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A quick view of TrevorB's recent activity.

  • Sun river

    I really like the tones and lighting here. Great shot!
    • 1 Feb 2013 4:32PM
  • Whitby from halfway up the 199 steps

    I like the colours. The stairs and the railing work very well to lead the eye into the frame. Good choice of viewpoint and perspective.
    • 29 Jan 2013 5:01PM
  • Break It.....

    I like the dark tones in this photo. I would like to see more of the red fabric though. Maybe a vertical composition would allow you to include the rest of it. Great shot!
    • 29 Jan 2013 4:51PM
  • Sunset

    I don't find the brightness too bad either. I think the cloud on the left helps to balance it. As Sylvia said though, you could try to lighten the left a bit. The horizon looks tilted very slightly counter-clockwise but overall I think it's a good shot.
    • 27 Jan 2013 5:34PM
  • Daria

    I like the pose. Lighting is really nice too. The clothing and location are quite interesting, and of course the model is beautiful...what's not to like!
    • 27 Jan 2013 5:12PM
  • Siberian village

    Nice environmental portrait. It's easy to see that it was somewhat cold there, with all the steam rising from the pig, and the clothing the men are wearing. The similar expressions and postures of the men help the photo. The only thing I would have done differently would be to shoot horizontally and maybe get a bit closer. I think the main subjects would have fit better in a horizontal frame. However, it's still an interesting shot.
    • 27 Jan 2013 4:15PM
  • Welsh Winter

    Great shot. Very well balanced. Of course, the dramatic sky and it's reflection help too!
    • 27 Jan 2013 4:01PM

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