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Activity : Photo Comments


Wink You...and ePhotozine have inspired and encouraged. Progress continues.

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  • Mushroom a la Ceramic

    I am honoured to be next to Ronnie's mushrooms. Now his are Brilliant! TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 2:16AM
  • "Dryad's Saddle Fungi"

    Versions two and three do look odd from the side but the lead is sooo attractive. A picnic table setting for elves. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 2:10AM
  • Great Tit On Perch

    Ideal in every way, including a different pose. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 2:05AM
  • Where's My Dad

    An expression of long waiting patience with interest in you as well. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 2:04AM
  • high and dry

    This is ' Magic Land '. What a wonderful light to set this brilliant scene with. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 2:01AM
  • A woman a seagull and an onlooker.

    Yes his interest adds to ours. That gull is a clever risk taker. Reward is being well fed. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:59AM
  • Orange-tip butterfly

    Translucent wing is the highlight in this perfect beauty frame. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:56AM
  • Ladybird

    Oooh, I like to see Miss L.B. up close like this. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:55AM
  • grey on green

    He is a vivid yet so attractive heron. Seems in a good mood too. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:53AM
  • Pretty in Pink.

    He looks like a content ' smoothie ' in with all that great colour. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:52AM
  • Chester heron

    Unusual look and colour tinges on a dynamic background. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:51AM
  • Great Crested Grebe and Young

    Those young ones look amazing when a little older like this. Outstanding! TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:49AM
  • Mermaid Street, Rye

    Those who live there probably have legs of iron. Steep grade is hard to believe. Beautiful and makes me think of TV's Doc Martin. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:46AM
  • Are you lookin' at me?

    Could this be a working mother/ Extra good detail in the wings. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:44AM
  • Is This Silly ?

    He has a good grip on the edge there. These bees are one move at a time wise. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:42AM
  • Hazel

    Lovely positive spirit. Like someone I know. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:39AM
  • English Idyll

    Serenity corner. Lovely place to spend a little time. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:38AM
  • Shades of Autumn

    The shimmer and colour are extra good together. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:37AM
  • Heron

    Now this is a fine H. I. F. photograph. Wings are just right. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:36AM
  • Guess Where

    Somewhere in Venice? Good place for a water taxi business. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:35AM
  • Wax Plant Flower Cluster

    Never saw this before. Looks marvelous and so well presented too. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:33AM
  • Red Moss & Green Heathers

    Imagine finding all that much red. Wow! TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:31AM
  • Banana thoughts...

    Not sure about bananas but there's gotta be coffee and doughnuts. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:30AM
  • Vancouver Downtown

    Modern roundness. Looks different now than when I used to live in Vancouver. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:28AM
  • Pure Portugal

    Looks like a bit of heaven lives here. TG
    • 30 Apr 2017 1:22AM
  • American female blackbird

    A new variation to my eyes. This is an excellent and pleasing photograph. Very steady and well taken. TG
    • 29 Apr 2017 4:12AM
  • American kestrel

    Just looked through your PF. You keep a very high standard. This is well framed and a long way off at 360mm. Looks very good too. TG
    • 29 Apr 2017 4:10AM
  • Spring Bloom

    Very pleasing looking into this beauty. TG
    • 29 Apr 2017 2:34AM
  • Jackdaw Surprise

    Fine detailed photo of this serious looking fellow. TG
    • 29 Apr 2017 2:33AM
  • Dandelion

    Had no idea this could look so good. Wow! TG
    • 29 Apr 2017 2:32AM