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Welcome to my photos, I hope you enjoy them.
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  • Robinson Crusoe Island - Fiji

    Thinking of the day we can go away again.
    • 16 Feb 2021 5:17PM
  • Cabo San Lucas

    Those were the days one could go cruising. I miss them. This show was taken from another cruise ship in the bay.
    • 5 Oct 2020 5:01PM
  • You cant see me

    Lockdown hair Smile
    • 18 Sep 2020 10:55AM
  • Homeworking

    Ha, cat and mouse Smile
    • 17 Sep 2020 5:15PM
  • The Vincent Thomas Bridge, Port of Los Angeles

    Agreed, and thank you for your user award. Its really mostly a container port, but the bridge adds something to it. I have daylight shots also, which will post at some point Grin
    • 11 Sep 2020 11:22PM
  • Lion Portrait

    The animal AF works exceptionally well and the resolution is spectacular. Except on Tigers where the spots can confuse it sometimes. One of those tomorrow.
    • 11 Sep 2020 11:18PM
  • Ilfracombe bay

    Quote:Just visiting? Tis where I live.
    The bay we call Cheyne beach.
    Lantern hill, the little chapel on the top, once was home to a family with 13 children, in times gone by.
    Quite a regular dog walk round Capstone for me.

    Yes, we had a long weekend there. We went out to Lundy for the day. A lot of mist that weekend. Didnít see the puffins because of it. The day we took this picture it was very misty in Ilfracombe, we sat outside the chapel for several hours watching the scenery change. Great day.

    I used to go to north Devon as a child on family holidays, in Kentisbury Grange, when it used to be a caravan site. Great times.
    • 9 Sep 2020 12:13AM
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