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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • "Small Tortoiseshell".

    A frame full of beauty, colour and detail. Can't beat this one. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 8:02AM
  • Dare to Bare!

    The modern gal goes forward to win challenges with bravery these days. Sculpted well with careful light. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 8:01AM
  • Maybe a Reading Room

    Light beams from upper left are a nice touch as well. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:57AM
  • Angry Puffin

    Different and dramatic, with colour beauty as well. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:54AM
  • Macaw

    Lovely ' painted ' parrot portrait. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:53AM
  • Pier.

    The ferry wake in Vs 1 and 2 are so pleasing. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:51AM
  • Appalachian Spring : 1

    Spring is a flash of red in snow covered branches. Very pretty. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:49AM
  • Steaming smiles

    Great looking men who do fit and belong with this vintage iron horse. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:47AM
  • *** Countryside ***

    Your POV makes the very best of this attractive line of roof shapes and colours. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:44AM
  • African Moon Moth

    Yes, rare to me too. You made an excellent image of this unusual beauty. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:42AM
  • Dartford Warbler--Sylvia undata

    This is a real gem presented in the best possible way. I'm out just now, yet I forecast more awards coming. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:40AM
  • Orange memories

    Version 2 is my preference. This is an excellent summer fun expression. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:38AM
  • Eric

    A fine Harris Hawk royalty grade portrait. Good crop as well. TG
    • 29 Mar 2017 7:31AM
  • A Lizard

    The colours and light texture borders on magic. VERY impressive. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:51AM
  • Owls Emerging

    Wow! This is a fine way to present beauty like this. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:48AM
  • Pier#.

    Colour makes the difference. Version 3 is very good. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:46AM
  • Against the light.

    Textures from top to bottom. Anchored foreground makes this one Good. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:44AM
  • *** Richard Gere - Nights in Rodanthe ***

    That is a marvel of an image. Not sure how you got this yet it is brilliant. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:41AM
  • Sheds from day`s of Yore sterday

    Alberta foothills are a crisp clear place to be. This humble homestead has time and simplicity going strong. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:39AM
  • Laid Back

    Soaking up some warmth too, it seems. Crisp Pentax detail. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:36AM
  • March 12th....Really?

    Ooops; My mistake. This was edited March 12th but taken February 24th. It did snow like this in March as well however. One slender tree is really leaning to the right here. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:16AM
  • Picasso's Version

    Picasso looking in with intensity. Planning to paint this in way that could never be forgotten once seen. He has the knack for originality. You have a real skill here as well. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:09AM
  • Double Selfie

    Mother Nature makes some interesting patterns. These look like very complex drapes or even a fancy chandelier. If that pattern were etched permanently then this glass dome could be welcome in the house. TG
    • 28 Mar 2017 2:04AM
  • untitled

    The power of smooth simplicity. TG
    • 27 Mar 2017 6:34AM
  • Dancing In the Rain

    Your imagination is very entertaining. Jean Kelly could have been in this colourful scene. TG
    • 27 Mar 2017 6:32AM
  • What the light revealed

    Similar to my back door view in many ways. Lovely with those mists. TG
    • 27 Mar 2017 6:29AM
  • Leopard Lacewings

    These are special and super good quality all around. TG
    • 27 Mar 2017 6:26AM
  • Purple Heron

    Marvelous in flight and worthy of awards. Mine are gone but into the favourites folder. TG
    • 27 Mar 2017 6:24AM
  • Rockin' Rollers

    World class photography! TG
    • 27 Mar 2017 6:21AM
  • Waxwing

    This is avian royalty and you present here with real drama. Charming image. TG
    • 26 Mar 2017 5:34PM