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A quick view of toonboy's recent activity.


    Wonderful first image strong composition beautiful textures and works very well in B+W keep up the good work young lady

    PS you should have it printed and framed for your wall lol

    • 27 Mar 2013 10:04PM
  • Big Waters Tern

    Stunning first shot

    Well done

    • 23 Jun 2010 8:44AM
  • Central Sentinal

    Very well captured John a stunning shot.

    Regards Ken

    PS not the best of results last night
    • 13 Jun 2010 8:04AM
  • Talacre Lighthouse

    Fabulous reflection

    Regards Ken
    • 13 Jun 2010 8:00AM
  • In all its glory

    Thanks guys n gals

    • 11 Jun 2010 5:15PM
  • That Lighthouse...

    Wow like like this alot Alan

    Did you get blown away ? I did

    Regards Ken
    • 31 May 2010 11:48AM
  • Lighthouse

    Stunning !!!!!!!!!!
    • 4 May 2010 5:56PM
  • Hi Paul

    An amazing portfolio, something to aspire to, your low light work is outstanding the drama in each image captures the viewer and holds them.

    Regards Ken
    • Posted on pmorgan's profile
    • 6 Nov 2007 7:58PM
  • Hi Tony

    An inspirational portfolio with many oustanding images, your coastal scenes I particularly like.

    A real pleasure to view.

    Regards Ken
  • Stunning landscape portfolio

    Regards Ken
  • Hi Jouko
    You say in your intro your still going wrong, If this is going wrong I would love to see the ones you get right.
    Spectacular portfolio.

    Regards Ken
    • Posted on JouŠo's profile
    • 15 May 2006 3:54AM
  • Superb portfolio Vismaya with beautiful lighting and subjects.

    Regards Ken
    • Posted on vismaya's profile
    • 30 Mar 2007 12:50PM
  • Excellent portfolio Alan
    Some stunning art work in there keep them coming

    Regards Ken
    • Posted on Wooly's profile
    • 26 Dec 2005 2:21AM
  • Some stunning images in your portfolio Dave (Very impressive)

    Regards Ken
    • Posted on chesh's profile
    • 2 Jan 2007 4:25PM