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Bantu 7 7 1 India
29 Sep 2015 5:53AM
Lovely captures.

2 Oct 2013 11:25PM
silverfoxey 12 17 2 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2013 8:45AM
Great variety of subjects in your PF Ty, I will come back and look again, to look further at your work. Thank you for your votes. regards JamesGrin.
18 Apr 2013 5:16PM
You have a wonderfully eclectic mix of images in your pf Super workSmile
TONKSPHOTO 11 2 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2013 1:39AM
Brilliant people photography Ty Chee
Regards John
Hi..Ty ' Thanks your comment..I like LuSy's game series
forfarlass Junior Member 8 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2013 1:00AM
A wonderful collection of interesting work . Well worth the visit xx
21 Mar 2013 7:39AM
... thank you Ty ...
... you got quite a nice collection here ... lovely portrait work and conceptual shots ...

thanx ... take care
warm regards
bagman 10 65 United States
12 Dec 2011 4:24AM
A quality detail exciting diverse collection of interesting photo,s. I can appreciate your splendid work even with it being out of my comfort zone.
I enjoyed your p/f and look forward to seeing more.
Doul 12 5 Scotland
30 Mar 2011 3:21PM
Thanks for the comment and may I say you have a great Portfolio of work.


Derek Noble
taggart Plus
16 47 14 United States
29 Mar 2011 1:42AM
MMmmmmmmmtough looking guy on your PF image-- looks great!
stu8 12 6 Wales
22 Oct 2010 3:43PM
great portfolio, first class, will be keeping an eye on your work.
greatings from wales
27 Jun 2010 7:25AM
wow, excellent photos
Maxtours 11 2 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2010 4:39PM
A really fascinating portfolio, plenty of interest and detail to look at. Will be dipping in from time to time to have a better look - I could spend half my life on this site!
jmoran 11 Germany
24 Feb 2010 12:59AM
Thank you for your comments. I hope to add much more soon.
Your Gallery is very impressive.

Greetings from Ireland.
Delbon 13 4 England
26 Jan 2010 12:43PM
Some fantastic work Ty its been a pleasure looking through your portfolio some of it is simply outstanding - thank you for your vote
banny 12 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2010 12:47AM
thanks for your comment means alot to me ,looked at your gallery a while ago think its great
LilyWren 11 7 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2010 1:33PM
Beautiful portfolio Ty.
Many thanks for visiting mine!

cleg 11 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2010 3:04AM
Hi super shot well done. Cleg.
3 Dec 2009 5:36PM
Great article Ty, I remember this so well and followed your progress, it was better than Sky News..... lol. Well done on the article. Very well written too.

helen x
Luciajo 12 8 United Kingdom
8 Sep 2009 2:00PM
Thanks for your vote, your PF is very interesting and what a lovely place to live, some wonderful views I'm envious!

Phil_Nunez 12 21 United Kingdom
25 May 2009 6:22PM
Interesting folio, really enjoyed viewing your work, great urban shots.
abi2312 13
25 May 2009 5:41PM
Thanks for your comments its good for me to reiceve good comments from you as your photographs are good i shall try to look at my subject in other ways and get a more interesting shot thanks
stevic 12 132 England
23 May 2009 11:40PM
I really appreciate your comments on my stuff, especially as your PF as so many great images - I feel honoured. Especially love Helsinki hat lady.

GeorgeMSmith 12 4 6 United States
10 May 2009 10:43PM
Ty, Thanks for stopping by my pf. There are so many excellent photographers on EPZ that often I must see the handles so I can find the good ones. Your PF is inspining and I will be back.
SJM 14 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2009 11:22AM
Thankyou for your comment its much appreciated, ive never been to New York however its on me and my wife to do list, we will get there one day.
Headless 12 18 4 United Kingdom
9 Mar 2009 1:39PM
Terrific pf, ty
PattiW 15 24 2 United States
9 Mar 2009 12:04PM
New York! What a fantastic place for variety! You have such a varied array of subject matter in your PF, I never tire of perusing it! Simply wonderful!
8 Mar 2009 12:45PM
hi ty appreciate your coments word up bro pk
paulashby 12 10 1 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2009 6:15PM
As most people think a great set of pictures and thank you for looking at my stuff.
5 Mar 2009 3:07AM
Good portfolio
27 Feb 2009 10:49PM
Thanks Ty for your comment, just had a look through your photos really good work well done.
JoeWozza 12 2 England
26 Jan 2009 10:08PM
Hey their ty thank's alot for the comments on a few of my photo's ive had a look through your'e Pf and their is some really stunning images well done.
Also couldn't help notice that your'e a nikon user was wondering if you could give me a bit of advise on a good Zoom or telephoto lense.
Thank's Joe
RAUL 12 Italy
10 Jan 2009 10:11PM
Beautiful portfolio.
certx 14 415 1 United States
9 Jan 2009 4:24PM
I always enjoy looking at your portfolio. Very nice. I only wish I had more time for working on my own photographic improvement.

