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  • Tree Sparrow collecting caterpillars (3)

    I have to gong you again, Phil, sigh.
    • 10 Jan 2021 2:36AM
  • Lockdown Blues

    Yea, go on, bite the head off Santa if it makes you feel any better. Lol. It's the expectant look on the faces that gets me. Good spotting, Ian.
    • 10 Jan 2021 2:28AM
  • Thirsty Blue Tit (7)

    Great shot of this wee beauty, Phil.
    • 9 Jan 2021 12:20AM
  • Mist in the Valley

    Nicely atmospheric, Ian. The V does look a little bit better.
    • 7 Jan 2021 12:47AM
  • Kennilworth-Style Volvo Tractor Unit.

    Quote:While sitting in a parking lot, waiting for my husband who was at the dentist--I watched these monsters parade down the interstate and became truly afraid and glad I was going home on an old country road!
    Produce/product movers - the life blood of our society, along with shipping and trains. and planes. We are in the umpteenth lock-down, and I am very grateful for them. Smile
    • 7 Jan 2021 12:40AM
  • "A Glint in the Eye"

    A fine set, and quick work, Ian. I could do with one or two of these about the garden, according to Leo's research.
    • 6 Jan 2021 11:33AM
  • Rannoch Moor

    Very beautiful image.
    • 6 Jan 2021 11:04AM
  • Long tailed tit (6)

    Absolute champion of a shot, Phil. Wish we had these cuties up here.
    • 6 Jan 2021 11:03AM
  • Old Father Thames

    A big lovely embrace of a shot, Alan. Fine looking buildings to the right, but I do think a simple tall, slender, double lift windowed tower would be much more elegant for viewing the city than a giant bicyle wheel.
    • 6 Jan 2021 11:01AM
  • The beauty of winter

    Loving the light and textures in this shot.
    • 6 Jan 2021 10:48AM
  • All rise

    A grand looking shot with a pleasing spread of light and colours. Well worthy of effort and capture.
    • 6 Jan 2021 10:42AM
  • Natures Survivor

    Looking tall and defiant with your upwards angle, Ian. I remember blue skies.
    • 6 Jan 2021 2:22AM
  • Birch Polypore

    You are an education today, Ian. All new to me. 😎
    • 4 Jan 2021 10:07PM
  • Haircut Due?

    What the heck! is that. It is so mad looking, one has to snap it. What's the story? Weed is bad for the brain? You lose contact with the rest of your body? - and it's growing out of a nut. Spill it, Ian. What can you tell us?
    • 3 Jan 2021 12:42AM
  • My first time in the big wide world

    Another top shot, Steve.
    • 2 Jan 2021 4:43PM
  • Happy New Year!

    All the very best to you and yours, Richard. 😎
    • 1 Jan 2021 6:08PM
  • Jay

    Terrific shot, Steve.
    • 1 Jan 2021 6:05PM
  • Snow Time Like The Present.

    Quote:Lovely image to start the New Year,
    Best wishes for 2021... Isabel GrinGrinGrin

    Thanks, Isobel. I wish you the very best of this coming year. 😘
    • 1 Jan 2021 4:29PM
  • "The Sun Setting on 2020"

    Liking your lead a lot, Ian. All the very best to you and yours. Lang may yer lum reek. Smile
    • 31 Dec 2020 11:46AM
  • Have a Happy New Year

    Right back at you, Phil. Smile
    • 31 Dec 2020 11:43AM
  • Ford owners club Vichy France.

    Liking your subject, and the way all the greens have resulted in a lovely quality to the light, or is that solely because it is France. 😎
    • 31 Dec 2020 11:42AM
  • Robin Hoods Bay . N.Yorkshire.

    I do like to be beside the sea. Visited there once - a very long time ago; may even have some slides somewhere. Lovely. 😎
    • 30 Dec 2020 5:56PM
  • The Orange and the Chickadee

    Cute name for a very cute wee bird. It is like our Coal Tit. 😎
    • 30 Dec 2020 5:52PM
  • North Sea

    Stirring up the dand for a nice layered look. 😎
    • 30 Dec 2020 5:48PM
  • Yesterday's Snow (5)

    Like a dusting of icing sugar over your pleasant looking garden, Phil. 😎
    • 30 Dec 2020 5:46PM
  • Skye Bridge

    Super striking shot, Andrew.Love your comp. Is there a colour version? 😎
    • 29 Dec 2020 12:28PM
  • Visitors to North Berwick

    Quite a collection, Ian. Smile
    • 28 Dec 2020 7:30AM
  • Shortest day, longest tail.

    Superb shot and fun title. Great work, Steve. Birds don't come much cuter than this. Smile
    • 21 Dec 2020 8:35PM
  • "Resting after the Storm"

    Great shots, Ian..
    • 20 Dec 2020 10:19PM
  • The Tree's a Bit Busy Again This Year!

    A bit like ours, Richard. May you all have a lovely happy Christmas. 😎
    • 20 Dec 2020 9:47PM