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24/07/2009 - 10:55 AM

forget me not

forget me notThe colours are beautiful but spoiled by the background. If you could take a cutting and experiment with different coloured cards behind the flowers then you're on to a winner. Or maybe get really low and shoot upwards towards a blue sky....
Up the Stairs or Through the TunnelUp the stairs or through the tunnel? I would like to get closer before i decide. If you were closer and captured the textures of the stonework it would add far more appeal to me. As it is there is nothing leading the eye into the scene.....
22/07/2008 - 9:03 PM


ColdIts not really expressing cold and winter to me but think a couple of tweeks can bring it to life. Checking the histogram showed the image could be pepped up by moving the slider along to bring out the whites of the frost.
Ive uploaded a mod, i added some sharpenning which really improves the textures and detail, i also thought the image needed a bit of depth to it so blurred all but one section in the bottom right and then added a vignette to the corners so the eye is drawn in to the textures. hope you like it.....
22/07/2008 - 8:45 PM

Llandudno Pier

Llandudno PierAll i think it needs compositionally is a crop to remove the bottom right which has no rocks, this makes it more of a panorama.
Being black and white it needs plety of contrast so ive boosted it a little and i think the mod has improved it. I dont count this as digital manipulation just a levels adjustment.
The contrast could have been improved in camera as the image is a little overexposed, by winding down the exposure 1 stop before pressing the shutter would have helped....
12/07/2008 - 10:56 AM

In Hiding

In HidingI like the pose, and the eye is sharp.
The hands are overexposed though. It looks like you have used flash so you can go into the camera menu and turn the flash power down, or you can stick a piece of grease proof paper over the flash and this will difuse the light just as well.
The flash has also caused quite a dark reflection on the wall, you could have put a bit of tin foil to the left of your model to bounce some light behind the head. I will upload a mod which darkens the image and also make the background black, its just another option.
Keep up the good work..
11/07/2008 - 5:59 PM

pedal in time

pedal in timeYou dont say if you used an Auto mode or manual settings on the camera so its difficult to give a detailed critique.
First i will point out what i think are the bad points and what could have been done to rectify them.
You have used a fast shutter speed to freeze the biker but not panned with him to add enough of a motion blur you have tagged 'speed ' but i'm not sensing speed in this picture, there is blurring on the edges but it looks more like lens distortion to me as the middle of the hedge shouldnt be in focus.
The scene is over exposed, especially the shirt and sky.
Its difficult with such bright light and it may be impossible to expose with such light, all you can do at the time is set the exposure off a mid grey object in the scene, this will give good exposures for the mid tones and you could crop out the sky. There is also lens flare above the cyclists head which could have been minimised with a lens hood.
I dont think its an easy picture for anyone to capture in one go as there is speed to emphasise and the difficult lighting to try and tame. The important thing is to review the image on the LCD and check the histogram if the camera has one. In this instance the histogram would have shown an overexposed image and you could have corrected it.
Hope ive not been too harsh, look forward to seeing more images..
30/05/2008 - 9:30 PM

vibrant colour

vibrant colourFor me there is too much clutter, my eye is drawn all over the frame. The leaves look washed out, its difficult to see any tonal changes in the petals from one to another, this could be because it was taken in harsh sunlight so could be improved by increasing shutter speed or take the picture again at a different time.
To try and de clutter the image you could set your fuji to max optical zoom then move towards the flower to fill the frame, this will give you a shallower depth of field, focus on the centre of the flower and be prepared to change the exposure level until you capture something with different shades of pink. Sorry if i'm too critical....
24/05/2008 - 12:03 AM

Ollie and Nic

Ollie and NicBouncing the flash up at nothing will not add any fill in flash. It looks like flash was not necessary although if you had fired flash directly at just half power or with a difuser attached then it would have added a nice catch light in their eyes. Other than that i like this portrait, a sideways stance looking at the camera is a flattering pose and you have captured a shot they will definately put in a frame...
23/05/2008 - 5:37 PM


NEEDLE MACROThe needle has been captured perfectly with the eye being nicely in focus and some of the texture of the thread being captured. The only part i dont really like is the bottom half of the picture as i don't know what it is and it distracts my eye.
A suggestion would be to have the needle sticking into a cotton reel and the thread from the reel coming into the eye of the needle, i would try again with the black background as it contrasts really well...
20/05/2008 - 8:25 PM

Wedding of the Year

Wedding of the YearIt would be helpful to know what your camera settings were. It looks like the camera has metered for the overall average of the scene which has made the blacks too black and the whites too white. The mid tone of the wall and floor surface have exposed correctly. Luckily you have shot in RAW so you can blend two converted RAW files together in photoshop by increasing exposure on one picture to bring some detail back into the blacks and decreasing exposure for the second shot to bring life back to the dress. Unfortunately detail can't always be brought back but its worth a try. You could have taken the shot by using spot metering on the dress and used fill in flash to show some texture on the blacks.