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A quick view of tricky66's recent activity.

  • Farm in the Mist, Peak District

    Nature at its very best, well done on a great image, beautiful.
    • 10 Nov 2015 7:48PM
  • Seascape at Beaumaris

    I think this lovely image is crying out for a hefty top to bottom crop to really stretch out that panorama. As good and striking as the sky is, the boats make the image, so I personally would emphasise that .
    • 24 Oct 2015 6:38PM
  • Faded splendour

    I love the tones on this !!
    • 24 Oct 2015 6:35PM
  • Kler

    superb work throughout your portfolio.
    • 25 Apr 2013 7:10PM
  • Dubai at Speed

    Brilliant, absolutely spot on.
    Love it, get it on your wall now!Smile
    • 25 Apr 2013 6:09PM
  • Maschera due

    Would like to see the colour version if you have one.
    I can imagine this is a riot of colour and detail, fab detail as to be expected with the d3.
    • 12 Apr 2013 10:32AM
  • Emilie

    Ref working on the background I think the dark area on the right adds to the overall effect of drawing the eye to the face and frames the girl.
    Like my portraits this is semi candid and not a posed studio shot so has 100% realism which I prefer and which works really well.
    Well done, fine as it is!
    • 4 Apr 2013 7:08AM
  • A cracking pf Pete, imaginative, diverse, colourful and above all fun. Just as it should be, keep it up, I watch with interest.


    • Posted on Goggz's profile
    • 26 Jul 2007 8:31PM
  • Funny old site this is at times. You have some excellent images here and yet little in the way of clicks. Would'nt go on clicks personally, more on the quality of the comments.
    Your "Take off" is superb!!

    Keep it up Stew

    • Posted on bfgstew's profile
    • 3 Dec 2006 10:01AM
  • tut tut, negative attitudes like that get you no where!! lol... you have a good eye with your portrait work Jim, some superb captures and an excellent pf..
  • Ben
    A pleasure to browse your pf, superb captures.
    Fighting swans is excellent and my fave.

    Keep clickin

  • Quite a portfolio Joe. I am suprised a lot of your images have not received more clicks!

  • Hi Angie
    Cool name and a very cool portfolio. Like your creativity, style and techniques.
    Thanks for making a comment on my mono one leaves, am very much in the early stages of playing with PS.

  • Excellent pf John and I like your little ditty about life. You do the D70 justice.Stunning and beautiful sky scapes, a man after my own heart.
  • What an excellent portfolio, give up the insurance game mari!

    • Posted on Mari's profile
    • 28 Nov 2006 10:40PM
  • Thanks for clicking Shan, glad you did.
    Excellent portfolio!

  • Hi Grainge and thanks for your comment on my Ascend or Escape.
    Yep it is the new hangar at Cosford, only in Wolves myself, what else to do on a dull Sunday afternoon in Nov eh? Not like we can just pop down to the beach!!

    Your PF is mighty impressive, fantastic colours and detail.

    All the best