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Dartmoor Walk 14 Ditsworthy Warren House Plus.....


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Dartmoor Walk 14 Ditsworthy Warren House Plus.....

17 Apr 2022 9:32AM   Views : 554 Unique : 307

This week I was planning to go out to Beardown Man to see the great Menhir but the weather had other ideas, there was fog and drizzle form the start and I couldn’t see more than 50 yards on the high ground so I headed for the lower ground of the Gutter Tor valley where there was less fog and greater visibility. I went out to Ditsworthy Warren House then on to the Drizzlecombe Stone Rows. On the way back I went up Gutter Tor then around the loop road of Burrator Reservoir. Along with my Fuji X-T2s I packed my Yashica-Mat TLR loaded with Kodak Tri-x unfortunately because of the Easter Weekend I don’t have the film back yet so any B&Ws included are shot from the same place but with the X-T2.

Ditsworthy Warren House.


The Drizzlecombe Menhir (in the fog).


Although the lower ground of Gutter Tor valley had less fog then the higher ground there was still a fair bit about making visibility (and photography) difficult.


The Ponies didn’t seem to mind though.


As I followed the track out to Ditsworthy Warren House the mist came in and out in varying thickness.



As is usual on this walk the going to Ditsworthy House is very easy and it wasn’t long before I saw the house and grounds in the mist.


As I have said before this old complex was a Rabbit Farm, one of the first to be established on Dartmoor and one of the last to stop working, it has also been used for filming the epic “War Horse”.

Much of the complex is quite derelict but you can still make out the buildings and old Kennels.




This is what is left of the stepped entrance to a part of the old farm you can see the remaining lines of where the roof joined the main building.



What saddens me though is the wanton vandalism of some people who just deface anything they want to, it amazes me that someone would walk the mile or so from the nearest car park to visit an old Dartmoor piece of history then vandalise it. WTF.


If Charlie and Julie ever read this you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

After Ditsworthy Warren House I headed further North onto the Moor to the Drizzlecombe Stone Row, the mist was thicker out here. I thought some B&W shots of the stones in the mist would be good, I used my Yashica 120 TLR with Tri-X. As I said though that film is not back yet so these are shot with the X-T2 from the same place, same composition.




I had my lunch at the Drizzlecombe Stone Row in the quietness of the mist before setting off back to Ditsworthy Warren House which by now was shrouded in mist.


There was a Pony in a field just below the house again shrouded in mist.


On the way back to the car I decided to go up Gutter Tor the mist was clearing a bit.



Gutter Tor has a huge Clitter Field on its slopes.



After Gutter Tor I went back to the car and headed home. On the way I decided to stop off at Burrator Reservoir to look at a restored Chamber Barn called Lowery Barn.




I set off again heading for home but made one last stop on the road out of Burrator Reservoir to shoot some trees beside the old Quarry, I will re-visit these trees again as I think I could get better shots.



Particularly with these ones.



That’s all for this week folks, as always, comments welcome.

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turpa6 Avatar
turpa6 2 United Kingdom
17 Apr 2022 4:10PM
Another excellent set of prints! it's amazing that in such conditions you can get such good prints. but when the devotion is there you go out and do it. and such lovely old buildings up there as well, it is such a pity people have not got the respect they should have for these old buildings. That had been so well built to last all this time only to be defaced by people who could not care less, rightly so they should be ashamed of themselves! Well done for showing it! Wink
Imageryonly Avatar
Imageryonly Plus
3 203 11 United Kingdom
17 Apr 2022 8:45PM
In a country where defacement of property is considered an "" ART Form " and the
perpentrators are lauded as " Heroes " and turned into multi-millionaires, that lesser beings follow the trend?

Enjoyed the ramble again, pity the weather disn't co-operate, but, after all, this is Dartmoor Smile

topsyrm Avatar
topsyrm Plus
12 28 United Kingdom
17 Apr 2022 9:17PM

Quote:In a country where defacement of property is considered an "" ART Form " and the
perpentrators are lauded as " Heroes " and turned into multi-millionaires, that lesser beings follow the trend?

Enjoyed the ramble again, pity the weather disn't co-operate, but, after all, this is Dartmoor Smile


Thanks David.

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