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Dartmoor Photowalk 32 The Dewerstone and Rocks


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Dartmoor Photowalk 32 The Dewerstone and Rocks

21 Aug 2022 10:06AM   Views : 394 Unique : 260

This week the weather was going to be a challenge, it started with rain but was forecast fine from mid morning to mid afternoon when thundery showers were due. I opted for an area where the weather map had least blue on it. I decided I would go from Cadover Bridge on the River Plym, follow the river until I could get across to Dewerstone Rocks. I was then going to go up the rocks to the top of The Dewerstone before heading back to Cadover Bridge via Wigford Down, hopefully staying dry.

The Dewerstone.


Dewerstone Rocks.


Once I got to the car park at Cadover Bridge the rain was just about leaving although some showers were to remain. I set off from the car park following the Public Footpath that ran through the woods on the South of the river.


The trees gave me shelter from the rain as they are quite dense. It looks to be an old woodland with some interesting trees.


I made my way down river always looking for somewhere to cross it once I got close to Dewerstone Rocks.


As I followed the track there was an old pipeline which for the most part was just under or breaking the surface of the track, quite likely an old water delivery system long disused.


There were several ruins along the way most of them appeared to be associated with the pipeline, this one was a particularly large one.


Inside was all overgrown.


It still looked solid though obviously well built.


Some of the structures weren’t so well preserved.




By now I realised that I would not be able to cross the river until Shaugh Bridge so I resigned myself to the extra mile or so it would be. I’m quite glad I did though because the car park there is also the site of the old Clay Drying Kilns which were particularly difficult to photograph as the car park was rammed, I did get a couple though abut I think an early start out of season will get me some better ones.




After reading the notice board in the car park I decided on a route to get to The Dewerstone, I crossed the river using the footbridge.


From the footbridge I could see the road bridge through the trees.


I took a closer look.


I then set off to find Dewerstone Rocks, I followed the track as per the diagram on the notice board, it was very steep and almost cobbled but with very large stones.


There were more ruins along the way.


I got to a point where I realised that if I stayed on this track I would finish up on top of The Dewerstone rather than at the rocks so I found a “path” that seemed to go the right way.


The “path” deteriorated into quite dense woodland almost like jungle.


I could make out the bottom of Dewerstone Rocks through the trees but the “path” wasn’t heading to them.


Eventually the “jungle” gave way to an old track that had some kind of way-marking although it was long past its best and absent for much of the way.


It did however get me to the base of Dewerstone Rocks, this is a popular place for climbers and there were two up there but they were in their own space so I didn’t intrude.


From here it became very challenging, it was effectively a rock climb/scramble up the “easy” side of the rocks through the vegetation covered slopes/rocks.


Onwards and upwards.


The rocks finally gave way to just vegetation and a visible track and I could now see the skyline.


Then I came out of the woods on top of The Dewerstone.


There are some magnificent views from the top.



Upper left of this shot is Plymouth Sound (that slight dip on the skyline).


I had my lunch up there before heading back towards Cadover Bridge over Wigford Down.


I passed a large ancient Settlement (the largest I have seen on the Moor) which is clearly marked on the Map, the rain clouds were now starting to build though.


Heading back over Wigford Down I looked back at The Dewerstone and the Rocks, the outskirts of Plymouth can be seen in the distance as can the mouth of Plymouth Sound.


Wigford Down is quite open with few features, following the track just outside the Newtake there were few photo ops, this tree being one of the more notable ones.


I thought this gate was worth a shot.


The final thing on my original shot list was this restored cross which is again marked on the OS Map, those rain clouds were getting closer but I did get back to the car without the need for waterproofs.


That’s all for this week folks, as always, comments welcome.

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JohnDyer Avatar
JohnDyer 17 81 2 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2022 4:58PM
Sounds like a great trek
topsyrm Avatar
topsyrm Plus
12 28 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2022 9:29PM

Quote:Sounds like a great trek

It was John, one of the best.
turpa6 Avatar
turpa6 2 United Kingdom
23 Aug 2022 4:18PM
What a fascinating walk, and a hard one! i do so love the shots from Dewerstone Rocks, you can see for miles, The climb you had to make to get to the top looked very hard to do. but worth it to get such views and excellent shots! I really like the shot of the clouds over Dewerstone Rocks, it's a cracking picture! Thank you for taking us on such a very interesting walk, and for the great shots.Wink
Imageryonly Avatar
Imageryonly Plus
3 203 11 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2022 4:18PM
Epic trip this week, Paul, had to sit and get my breathe back Smile Dewerstone Rocks I remember as I
had the crazy thought to do a little climbing, then sense took over as I was alone and no gear. so I
took a similar route to the top. If my old memory serves me right, the undergrowth was not as
dense back then and you could see much further.
Worth the effort for those views from the top, they stay with you a lifetime,

topsyrm Avatar
topsyrm Plus
12 28 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2022 5:21PM

Quote:Epic trip this week, Paul, had to sit and get my breathe back Smile Dewerstone Rocks I remember as I
had the crazy thought to do a little climbing, then sense took over as I was alone and no gear. so I
took a similar route to the top. If my old memory serves me right, the undergrowth was not as
dense back then and you could see much further.
Worth the effort for those views from the top, they stay with you a lifetime,


Thanks David, it was indeed a bit of an epic trip. As I was scrambling up the side of the rocks I did wonder if I could actually get to the top fortunately it cleared otherwise I's have been re-tracing my route down which wouldn't have been easy.

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