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A quick view of travis04's recent activity.

  • Oscar 2

    Thank you for the comments on my photo. I can't actually notice much noise - so I'm fairly impressed by this photo. Congratulations. A good composition, and excellent timing - captured a lovely expression. Very well done

    • 30 May 2006 5:40AM
  • Blue Sunday

    I was just browsing the portfolios section - and this one immediately jumped out at me. It's a lovely, simple composition, with good variation in blues - it's not boring in being all the same colour - which is hard! So congratulations. I'd like to disagree with Pamelajean if I may - I think the figure goes nicely in the centre. I don't know what it would be like to have a vertical shot, with the figure filling slightly more of the frame maybe? Just a suggestion really.

    Very nice work - well done.
    PS> How did you actually add the blue tint? Was it filter, or on the computer. I don't really know much about either to be honest. All my computer manipulation is a bit pants really when it comes down to it - I'd welcome your advice. Similarly if it was a filter - I have a compact camera, and I'm sure there must be some sort of filter thing for it somewhere - but I need some help choosing the right ones - or what they actually do!
    • 27 May 2006 11:07AM
  • Chimney

    I like this one - it's excellent. Very minimalist, and the tones of the sky seem to appropriately suggest a polluted atmosphere. I like the way that the clouds form a symmetrical pattern, that lead the eye to the chimney - well composed in that aspect.

    The only problem I have with the composition is that it has a couple of telephone lines at the bottom which detract from the sihouette. I small amount of photoshopping would probably remove this. It might be nice to see a bit more silhouette from the rest of the building too - just a thought.

    I'd like to know when it was taken - I haven't seen many skies like that for a long time!!

    Anyway ... congratulations
    • 22 May 2006 6:53AM
  • Bancoora Beach #1

    What's a KOOD filter - please excuse my ignorance, but I only deal with a compact - so not much facility for applying filters! That said, do you (or anyone else adding to this photo) know of any places that supply filter attachment gismos for a compact. I have heard about them, but never actually found any. I might need to have a rigourous Google search - I'd welcome your advice in what's best!

    Anyway ... slight deviation! I do like this shot very much. Very well composed with a great, warm atmosphere. However, I wonder whether the colours are just a bit too warm for the brooding sky. I seem to be going against the trend here, but I feel maybe if it were in black and white, with a bit of fiddling with contrast and brightness levels, it might seem more appropriate for the scene. Only a suggestion - please let me know what you think

    Anyway ... congratulations on an excellent photo - very impressed.
    • 22 May 2006 6:48AM
  • Black Rock Cottage 2...

    Truly lovely shot
    • 7 May 2006 2:32AM
  • Stichi

    I like it - it's quite cute. I just feel that the flower bed type thing in the top left hand corner is a little distracting to the shot. Is there any way that you could crop it out (which might give greater impact on the dog) or manipulate it out. It just seems a shame that with the light pavement, the dog stands out quite nicely, but is forced to compete with the darkness of that bed. Very nice depth of field and great colour! Well done
    • 16 Jun 2007 8:32AM
  • Bird brain

    Impressive! How long did that take?! Love it! Well done!
    • 16 Jun 2007 8:29AM

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