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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Sgurr an Fhidhleir

    The ' chunky ' side of nature and so beautifully lit too. Powerful! TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:36AM

    Worthy of awards Keith. I am out of awards yet you will do well with this beauty. Everything perfect, including the eye. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:34AM
  • One Tulip

    It reminds me of hard candy. What an impressive form it has. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:31AM
  • Magpie on chimney

    I have this lens and find it works quite well with a 1.4X TC as well. Your 80D shows the quality this lens is good for. Excellent magpie photograph. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:30AM
  • Common Blue-Polyommatus icarus.

    Diagonal comp with the yellow bloom is very pleasing. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:26AM
  • Sun Shades

    The bud is interesting and the lead poppy could be the choice for the order of orange. It is the most true and vibrant orange on my monitor. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:25AM

    Wow! I like this. You sure put the craggy in these volcanic looking rocks. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:21AM
  • Shadow

    Kinky neck heron has a nice patina on the wings and welds. Your BG choice for this is perfect. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:19AM
  • White Church

    The moat gate and dog in V-3 gave me a chuckle. Your lead image reminds me of plus-X Kodak film with a red filter. Same effect and it looks super! TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:16AM
  • Cafe Fun

    So good for business and all are so cheerful. That fellow in the blue looks like a Monty Pythoner. There is plenty to mystify me in this happy image. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:12AM
  • Swallow Dipping

    Both of these images show the perfect evening, bug catching spirit. Just dark enough to look right. Good catches in low light. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:09AM
  • Zoe - 2

    She comes with her own BG. Looks great too. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:06AM
  • Liquid Water Beach

    Lovely beach and lush greenery. What more could one ask for? TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:05AM
  • Drama in Decay

    Old leaves and old trucks can both look so good in their later stages. TG
    • 27 May 2017 1:50AM
  • Sunset - Pattaya

    This is sooo good and I like the glitter off the high lamps too. TG
    • 27 May 2017 1:48AM
  • *** Save the last dance for me ***

    This classic lady is enjoying her dancing. Lovely photograph. TG
    • 27 May 2017 1:47AM
  • Golden

    This one sure has great colour and looks different. Impressive! TG
    • 27 May 2017 1:45AM
  • The humble blackbird

    Clutching that perch just so. Good catch of this female? TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:52AM
  • Curved Reflection

    Taken and framed just right. Excellent! TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:51AM
  • Red Admiral.

    A frame full of magic, Fred. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:50AM
  • Great spotted woodpecker and chick

    Hey! Seldom seen. An excellent catch. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:49AM
  • Tea Light

    Oooooh! I like this. A beautiful basic marvel. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:48AM
  • Kestrel

    More organic farming will help these birds and pesticide free farming is on the increase. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:47AM

    A basic and difficult life for this lady. These people suffer most when economics are not handled well by government. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:45AM
  • Cascade of Colour

    Almost looks like a type of candy. Easy to enjoy this bloom and it's rich colour. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:42AM
  • Harmless But Scary

    This one is lovely Sandy. Not our common ' Black & Yellow ' but rather a less often seen type with a design any woman would like on her handbag. I am the last to suggest snakeskin handbags though. Most beautiful in real life like this. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:40AM
  • Vintage Jaguar Coupes.

    Wow! Glossy glitteria. We sure like curved and flowing Jaguar lines. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:35AM

    These mists feed a dense and very lush greenery. Exotic! TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:33AM
  • Meerkat's.

    This is as intimate as it gets. A stoic personality. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:31AM
  • *** Bridges ***

    Handrails that go on forever. The curved and straight are ideal in mono. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:28AM