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Welcome to my wee Donegal world, hope you like it, all visits appreciated, especially welcome comments good or bad, and clicks if genuine - none of that reciprocal stuff.

"It's good to be open minded..but not so much that your brains fall out..."
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27 Dec 2010 8:07PM
You have some great pictures in your portfolio. Well done.

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Hi Stephen. Geraldine here from work. just getting familar with this site. Its very good. What do you think of my photo of Gartan Lake. Im catching up. mite take me awhile though.
thanks for the feedback this really helps.
Hi fabulous shots really clear and vivid
thankyou for your comments
17 Nov 2009 10:31PM
Hi Stephen, Many thanks for your comments. I love your pf hopefully I will get to this standard one day! Thanks again, Heather
Hey Stephen , I'm Aaron the one that was with Dr. Murray in your office today. Just getting used to this site here , it's a really good site , thank you.
28 Sep 2009 10:25PM
Hi Stephan,
I've managed to get the email link sorted when comments come in, tnks for the tip. A couple of Q's, how do you get the pic above your portfolio (L/Scape shot) I'm also looking at the sigma 10-20mm for my nikon any views? just thought it would be a good addition to my 18-200mm.
keep snapping

27 Sep 2009 5:54AM
Hi Stephen,
Thanks for your reply, I must say i'm enjoying this site very much all ready.
Can you guide me on how i add your suggestion. I've had a look but...doh
I promise i'll to get to grips.

thank you for the comment Tooth. i was wondering what he ment. so whn i take a photo like that, should i make the focus down a little more to keep the light from the trees away. by maybe crouching down a little more? i try to stay away from photoshop, but i have it and know somewhat how to use it. but if maybe i could get a better angle please let me know Smile thanks again. Josh
Supurb, some great landscapes.
4 Jul 2008 5:43PM
Hi Stephen, I was looking through your portfolio and there are many fabulous shots. I added a couple of my Donegal shots, where I spent some wonderful holidays, and would value your opinion when you have time.
Superb images in your P.F. One can learn a lot just by looking at the images you have clicked.Thanks very much for your constructive comments,they will make me a better photographer.
Thank you for your comment! Its much Appreciated . I was so unsure about posting some photos on here, but everyone has been so helpfull. Thanks.
can you have a look at my new daisy pictue?any adjustments needed?
thaks Stephen for your coments, I fell great now.
I was looking at your PF and you have many lovely shots. Look forward to see more of your work.
Dawn Michelle
lovely gallery
20 Aug 2007 6:49PM
Hi Thanks for the info on how you sharpen the image it has worked on the photo I have just uploaded hauptplatz Tram
regards Ian
Hello Stephen, Sincitizen here.
First and foremost: you have quite an exquisite set of landscape photos. Truly breathtaking!
I wanted to stop in, and say "thank you" for your constructive comments on my photograph. I'm pretty new to this - I'm the family "snapshooter," but I also happen to be an art student and I'm learning some basic things about photography before I take the class in an upcoming school semester.
Your comments are very helpful, and I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.
Tooth Plus
11 5.8k 227 Ireland
13 May 2007 11:19PM
Thanks Rog, a lovely compliment. I admit I'm blessed with where I live, so glad I can share it with someone


13 May 2007 1:29AM
Hi Stephen
Just spent a while wandering through your p/f and
thoroughly enjoyed wading through your images, particularly
the landscapes.
The colour and tone that these behold are something quite
special, and seem as though they render themselves as your
sought of 'trademark'
Surely the light can't be that kind to you all of the time??
Wonderful, and I shall be back....

10 Apr 2007 1:48AM
thank you for the info on my picture BEE most interesting.
and yes i was at the limit of my macro zoom but did crop the picture in my photoshop and it looks a lot better so thank you again
casper (your friendly ghost)
Hi Stephen,
Thanks for the comment on my "intercoastal waterway" picture--I'm totally an amature photographer--I met someone yesterday that told me about this sight and wanted to try it out. I love taking pictures--don't have a super fancy camera, but love taking them anyway!
I'm looking into taking a class or something--I enjoyed your pictures!
Thanks again for being the only one to comment on my little lame picture!
27 Mar 2007 10:45AM
Hi Stephen,
Thank you for your comments .You have a great portfolio.Bob
Hi Stephen,
Thank you very much for the comment and suggestion. I really appreciate it. I don't know much about photography yet, and hope you will help me more in the future. Thanks again. Audy
keith47 Plus
10 22 1 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2007 9:37PM
Hi Stephen, would like to thank ou for the critique you left on my 'greenfinches' shot, I can see what you mean about the background being messy. I appreciate any help I can get to improve a hobby that has become an obsession.
Once again many thanks.
KevBK Plus
10 12
23 Mar 2007 9:22AM
Stephen, Thanks for the comment on my Coffee shot, I was looking for a start to finish idea, I do see where it can be a bit distracting though. Thanks again for your time and comment. KevBK
23 Mar 2007 3:52AM
HI Stephen,
Thank you for your feedback.I appreciate it.I shall keep improving on my skills.
23 Mar 2007 3:06AM
thanks for your comment on my photo on cultural tranporter
its great to know profesional photographers like you
Great portfolio with stunning pictures. I like your sunsets. JNC
thanks for your hints and tips, you have a stunning collection!

