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  • Jessica by Brightonian

    Simply outstanding!! Like all your portraits!
    • 13 Oct 2011 10:28AM
  • Night, Night, Angel ... by sut68

    Feel very sorry, Paul. Hope you are doing fine. Time heals all wounds...
    Wish you all the best!

    • 21 Dec 2010 8:06PM
  • Hermitage Pools ... by sut68

    Exellent capture of the Fall! My award goes to you!

    • 5 Nov 2010 10:24AM
  • Whitley Bay Beacon ... by sut68

    Fantastic shot, mate! Congrats on all possible awards you got! Smile

    • 9 Sep 2010 8:06AM
  • Dales Days End ... by sut68

    This is even better than the last one, Paul! Congrats on another HC, probably the 100th or close to? Wink

    • 20 Aug 2010 6:42PM
  • Bough Burst ... by sut68

    Such a great light! Reminds me a shot from last year. Only there were little layers of snow instead of layers of light on the rocks. Fantastic photograph of fantastic place!

    • 16 Aug 2010 7:22PM
  • *** by tumienis

    Thanks for noticing this, Paul. I will keep that in mind. Looking through the window now, lots of lighting and thunder, plus great great light... However, so busy these days, that I only can dream of going for some nature photography... Sad
    • 16 Aug 2010 7:13PM
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  • Posted on sut68's profile

    Paul, you should publish your own book! Every time I see your new photograph - it is always top quality. The light, the composition, the processing. Your gallery is just outstanding!
    • 29 Apr 2009 6:56AM
  • Posted on sut68's profile

    Your gallery is at the highest level! Amazing work you do! Would love to have such a teacher...
    • 5 Sep 2008 10:41PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Stunning portfolio! Just love it! Very strong and moody pictures!
    • 12 Jul 2008 11:16PM
  • Posted on Kris_Dutson's profile

    Amazing amazing amazing! Some of your shots are trully outstanding! Really love your work!

    • 5 Jul 2008 10:14AM
  • Posted on rusmi's profile

    Amazing photographs!

    • 23 Apr 2008 7:49AM
  • Posted on LesF's profile

    amazing portfolio!
    • 22 Apr 2008 9:22AM
  • Posted on Sezz's profile

    Lovely portfolio! love the pictures of castles alot!
    • 19 Apr 2008 11:01PM
  • Posted on vulkan's profile

    Love your works, Alex! lovely portfolio!

    • 8 Apr 2008 9:42PM

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