churchill123 17 233 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2008 10:57PM
Beautiful & interesting Portfolio
Mynett 13 142 6 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2008 9:02AM
wonderful and so interesting
Ian-Munro 13 200 15 Wales
29 Dec 2008 2:28PM
Great browse and a superb website.

KennyG 12 Belgium
4 Dec 2008 10:23AM
What an incredible portfolio!

You have some amazing shots here - will keep looking for some of your new posts.


Koert 13 36 Netherlands
24 Oct 2008 8:15PM
Beautiful portfolio!
It's a pleasure to look at, especially your "walk in the woods" series.
Ray42 13 3 England
27 Sep 2008 6:40PM
Phew what a port folio - I have spent ages going through it. A great variety of different work and as doctorbee says above - great to learn from. What settings did you use for NYC Meet Up 6? And I suppose you used a tripod? The static images are so sharp, but then allow for the motion blur.
Your portraits were stunning (as were all your work) and I particularly liked your pictures of Emilie
11 Sep 2008 10:08AM
Nice PF.
31 Aug 2008 10:07AM
franfoto 13 2 32 England
24 May 2008 3:49PM
Great portfolio Ty with much variation and interest. Visiting has been a rewarding and pleasurable experience. Keep up the excellent work.
tmann 16 4 2 United States
14 May 2008 5:41PM
Wow, what an excellent variety of top notch photos!
It was a pleasure looking theough your portfolio!
Thanks for sharing!
doctorbee 13 1 United Kingdom
11 May 2008 10:46PM
wow your work is amazing! and so varied! great to learn from!
gerrymac 14 10 1 United Kingdom
10 May 2008 1:03PM
Superb work Ty,Excellent p/f
User_Removed 14 11 11 United Kingdom
2 May 2008 6:46AM

A stunning portfolio, a real pleasure to look through with such a diverse range of subject matter. Keep on uploading the images.


Chris C
29 Apr 2008 3:02PM
Great shot, she looks so happy
peterboyce 13 1 England
28 Apr 2008 11:14PM
ty after looking through your portfolio i've come to the conclusion that i have a hell of a long way to go,if i want to produce pictures like yours,you have some cracking shots....peter
gossyboy 13 460 United Kingdom
27 Apr 2008 6:03PM
Some wonderful portraits and excellent angels on the buildings.............
14 Apr 2008 8:23PM
Enjoyed your Pf. There are attributes in your work I enjoy, music and the ability to look-up and appreciate all around you. LOL Thanks for posting your work. - Martin
tdc 13 39 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2008 1:34PM
You have some stunning shots of some amazing subjects and really varied as well. It's an inspiration.

photophantom 13 108 3 Philippines
24 Mar 2008 2:42AM
Hi Ty,
My deep gratitude to you Sir.
ISA 13
20 Mar 2008 1:30PM
i love the steps
3 Mar 2008 12:39AM
love the work....
photophantom 13 108 3 Philippines
26 Feb 2008 3:46AM
Hi Ty,

Let me describe your masterpieces in one word.


jdh2 15 1 1 United States
27 Jan 2008 10:17PM
great portfolio, you have a wonderful eye