16 Feb 2007 9:35PM
Thanks Stephen, I didnt think about localised sharpening, I will give it a try, appreciate your comment.
13 Feb 2007 10:33PM
Thank you for the comment. As you can see I am just learning. I wanted the effect to look like a painting of the eagle but it seems i didnt quite get that effect that I was looking for.
Adobecs Plus
10 114 England
13 Feb 2007 8:56PM
Thanks Stephen for the comment on my Alton Towers Castle pic.

axonsprout 10 23 1 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2007 10:29AM
Thank's for the comment on my pics of the horses, I do have some problems with bleach out on some of my shots, however it is just a small compact with no manual controls.
I also have just a basic edition of photoshop. I suppose until I move up a league in terms of getting an SLR and going manual I will just have to put up with it for now.
Thank's again. Ralph
5 Feb 2007 4:28PM
Thank you for the constructive criticism on my photo. I appreciate it!
KevBK Plus
10 12
5 Feb 2007 11:46AM
Hey Tooth,

Thanks for the comment, I will relook at the original and see what I have and will be sure to take your suggestions and put them work.
Thanks again KevBK
marmar Plus
10 33
16 Jan 2007 9:13AM
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my photgraph, it really did help me look at it in a different light following your comments, it can be a bit difficult to critisise yourself, especially when as you say the picture means something to you. Hopefully I'll take your comments on board and improve. Thanks Again!
14 Jan 2007 7:25AM
Thanks for your opinion of my horse photo, it is much appreciated.
I agree that it's dark but I wasn't allowed to use flash so I just clicked away and hoped for the best. I'm a student so just learning.
I will try out photoshop when I get better at using it!
Thank you for all the wonderful descriptions of where your photos were taken. Some of the photos are truly spectacular. My father originates in Donegal so it is nice to visualize his roots, some of which you have captured. Marie Toronto, Canada
Tooth Plus
11 5.8k 227 Ireland
6 Jan 2007 4:42PM
Hi Geoff, thanks for your comment. It can be hard to give critique when the poster has given no indication on the description as to wah tthey were trying to achieve. I've asked JoolsB to have a look and give his own comments - he's another member of the crit. team, a fine landscaper who I'm sure will add something helpful


Stenno Plus
10 11 England
4 Jan 2007 11:13PM
Hello,I read with interest your comments about a photograph that I offered up for critique (Canal Walk2).I do respect and accept anyones opinions as I am a relative beginner.Also I am very grateful for the time that you spent looking.However I really think you missed the point of the picture. It is dark I know, but it was meant to be, as it is a silouette of the trees and canal against the brightly lit winter sky.The purpose of the shot was to create a certain mood and/or a kind of ambience within the scene.Perhaps I failed I don't know.I would like to add though,it is totally un-manipulated as I am
I am a great believer in trying to create 'with' the camera using very little or no post production at all.
pamelajean Plus
11 971 1864 United Kingdom
13 Dec 2006 9:03PM
Hrllo, Stephen, what wonderful images you have been creating. I have been away for 3 weeks so please excuse my clicking and running. It has been a real pleasure to view the latest page of your pf. I've tried some "water" shots whilst away, with some success, trying to emulate some of yours...it's not easy !!
10 Dec 2006 1:55PM
Hi Stephen, thanks for your words of wisdom, I will try to de-clutter the picture as you suggested. Thanks for your help.
Ridgeway Plus
10 222 2 Ireland
25 Nov 2006 6:39PM
Hi Stephen,thanks for the comments and the time it took for you to do it.I am just heading out to work so this is going to be short,not to be rude,Its great to have people like your self to keep a happy snapper like me on the right track,Once again comments taken on board and another eye opener in this vast world of photography.Thank you Aidan.
Tooth Plus
11 5.8k 227 Ireland
25 Nov 2006 1:47PM
Hi Mickael. I must admit after re-reading I thought maybe it was just coming over a different way "in the translation". Also maybe I was reading too much into it, but thanks for responding well to the comment. I do agree though that as you have it now it's just fine. Keep the uploads coming, you'll learn a lot and you can teach us a lot as well. Most of all enjoy your photography and especially your time on here Smile

24 Nov 2006 6:32PM
Hello Sir.
Thank you for your comment on my photo on Kokare Bellur. after u r comment i tried to crop the photo and removed the tree on the right. it has improved the photography a lot.
Thank you once again
with regards
24 Nov 2006 1:56PM
Hi Stephen,

I woul like to thank you for your comment and also I would like to explain myself on the comment I left. When I say: ''it means something to me, but if it does not for you, I do not take the responsabilities for it''. I agree the sentence is hard, i should have not put it this way, especially when the source of it was rather a joke then an attack to anyone. I suppose that the meaning of written words and oral words can be understant differently. Also , iam not a native Englsih...

