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A quick view of TonyWatson's recent activity.

  • Dahlia sunburst.

    Been away for a short time and see that your photography and processing hasn't improved any. Suggest you spend some time watching the tutorials on this site and you tube.
    Do you not have anyone at your local camera club that can give you any help?
    • 29 Sep 2011 3:20PM
  • Hanging In!

    OK Toots,
    Been away for a couple of days and what all this obsession with the frogs then? Big cats been given the elbow I see. (Ribit, Ribit)

    Sweet stuff babe

    • 29 Sep 2011 3:10PM
  • You want me closer?

    Hey Lil babe, I heard my name mentioned, well at least once or twice in a favourable light Wink

    Still around kiddo ~ Check your home mail.

    Snoggs and cuddles

    • 23 Jun 2011 6:31AM
  • Ammonite Lamps

    Sorry missed your tribute, but guess your Dad would have been proud ~ Maybe gone but never forgotten.

    Excellent fossilised lamps, bet you didnt pick them up on the beach Wink


    • 23 Jun 2011 6:27AM
  • Twelve Spotted Skimmer

    Another superb macro shot Jennnn ~ You realy have nailed this type of work


    • 23 Jun 2011 6:21AM
  • Mercian Sunset

    Now that is a good photograph with the lighting well controlled.

    Good work

    • 18 Jun 2011 12:05AM
  • well met on the way.

    That a heck of a lot of work for a dog and a d90 ~ good to see that he went for a reputable manufacturer.

    • 18 Jun 2011 12:03AM
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  • Excellent p/f ~ Good work
  • Superb action shots in your p/f
    • Posted on hyd's profile
    • 29 Oct 2010 1:24PM
  • Superb p/f
    • Posted on goso's profile
    • 30 Sep 2010 11:36PM
  • Excellent "outside the box" images and not the picture postcard stuff Mike.
    Think that the heading for the gallery image, heading your portfolio should read:-

    YOU!!!! Orrible little man, 5th from the front. Yes YOU!! EYES front! What do you think you are looking for? ... RUST?

    Keep up the great work.
    • Posted on mikbee's profile
    • 22 Jul 2010 2:05PM
  • Well Keith, after looking at some of your work, the only thing I can say is " Breathtaking"!
    You sir have a real tallent. Even though the new years eve celebrations interviened.
    Excellent work.
  • Hello John.
    A very impressive pf and "Moon Rock" has to be my favorite also.
    Thanks for sharing your work.
    • Posted on johnjrp's profile
    • 23 Jun 2010 3:13AM
  • Nice pf.
    • Posted on LV426's profile
    • 23 Jun 2010 3:05AM
  • Nice pf and sunsets are great.
    Thanks for sharing.
    • Posted on andylea's profile
    • 23 Jun 2010 3:03AM
  • Great pf, and some lovely maco work.
    • Posted on taggart's profile
    • 23 Jun 2010 3:00AM
  • Some beautiful images from Africa.. Thankyou
    • Posted on mrjt's profile
    • 20 Jun 2010 4:58PM