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Activity : Photo Comments


Wink You...and ePhotozine have inspired and encouraged. Progress continues.

Just got back to photo habits last June. Wow! I have been missing so much!
[Update] That was three + years ago. Time flies having fun here on EPZ. TG
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  • Moose Crossing

    Pulls at my strings. Feels like places I have been. Moose up close in the bush plays tricks with the brain. You can think locomotive if he moves just beyond nearby trees. Spooky. TG
    • 7 Feb 2016 5:07AM
  • Heads of Buddha at Ratnagiri

    A wonderful find. Looks like royalty with flared eyes and brow. Wonder how old these could be? TG
    • 7 Feb 2016 5:00AM
  • Inquisitive Jackals

    Good light working here and they do remind one of our coyote. A little heavier, yet colours are similar. Their attitude seems bright all right and playful as well. You cast a new slant on Jackals in my view. Thanks. TG
    • 7 Feb 2016 4:49AM
  • Tragedy in Lower Manhattan

    Top photo journalist Ty. Nothing could be more alarming than huge treads upside down above the street. You conveyed the story so well. Much appreciated. TG
    • 7 Feb 2016 4:41AM
  • '....On top of the World'

    Wonderful Winter time setting to a little ' Brown Top ' . We see those here as well. Tree sparrows are steady workers going about through the leaves and brush quietly. A winner! TG
    • 7 Feb 2016 2:55AM
  • Redwing Junior

    Thanks Christina your UA Goes well on the first bright day in a few. Good to see the sun again and no rain this afternoon. TG
    • 7 Feb 2016 2:33AM
  • A flying fox

    Lots of sparkle to this cute little red head. I really like his black stockings too. TG
    • 7 Feb 2016 2:29AM
  • All things bright and beautiful

    This lovely yellow rose looks so tangible. But don't pick a petal please. TG
    • 7 Feb 2016 1:52AM
  • Happy Birthday

    It always tastes better when it looks so good. Thinking of others makes everyone cheerful. TG
    • 6 Feb 2016 6:18AM
  • Gate at Uday Giri

    Now this is really impressive and imaginative art and design. A true work of quality and history. Glad you wisely chose to show this. Well presented and a good frame works well. TG
    • 6 Feb 2016 6:11AM
  • Silver and Shadows.

    Looks like expert craftsmanship and interesting design. Excellent detail ...very attractive too. TG
    • 6 Feb 2016 5:37AM
  • [landing]

    Interesting that you mention the high ISO. No EXIF... Guessing your camera handles noise very well. [Nikon 7200?]. Perfect instant of capture and the results are beautiful. TG
    • 6 Feb 2016 5:28AM
  • Azura

    Has a very pleasing and cheery spirit about it. Well done. TG
    • 6 Feb 2016 2:56AM
  • Explosion

    Explosion flower is a beauty. These could become very popular. TG
    • 6 Feb 2016 2:45AM
  • Greenfinch (Carduelis chloris)

    Rich quality colour and detail. Interesting stance and a good perch too. TG
    • 6 Feb 2016 2:42AM
  • ROSE BlackBerry

    Thanks for your support. Cloudy and rainy yet colour looks not too bad if one gets close enough. Ducks geese and birds show no colour in this weather. Usually not close enough. TG
    • 5 Feb 2016 10:41PM
  • Farewell 'S' Station

    This looks like a city easy to live in and get around in before it becomes too big. Vancouver B.C. was like this years ago and now Vancouver is too much traffic jams to enjoy life in. Looks like good planning here, Nitz. TG
    • 5 Feb 2016 10:33PM
  • Focused and determined

    Excellent action here Nitz and lots of emotion too. Good using higher ISO when noise is no longer a problem like it was in older cameras. Arm over the ball is a rare thing to see in photo. TG
    • 5 Feb 2016 10:10PM
  • Blue Tit

    Perfect Karen. Tail near the frame and nice natural perch and setting. TG
    • 5 Feb 2016 7:51PM
  • You no what

    420 makes for a very big picnic pie. A good descriptive pose. TG
    • 5 Feb 2016 7:50PM
  • Nearly there and Phew!

    Yes, A great display of wings in motion. Good catch! TG
    • 5 Feb 2016 7:47PM
  • Blue tit & bullfinch

    Very well done. The classic V1 is really outstanding. TG
    • 5 Feb 2016 7:38PM
  • Eagles are Serious

    Isobel in London... Thank you so much for your sunny Award. The bright spot in a whole day of blowing wind and rain. TG
    • 4 Feb 2016 4:07AM
  • Idilic

    Yes, I agree and your composition looks so very good as well. TG
    • 4 Feb 2016 12:16AM
  • Brahminy Kite

    UK Gubbi says ..'' Excellent. Most worshipped bird in India. '' No wonder, this is a majestic looking hunting bird.
    Never ever saw one in real life here in the far West. I wonder if they snacked on one of those bats? Your POV and pose is excellent! TG
    • 3 Feb 2016 3:04AM
  • Brown Jay

    Another exotic we never see in real life here on Vancouver Island. You sure get the rare ones Terry. Take care of that shoulder. Don't rush it. Such a good pose too. Wow! TG
    • 3 Feb 2016 2:50AM
  • The Bus Carries On

    Life can be a heavy trip at times. Shades and beard can be a good safety zone too. This REAL LIFE is super...Sandy. TG
    • 3 Feb 2016 2:36AM
  • A Dull, Dreary Beach Day

    Only good for beach-scapes. I tried to get a couple of RED mergansers. [ longer beaks...better hairdoos], but this light gave no colour so must wait for a sunny break through. TG
    • 3 Feb 2016 2:32AM
  • Achray Mirror

    This is one ' knock yer socks off ' image. TG
    • 3 Feb 2016 2:00AM
  • Horse Power

    Beautiful team and sled for hauling in firewood among other things. So similar to our team on Pinecroft farm in Merrickville Ontario years ago. Super memories. Your form captured here is outstanding. Like artwork. TG
    • 3 Feb 2016 1:56AM