Thank you again, I am actually going to change this comment.
Take care.

20 Nov 2006 6:09PM
Hello again Stephen,

Please do fire away with your critique. It's all valuable to me. That is in fact what I hate in edited pictures. Putting things that weren't there and this includes the mood and ambience of the scene. As a matter of fact I've just got a D80 which supports RAW but the photos I will be uploading for the time being are from the Coolpix which does not support RAW images.

Once again thanks for your feedback and do keep it coming.

Regards, Mario
19 Nov 2006 2:31PM
Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your valued comments to my first uploaded picture. As you may have read from my profile, I have not yet started editing photos using software and don't even know how. I like to get as much of what I see using the camera, the exposure modes and lens(es) available. But editing pictures in applications like Photoshop is nowadays inevitable and so I hope to start learning to do so soon.

18 Nov 2006 5:14PM
Thanks again for your critique, will keep working on the photos and try and get a better picture posted soon. Hopefully if I stick at it and start getting better I can invest in a better camera in a year or so, but until then I'll try and get the best out of what I have.

17 Nov 2006 10:55AM
Hi Stephen,

thanks for clarifying the typo, I wasn't offended, just slightly puzzled, after all when I took the picture early this year I couldn't do any better! Will keep practicing and adding photos though, Just a shame I don't get out much.

16 Nov 2006 11:34AM
Thanks for your critique on "girl on boat" It helps to have people honest opinions, I only got round to reading the instruction manual for my camera yesterday, and have only really been trying to take better pictures for the last week. I still know practically nothing about photography but hopefully I'll start improving a little now.
Robak Plus
10 6 England
14 Nov 2006 6:29AM
Thanks for your comments on A41 Hemel. I've tried burn brush using midtones 23% on the overblown sky and it worked a treat. Thanks for the help.
Dear Stephen,

Thanks for your comments. I'll certainly try your suggestions about the Bhimashankar pic.


Hi Stephen, thanks for the constructive critique i received on "Mushroom#1" it was comments like that i hoped to receive when i joined. It will really help improve my future photos.
I agree the dark area in the background is a little distracting. As for that little white blob, what a text book error! i can't beleive i missed that! haha

Liking your photos!
5 Nov 2006 3:53PM
Thanks again for your critique. I realized how poorly focused that the first one was thanks to your sharp eye. Normally i'm pretty finnicky about focus so I went back and resubmitted the best focused one. I tweeked it a little
but didn't want to loose the essence of the photo.
4 Nov 2006 8:25PM
You were right on in your observation of the lack of sharpness in this image. I went back to the set I took of this image and found much sharper images of this picture.
Thanks again
4 Nov 2006 8:02PM
Thanks For the Critique of " city of GOld" great points especially in regards to the images sharpness. In retrospect I believe that i had a few sharper images of the same shot. I'm going to go back and look. In any event thanks for taking the time to spread the knowledge
Hi Stephen - Thank you for your comments and I take on board all the comments made and hopefully the critique will engender me to produce better picsSmile
Once again thanks.
29 Oct 2006 8:55PM
Hi Stephen thanx for your comment on the rose . I will try to look at that next time. Oh yes thanx for the welcoming.
hello stephen, thanks for ur nice comments on 'looking down'. in answer to ur question, these stairs were curving down to the right. i took the pic looking vertically down. the light triangle on the right is a portion of the floor and it was included purposely to show the end of these stairs. am glad u appreciated the comp. regards, paro747.
thank you stephen. I am sure I will learn a lot from you people and become as good as you.
11 Oct 2006 5:28AM
Dear Stephen,

Good suggestion, I would follow it next time
radish Plus
10 31
9 Oct 2006 9:43PM
Hi Tooth this is Radish just a quickie to say thank you for your feedback on my portrait picture entitled Laura, I have had a few comments along similar lines and agree with the comments i have recieved, I took this shot a while ago and am pretty sure I focused for the eyes but must say I can't honestly remember. Have you had any experience with a soft focus lens before? It would be usefull to know the desired affect this type of lens produces, I made a mistake in my original text entry with the picture the shot was taken with a Canon 10D with a Canon 135mm soft focus lens. My email is rollingpancake@hotmail.co.uk
Kim Walton Plus
13 145 30 United Kingdom
28 May 2006 11:26AM
Good PF with a nice variety of shots,really like the woodlnd shots.
4 May 2006 3:51AM
Had a good time looking at your PF ,well done .
glenalva Plus
11 338 United Kingdom
5 Feb 2006 8:39PM
A treat to look through, and I've only just scratched the surface.

[REMOVED] 11 5
10 Dec 2005 8:04AM
Some really evocative pics here, your passion for the horses and love of nature comes shining through.
Born in Dublin myself so maybe thats another reason I love the landscape pics
Mari Plus
13 1.8k United Kingdom
2 Dec 2005 6:49AM
Hi Stephen, I just love to look at your wild and beautiful images of Donegal, love the pf pic!! Thanks for all your support too.

Mari Smile

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