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I have always loved visual arts and many times I would find myself looking at photographs, paintings, and analyzing them in my mind ... I would use my different cheap snapshot cameras to try create something; to try my artistic side - however I wouldn't be too happy with the results and I knew that a (D)SLR would give me that extra power to free my mind! But what do you do when you don't have the money to buy one??

I waited ... and waited .... and waited! And the day came when Argos card 6 months interest free came into play! Smile Little I knew how much more money I would come to spend on lenses, tripod, etc. Well ... too late! I had the bug already!

I am not sorry for the investment as photography is not only my hobby, rather a tool that allows me (in my spare time) to express my view of the world; I try to express situations, to show people at their best, to portray the beauty of nature. Also, I particularly came to love B&W for its power of story telling - no color, no distraction!

I hope you enjoy my portfolio at least as much as I enjoy quite few others on this site!
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  • Posted on: Canon Launches Three New Lenses

    lol ... saying you don't need IS is like saying don't bother with tripod! hahaha
    come'on be serious!
    • 8 Feb 2012 8:35PM
  • Posted on: Canon Launches Three New Lenses

    Guys ... really!? yes, it is important to hold the camera correctly! and yes, it is also important to have IS - why not at the end of the day! it was invented for a reason and there are situations when no matter how steady you are, having IS it simply helps!

    So let's just stop this argument "IS needed vs. Holding the camera correctly" ...

    The point is that these lenses are expensive and it is disapointing that, for the price tag, they do not have IS!
    • 8 Feb 2012 4:43PM
  • Posted on: Winners of ePHOTOzine's Biggest Ever Prize Draw

    won the usb flash drive!
    well ... it is something and it's my first time ever to win anything in a draw

    congrats to the others as well
    • 11 Feb 2011 9:57AM

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