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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • plant from drips

    nice use of bokeh
    • 25 Mar 2007 2:23AM
  • Babyface

    drawn on eyebrows?
    • 12 Feb 2007 12:34AM
  • Opening mima

    asif i missed the opening night
    • 31 Jan 2007 9:25PM
  • Bad Hair Day

    did you get this shot at flamingo land?

    there was loads of ducks like that but only one had feathers on its head like that
    • 30 Dec 2006 5:01AM
  • Silent Night

    whitby, i tryed to get a shot like that last weekend but turned out horrible

    tryed with as many different settings as i could think of and it just didnt work for me

    im jealous !
    • 29 Dec 2006 6:33PM
  • Roseberry Topping

    a geography teacher at my school has a shot just like this hung up in her classroom

    its amazing
    • 29 Dec 2006 6:38PM
  • Sun & Sand Dunes.

    lovely girl
    • 29 Dec 2006 6:39PM
  • Relaxation King

    ahh rizzla reds are awful, you should try roor skins or ocb slim, theyre the best

    or even better neither n get a blunt on the go
    • 12 Jan 2007 5:52PM
  • howling in black a white

    • 4 May 2007 11:34PM
  • *

    awesome colours
    • 14 Apr 2007 12:15PM
  • Fat suit

    hahah the one on the right is amazingly detailed. but to my eyes.. too detailed. i now dont want to eat the rest of my breakfast
    • 24 Mar 2007 10:07AM
  • Roseberry Topping

    are you from round teesside?

    i still need to get up to roseberry toppin but as i dont drive and cba riding a bike up their again.

    im gna have to wait till summer when i know i can trek without gettin frozen to death lol
    • 22 Dec 2006 12:49AM
  • sax glamour

    that must be abit cold down there!

    great photo though, love the idea
    • 16 Dec 2006 12:04PM
  • Am I close enough yet?

    hahah thats great!!!
    • 12 Mar 2007 8:12PM
  • BeatDown

    nice array of colours and i dont quite know what settings you used but when i used to go for shots like that my settings were

    iso - 100
    shutter speed of 1-2 seconds
    • 11 Mar 2007 12:56PM
  • Sara 3

    • 26 Feb 2007 10:29PM
  • Hutton Rudby

    my ex girlfriend lives there

    ugh, bad memorys, but a lovely shot
    • 29 Dec 2006 6:31PM
  • Such Great Heights

    Everything looks perfect from far awaayy (8)
    • 23 Feb 2007 2:11AM
  • Don't Forget Me...

    you have lovely eyes
    • 19 Feb 2007 2:57AM
  • Light Trails

    i think the only editing ive done to it is resizing and sharpening,
    but i had the saturation on my fuji set as high
    • 19 Dec 2006 12:27AM

    shes a pretty girl. thats who
    • 19 Feb 2007 9:27PM
  • Girl

    how about bad hair day?

    or bed head?
    • 15 Feb 2007 4:04PM
  • Love in Roma

    i love portraits like this

    was it edited?
    if so was the contrast boosted then saturation lowed or anything like that?

    please pm the method you used as ive seen other people use the same method and it sometimes "makes" some portrait shots
    • 15 Feb 2007 4:26PM
  • Cheeky

    great view
    • 25 Jan 2007 5:21PM
  • Descent

    a very pretty face
    • 19 Jan 2007 10:53PM
  • London Eye at Night

    tom barnes has a shot really similiar to this, but not the same

    if you havent seen his work before then you have a good eye
    • 17 Jan 2007 9:18PM
  • Denise

    very attractive model
    • 11 Jan 2007 10:45PM
  • *

    mint this
    • 19 Mar 2007 11:40PM
  • cutting edge

    i had that phone till yesterday. it stopped working then wouldent turn on n i got really pissed and threw it at the wall, you can guess what happened, but now i have the sensor out of the camera on it strapped to my new phone LOL

    great shot though, love it
    • 7 Jan 2007 10:18PM

    yeah well im the eggman Tongue

    great shot!
    • 7 Jan 2007 11:52AM