will probably surprise you. Canon made their LP-E-17 battery so that it could not be copied. Then they priced it at $85 which is simply blackmail to loyal Canon users. I found where one can order two batteries and a charger for about $39 shipping included...[ to Vancouver Island ]. I found Web reviews of BlueNook home of Wasabi Power Batteries to be very Positive.
    I will order soon. Tell me what you think.. I hope to save you money here. TG
    • 3 Mar 2018 6:31PM
  • Commented on 'Anyone Like to play Guitar'

    Esteban and friends deliver a most mellow La Paloma. Really enjoyed that. TG
    • 4 Aug 2017 10:28PM
  • Commented on 'The Unhappy Forum'

    Thank you Rick, The ' Movie Goat ' happened while I opened one Member's thumbnail. No fault of that member so no mention of specific names in public of course.
    Just wonder if the Malware was in that image code and the photo could be mentioned by private email.
    No harm done so far in any case. Thanks for a quick reply. Tony.
    • 2 Aug 2017 6:23PM
  • Commented on 'Anyone Like to play Guitar'

    Tommy sure knows how to do the impossible. Jerry Reed has a degree of magic on the strings.

    Here is Nokie Edwards of the famed Ventures...

    And Doc Watson magic in Deep River Blues. I never could pick up the special beat.

    Saving Thom Bresh, [ son of Merle Travis], Fretkillr [U-Toob] and Los Idios Tabajaris for another time. TG

    • 2 Aug 2017 4:52AM
  • Commented on 'The Unhappy Forum'

    Just got over a first time pop-up disturbance [ from EPZ], to my screen while looking and commenting in the galleries.

    Suddenly there were black rectangle ' windows ' popping up all over the screen at random.
    BitDefnder anti-virus sounded the alarm and trapped some bad code in quarantine.

    Then a big pop-up prompted me to click here for...' Movie Goat '

    I shut things down and after a re-start, ran scans with Spybot and MalwareBytes.

    All seems to be running smoothly so Now I am happy once again.

    Movie Goat ring any bells? Not the way to win friends or influence us EPZers.

    Isolated event probably, yet I thought you and ePhotozine should like to know this happened in case of a possible trend. Maintain the happy state. TG
    • 2 Aug 2017 3:31AM
  • Commented on '500mm without breaking the bank '

    My final answer to this question was the Tamron 150-600mm lens bought used for $700. A demanding lens that delivers only if you are rock steady. But that is normal for all long lenses. TG
    • 27 Jan 2017 4:44PM
  • Commented on '500mm without breaking the bank '

    Interesting to read what Mr. Altitude says above. Plenty of wisdom in that. I have used a Canon 70 =- 300mm with a 1.4X tele-converter for shooting long and while it may not be the sharpest, it certainly got me plenty of good birds and ducks. Makes an easy cam/lens combo to handle.. The Canon 100 - 400 is sharper but heavier and costs so damn much to buy. TG
    PS: I would never go to a 2X tele-converter. Too dark.
    • 26 Jan 2017 10:18PM
  • Commented on '500mm without breaking the bank '

    I had a Sigma Zoom 500mm and promptly sold it, not due to image quality but due to poor handling. It was no fun to use. I now have a Tamron 150 - 600mm used at half price. Very lucky to find this locally on Craigs list. Images are soft at 600mm so more like a 150 - 550mm lens yet pleasing to use compared to the Sigma. Now new Sigma art lenses are much better and so is their higher price. Take your camera to the store and try on ANY expensive lens FIRST. Some are a pleasure and others can be a pain. Don't end up with a long lens pain. If you only have 1/10th the long lens money then a 500mm mirror lens at fixed f/6.3 will get you up close on BRIGHT days, yet the BG doughnut highlights are something you must work around. TG
    • 26 Dec 2016 10:01PM
  • Commented on 'New upgrade a success'

    PS: Now using the ' just downloaded ' Opera browser. Used the Opera browser often in the past and really like it. Still like Opera today and wonder if you in the UK find the 'Euro centric' Opera browser to be more popular than Chrome or Mozilla FireFox ? Fewer issues with EPZ site... possibly? TG
    • 30 Jan 2016 7:53PM
  • Commented on 'New upgrade a success'

    Have also had no problem uploading the Downey Woodpecker. Using Wi-Fi; if it works for me it will work in spades for everyone. This Wi-Fi i am using runs on molasses. TG
    • 30 Jan 2016 7:44PM
  • Commented on 'New upgrade a success'

    Tried to up load an image to galleries and two input options failed to accept the clicked choice.... [ Main Tag ] and [ Adult / Non- Adult] . Using the Chrome browser this time.... last time I used Firefox...same thing. I leave it with you ... will try again much later. TG
    • 29 Jan 2016 9:13PM