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TwistedHearts's Blog


I'm a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Serious Hobbyist. I enjoy art for art's sake! Feel free to visit me on all other sites and not just this one. I don't upload everything here Smile.

Find me on: Blogger, DeviantArt, Esty, FaceBook, MySpace, RedBubble, Shadowness, Tumblr, Twitter, Zazzle

All my images are taken and copyrighted by me, there are not to be redistributed unless given explicit permission from me.
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  • Holidays! <3

    This time of year always makes me happy! The Christmas lights, music, and decorations are just a few things about it... Oh, and hot cocoa ;D. Not like I need the weather to be colder to drink hot cocoa, it just leaves people not asking questions fo...0

    25 Nov 2012 2:46AM  |  Read


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  • Won a "VS" contest?

    I won a "VS" contest with my photo "My Muse." I'm not sure what that means or how it happened, but I'm excited! :D Does anyone know how those things work?0

    1 Oct 2012 7:45PM  |  Read


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  • Time Flies.

    I'm always so shocked at how time flies. It feels like just yesterday I began photography, but I've actually been doing it as a hobby for over 3 years now. Shocking!!! I hope time slows down a little bit for me... get to enjoy things more and lear...0

    16 Aug 2012 5:24PM  |  Read


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  • I'm Back!

    Hey, everyone! I thought I would update everyone :D. I finally graduated college and am so excited to be done with it! Next step is finding a job, but in the mean time... I'm going to enjoy my time and sharing my art with all of you! I hope y...0

    12 Jul 2012 8:37PM  |  Read


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  • It's Been A Long Time.

    I felt like it was about time to say something else! I've been on the site for awhile now, it's time I updated a bit lol. Anyways, I'm almost finished with school, that's why I haven't been as active. This does not mean that I have quit photog...0

    29 Jun 2011 5:03AM  |  Read


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  • 4 months!

    Wow! I've been on EPZ for 4 months now. I have completely enjoyed my stay, and I love the experiences I've had here. There are so many wonderful and kind people who really make this site so enjoyable. I hope to have many more months to come h...0

    18 Oct 2010 7:45PM  |  Read


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