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Activity : Photo Comments


Wink You...and ePhotozine have inspired and encouraged. Progress continues.

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    Wow! I like this. You sure put the craggy in these volcanic looking rocks. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:21AM
  • Shadow

    Kinky neck heron has a nice patina on the wings and welds. Your BG choice for this is perfect. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:19AM
  • White Church

    The moat gate and dog in V-3 gave me a chuckle. Your lead image reminds me of plus-X Kodak film with a red filter. Same effect and it looks super! TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:16AM
  • Cafe Fun

    So good for business and all are so cheerful. That fellow in the blue looks like a Monty Pythoner. There is plenty to mystify me in this happy image. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:12AM
  • Swallow Dipping

    Both of these images show the perfect evening, bug catching spirit. Just dark enough to look right. Good catches in low light. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:09AM
  • Zoe - 2

    She comes with her own BG. Looks great too. TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:06AM
  • Liquid Water Beach

    Lovely beach and lush greenery. What more could one ask for? TG
    • 27 May 2017 2:05AM
  • Drama in Decay

    Old leaves and old trucks can both look so good in their later stages. TG
    • 27 May 2017 1:50AM
  • Sunset - Pattaya

    This is sooo good and I like the glitter off the high lamps too. TG
    • 27 May 2017 1:48AM
  • *** Save the last dance for me ***

    This classic lady is enjoying her dancing. Lovely photograph. TG
    • 27 May 2017 1:47AM
  • Golden

    This one sure has great colour and looks different. Impressive! TG
    • 27 May 2017 1:45AM
  • The humble blackbird

    Clutching that perch just so. Good catch of this female? TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:52AM
  • Curved Reflection

    Taken and framed just right. Excellent! TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:51AM
  • Red Admiral.

    A frame full of magic, Fred. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:50AM
  • Great spotted woodpecker and chick

    Hey! Seldom seen. An excellent catch. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:49AM
  • Tea Light

    Oooooh! I like this. A beautiful basic marvel. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:48AM
  • Kestrel

    More organic farming will help these birds and pesticide free farming is on the increase. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:47AM

    A basic and difficult life for this lady. These people suffer most when economics are not handled well by government. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:45AM
  • Cascade of Colour

    Almost looks like a type of candy. Easy to enjoy this bloom and it's rich colour. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:42AM
  • Harmless But Scary

    This one is lovely Sandy. Not our common ' Black & Yellow ' but rather a less often seen type with a design any woman would like on her handbag. I am the last to suggest snakeskin handbags though. Most beautiful in real life like this. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:40AM
  • Vintage Jaguar Coupes.

    Wow! Glossy glitteria. We sure like curved and flowing Jaguar lines. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:35AM

    These mists feed a dense and very lush greenery. Exotic! TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:33AM
  • Meerkat's.

    This is as intimate as it gets. A stoic personality. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:31AM
  • *** Bridges ***

    Handrails that go on forever. The curved and straight are ideal in mono. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:28AM
  • Clappersgate Bridge Nr Ambleside

    Timeless. A very comfortable place for us humans. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:26AM
  • The Bridge at sunset

    Wow! Glad you got this one. Your settings seem to be ideal for this beauty. TG
    • 26 May 2017 1:24AM
  • Shades of Grey Wagtail ...

    Your brilliant wagtail was enjoying his own rich colour in the mirror it seems. Fine collection. TG
    • 25 May 2017 11:22PM
  • Life in the Shadows ...

    We should see more of these feathered friends in their true context like this. Rich quality too. TG
    • 25 May 2017 11:18PM
  • Swallow in Flight :-)

    Something I have tried to do but no results of any worth yet. You beat me to it. A near impossible catch. Just wait for an upgrade from you basic Nikon 3200. TG
    • 25 May 2017 11:06PM
  • Food for the chicks

    Helen,... One more positive day of recovery from leg surgery and your Award really helps put a bright note to everything going so well. Should be good as new in a week or two. Thanks so much Helen. Your Award comes at the best possible time. TG
    • 25 May 2017 11:01PM