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Activity : Photo Comments


Wink You...and ePhotozine have inspired and encouraged. Progress continues.

Just got back to photo habits last June. Wow! I have been missing so much!
[Update] That was three + years ago. Time flies having fun here on EPZ. TG
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  • How Rhodos Begin

    Go full screen and think of the BG as ' art '. If you think it is noise, then that would be the technical interpretation. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:48AM
  • Streets and Buttoned Houses with Shadows

    You have the light going just right for this. High quality and very pleasing. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:40AM
  • Flutter By.............

    I just like this too. Exotic and well enough focused to make the grade easily. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:39AM
  • Gadwalls in Flight

    Outstanding....The first three and v-9 for me. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:36AM
  • Botanic Gardens Glasgow

    One is brilliant and versions 2 and 5 deserve special notice as well. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:34AM
  • Common water hyacinth ...

    Nothing common about this. Looks uncommonly delightful to me. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:21AM
  • Mods

    Click full screen for this one and you find this is a brilliant quality composition. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:17AM
  • Raspberry Ripple!

    Agreed....Beautiful and the oval presentation works perfectly as well. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:14AM
  • Not to be Moved

    Here you have a deep and rich colour quality to a fine composition. Everything Miguel B says above applies as well. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:12AM
  • Wedding with a difference!

    Ahhh, The skinful arts. A wonderful and original celebration image. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:03AM
  • Spooky Ghost Kitty-yes, that is his name.

    Our cat was named ' Solomon ' . The patient Egyptian wisdom seems evident here as well. TG
    • 29 May 2016 3:00AM
  • Snaks Time!

    I love that spicy dip. Looks so delicious. TG
    • 29 May 2016 2:57AM
  • The Whole Family Stopped By

    Seems they provided a bright spot for your morning. Their numbers have gone way up here in the last three years. Fun to watch their social behaviour. TG
    • 29 May 2016 2:55AM
  • Sea Of Saxifrage

    I wonder what saxifrage tea is like. Good for one's memory probably. TG
    • 29 May 2016 2:49AM
  • Highland bull - happy to pose for photos, he didn't charge!

    He looks young and kind hearted yet I would never want to test him. Interesting portrait. TG
    • 29 May 2016 2:47AM
  • The Photographer

    Lots of arbor arms in the doppled sunlight. The photog look a bit humble here. TG
    • 29 May 2016 2:45AM
  • You All Are Invited.....

    Coffee on a pedestal. Makes good sense. I can worship coffee; especially in the morning. Lush surroundings. I bet the air smells good here as well. TG
    • 29 May 2016 2:41AM
  • World of Spiritualism

    These buildings are cheerful in colour. Everything is so well cared for in this lovely area. TG
    • 28 May 2016 6:57AM
  • A village near a small Fort

    A landscape of magic beauty. TG
    • 28 May 2016 6:53AM
  • Enjoy the ride

    You composed this interesting image very well. Evident you ARE feeling better. TG
    • 28 May 2016 6:51AM
  • Cooking Indian Chapatis

    So many persons are good artists where you live and travel. This looks so good. TG
    • 28 May 2016 6:47AM
  • Natural Beauty

    This is so well placed with the soft background. It looks professionally good. TG
    • 28 May 2016 6:43AM
  • Spiritualism

    Take the rest you need to get better. You have the family that well help. This temple is so lovely in design and colour. You have more spirit in India than any other place on earth. Take ALL of your antibiotics and get well soon. TG
    • 28 May 2016 6:40AM
  • Almost ! !

    The beauty of dandelion reality. These sunny yellow blooms will always be with us. Never a shortage of dandelion wine. TG
    • 28 May 2016 2:59AM
  • Time to Sleep

    A deep rich yellow in a perfect setting. TG
    • 28 May 2016 2:53AM
  • willow warbler

    This is just how a master artist would present this little fellow. TG
    • 28 May 2016 2:50AM
  • 1952 MG TD

    Rich quality image of a real gem. Well done. TG
    • 28 May 2016 2:47AM
  • Hanging Out

    Clarity, power and originality. A fine art image. TG
    • 28 May 2016 2:45AM
  • S&DJR Class 7F

    Yes, this is as good as it gets. All that steam and smoke adds so much. TG
    • 28 May 2016 2:42AM
  • Guess who?

    Good looking musician. The lead image reminds me a little of Marilyn. I would hang the simplicty and power of your first version. TG
    • 28 May 2016 2:39AM