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Dartmoor Photowalk 19 Lower White Tor & Wistman's


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Dartmoor Photowalk 19 Lower White Tor & Wistman's

22 May 2022 9:55AM   Views : 379 Unique : 191

This week the weather was going to be a challenge, whilst it was fine and dry for most of the day rain was forecast for early afternoon so I packed waterproofs and set off earlier than normal hoping to beat the rainÖ.. I had set my sights on Lower White Tor, the most central Tor in the Forrest it would be about 6 Ĺ miles round trip and weather/time permitting I intended to go into Wistmanís Wood. (Spoiler alert! I made it to Wistman's Wood).

Lower White Tor.


Wistmanís Wood.


I parked opposite the 2 Bridges Hotel and set off down the track that leads to Wistmanís Wood, I love this cottage at the end of the Newtake.


Once past the cottage I turned up towards Littaford Tors, I could see Longaford Tor in the distance with Wistmanís Wood below them.


There is a well used track that leads up to Littaford Tors and the view over to Merrivale Ranges is quite spectacular (see the flag (left of shot) on Beardown Tors indicating the rang is in use), in the far distance is Crow Tor then Rough Tor.


At the top of the track there is a convenient Stile just before Littaford Tors.


Once over the Stile I could see the expanse of Littaford Tors and its many rocky outcrops, looking back I could see the track I had followed and on through the centre, the track that links Littaford Tors to Crockern Tor.


Looking onwards I could see the remainder of the rocky outcrops and that range flag (left of shot).


Once over the crest of these rocks I could see Longaford Tor and Higher White Tor in the distance.


As I went further North I could see the clouds building, it wasnít even 10 oíclock yet, I was glad I packed my waterproofs.


Longaford Tor is a bit unusual as it has lots of vegetation cover unlike the more usual stark rocks. The weather looked decidedly better to the South.


From a distance I thought it looked like a sleeping Dinosaur. Grin


However my path lay to the North Higher White Tor and that cloud.


The wind was also building, these Ponies on the South slope of the Tor were toughing it out though, hardy animals those Dartmoor Ponies.


Once on top of Higher White Tor I could see Lower White Tor not too far away and another convenient Stile to get over the wall.


Over the Stile and onwards got me another view of Lower White Tor hiding in the centre of this wide angle shot.


There is a track although it is a wet/boggy track that leads all the way to the Tor.


I finally got up close and personal with Lower White Tor, just after 11 oíclock.


Lower White Tor is a small Tor by any standard, it wasnít long before I was on my way back towards Higher White Tor then Longaford Tor. On the way back I looked over to the East and not sure why I was surprised but I could see that skyline from Haytor Rocks along to Rippon Tor in the distance. I seem to see this now on most trips to the high moor, perhaps more because I now recognise it.


I made my way back to Longaford Tor, I found shelter from the wind under this large outcrop that I thought looked like the head of a great sentinel looking over his ground. I decided to have my lunch here.


Whilst I sat having lunch with this view of Beardown Tors with Lydford Tor in the distance,


I wondered if the weather would hold long enough for me to get into Wistmanís Wood, I set off for Littaford Tors where I would make my decision, I had plenty of time but it was the incoming rain that may be a deal breaker, by now the sky was grey in every direction.


I decided to risk it and turned West down to the wood.


I have been to Wistmanís Wood several times but until now I had not been inside just shot from the edge, I figured if it was going to rain, inside was my best option so I found my way in (not easy, much rock hopping required).


As I got deeper into the wood I remembered a news story from last year (or maybe the year before) about vandalisation of the moss on the rocks by some selfish yobbos who thought it was ok to strip off the moss to make patterns then use the moss on their fires. All I can say is they ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

I found the vandalism in question.

I just canít understand the mentality of someone who would come out to an ancient woodland to presumably enjoy it then proceed to deface itÖ.Sad


More of the vandalism.


I decided to head back to the car, intent on returning to this wood again for a specific shoot on medium format, maybe even on film (watch this space). As I broke out of the wood and started down the track I could see that weather heading my way.


It didnít look any better back the way I had come either.


The rain was just starting as I got to the car so I packed away quickly and set off home. On the way home the rain came down double speed wipers were required so once again I had been lucky out and back dry.

Thatís all for this week folks, as always, comments welcome.

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22 May 2022 9:19PM
Your descriptions seem familiar, but, for the life of me, I cannot remember if i walked some of this or not Sad
A search through the old Photo books could give me an answer Smile

A very apt reminder of how quickly the weather can alter on th High Moors.
Glad you didn't get wet,
topsyrm Plus
12 28 United Kingdom
22 May 2022 9:29PM

Quote:Your descriptions seem familiar, but, for the life of me, I cannot remember if i walked some of this or not Sad
A search through the old Photo books could give me an answer Smile

A very apt reminder of how quickly the weather can alter on th High Moors.
Glad you didn't get wet,

Thanks David.
turpa6 1 United Kingdom
25 May 2022 9:34PM
Some great pictures once again! I love the ponies they look gorgeous with there mains blowing in the wind, a well framed picture. I hate it when people think they can just go and vandalise something that has been there for many years, ask the locals down here they will tell you how long Wistman's woods have been standing! I can't figure it out. but either way the woods have been capture lovely.Smile

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