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topsyrm's Blog


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  • 52 for 2014 Week 50

    Here is another shot of the old engine house on Dartmoor, Wheal Betsy. Shot in the last rays of the sun which promptly went under the western skyline. Here's a slightly tongue in cheek one where the clouds are being billowed out of the stack (...


    14 Dec 2014 10:18AM | Read


    Views : 278

  • 52 for 2014 Week 49

    There were some amazing patterns yesterday caused by the overnight freeze, this one was on the roof of my car. As always, comments welcome.


    7 Dec 2014 9:15AM | Read


    Views : 313

  • 52 for 2014 Week 48

    Big blue skies this week and at last a day out of the office. As always, comments welcome.


    30 Nov 2014 9:01AM | Read


    Views : 291

  • 52 for 2014 Week 47

    Again a Saturday last minute picture, this new job is keeping me from getting anything in the week these days. This week a trip up to Princetown to photograph the Prison in rapidly changing light, 0.3 ND Hard Grad used to hold the sky. As alwa...


    23 Nov 2014 9:11AM | Read


    Views : 350

  • 52 for 2014 Week 46

    Another Saturday afternoon last minute shot here, Burrator Reservoir looking towards Leather Tor in the distance. I had to use a 0.6 Soft ND Grad on the sky and a 0.3 Hard ND Grad on the water to hold detail in the land strip. As always, comme...


    16 Nov 2014 8:18AM | Read


    Views : 202

  • 52 for 2014 Week 45

    Another last minute shot for this week's blog. I saw this old stone shed and it's wall and thought the colour contrast of the gate set it off. As always, comments welcome.


    9 Nov 2014 9:45AM | Read


    Views : 262

  • 52 for 2014 Week 44

    Once again I was without a shot on Saturday afternoon so I went into Tavistock on a very cloudy and overcast afternoon with the idea of getting some historic biulding shots, however, on the river stretching his wings was this chap. I always have a 55...


    2 Nov 2014 9:10AM | Read


    Views : 255

  • 52 for 2014 Week 43

    Once again I found myself without a shot on Saturday so a trip into Tavistock and a walk along the river bank was needed. Here are 2 shots from that walk, 1. The Old Steps; 2. The Salmon Wier; As always, comments welcome.


    26 Oct 2014 8:47AM | Read


    Views : 295

  • 52 for 2014 Week 42

    Here I was again on Saturday afternoon with no shot in the bag because of work pressure and a dull damp misty day to boot so I got on my Bike and wenr for a ride around my local area, the first shot was within 1 mile the second oddly enough is a scen...


    19 Oct 2014 9:38AM | Read


    Views : 270

  • 52 for 2014 Week 41

    This week I thought I wasn't going to get a shot at all I haven't been able to get out of the office at all for picture taking, however, on the way to work on Friday I saw the light on this Church in Tavistock and was able to stop for a minute to tak...


    12 Oct 2014 8:36AM | Read


    Views : 376

  • 52 for 2014 Week 40

    This week I was privilaged to have a guided tour around Tyneham Village on the Army Ranges at Lulworth, culminating at Worbarrow Bay, here are some of the shots I was able to get with the gorgeous weather that we had. Worbarrow Bay St Mary'...


    5 Oct 2014 8:53AM | Read


    Views : 294

  • 52 for 2014 Week 39

    This week I was struggling having not had chance to get out so I went for a walk around the Village that I have lived in for 30+ years. I found this. Here's another from the same walk. As always, comments welcome.


    28 Sep 2014 8:51AM | Read


    Views : 259

  • 52 for 2014 Week 38

    A shot of Whacker Quay in Cornwall this week. And a B&W version. As always, Comments welcome.


    20 Sep 2014 5:50PM | Read


    Views : 223

  • 52 for 2014 Week 37

    I was on walkabout this week on Braunton Sands in North Devon and I came across this derelict boat on Crow Point. Here's another view. And another. This is the view from one of the big sand dunes in the "Burrows". As alway...


    14 Sep 2014 8:53AM | Read


    Views : 249

  • 52 for 2014 Week 36

    This week we have had some nice weather and I have had the chance to be out in it. This old Tin Mine building is in a Farmer's field so I was only able to shoot from his gate with the zoom. This is a B&W version that I think is more "period", ...


    7 Sep 2014 8:38AM | Read


    Views : 254