10 Jan 2008 6:44AM
fantastic photos,great work
phil87 13 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2008 4:42PM
Great P/F love your Road Trip Images,( Ansel Adams country)

davecar 15 3 United Kingdom
29 Dec 2007 10:43AM
don't know how long you where on your road trip but you have some amazing images well worth the effort of all that driving
Steven_Tyrer 14 69 Wales
15 Dec 2007 11:53AM
Top rate portfolio enjoyed looking, keep up the good work
microchip 14 1 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2007 8:09PM
Superb portfolio many wonderful images glad I stopped in passing well done'Alan
looboss 14 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
27 Oct 2007 7:40PM
As posumm says, I hope this too serves a s an all mighty giant CLICK and vote of confidence for your lovely work, keep it up!
Possum 14 148 England
23 Oct 2007 9:59PM
Ty, I am so sorry to have missed so many of your wonderful images. This has to serve as a giant click for them all. For me, your architectural images are without equal.
trollyd 14 1
16 Oct 2007 11:59PM
Thankyou for your comments.Love your portfolio.
julz555 13 United States
5 Oct 2007 5:21AM
I wanted to thank you for your comment. Your pictures are lovely.
Leebo 14 2 United Kingdom
26 Sep 2007 7:36PM
Your work constantly amazes me. Stunning.
9-11 will never be forgot, very fitting series.
God Bless
MDaniel 14 3 3 Ghana
21 Sep 2007 11:20AM
Great series on 9/11 spot on. o much has been said so I just left my votes
KKmoments 15 12 1 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2007 11:11PM
Your images are all wonderful, each with a tale to tell, but after a 'short break' to return and watch your tale of 9/11 unfold was amazing.
Thank you for sharing your personal collection and the wonderful 'history' accompanying us on journey through such a tragic event.
An outstanding tribute.
Karen Smile
RobinChapman 15 63 Scotland
14 Sep 2007 4:10PM
Just in from the Gym.I was listening to Bruce Springsteen "City In Ruins" & "You're Missing" they both brought you 9/11 images to mind.
2 songs that captured the moment in my opinion.

Eviscera 15 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
8 Sep 2007 5:07PM
You have mastered so many styles in your p.f!
Each one is pure pleasure to view and take in.

LesF 14 182 9
27 Aug 2007 4:59PM
Stunningly beautiful images in your portfolio Ty. Always a pleasure to view.

Les F
awsome pf...very detailed
It was a pleasure looking through your portfolio. You have the most interesting images. Thanks Damo
6 Aug 2007 8:49AM
Your PF is amazing, a real joy to look through.

25 Jul 2007 5:30PM
Hello there, I just wanted to thank you for always leaving me the most amazing feedback on my photos. I always look forward to hearing from you =)
Squirrel 14 471 7 England
23 Jul 2007 6:17PM
I have learnt so much about composition from looking at your work. Thank you
bobalot 14 10 England
15 Jul 2007 12:32AM
welcome back Ty , nice to see your great shots again.

best regards Bob
derekv 14 3 England
11 Jul 2007 5:41PM
Nice one Ty - Really like your PF
jaspernina 14 1.0k Wales
13 Jun 2007 1:09AM
Great PF Ty. You have a varied selection of images on different subjects. Well done.


brownsilent 14 7 2 United Kingdom
26 May 2007 4:36PM
Your portfolio is stunning. First there were the cars, then you added some people and now you're into architecture. What ever you do- it is outstanding. Very interesting portfolio with excellent pictures.
mystify 14
17 May 2007 3:58AM
I took a look at your portfolio and you have some really great photos! Many have a very unique perspective as well as really good compostions.Well done.
12 May 2007 11:33PM
Ty, I think you have the most stunning images in your PF. I love the inventiveness and polished ease of your shots (esp. the New York ones).
Mac - a big fan!
27 Apr 2007 6:27PM
Ty, just spent some time viewing your portfolio. Excellent!!
limmy62 Plus
14 12 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2007 11:41PM
Hi Ty
Just spent a few minutes viewing your PF and have found it
really interesting...particularly like the 'quackers' series, and the tour of Philly......keep up the great work.
RobbieC 14 9 England
12 Apr 2007 9:54PM
thanks for the comment you posted. i looked at your pf straight away and am blown away by the detail of your pictures. i just hope i can evolve into a great photographer such as yourself.
Rob from over the pond
kevski 14 14 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2007 6:36PM
Great portfolio Tychee.Excellent banner aswell,those lights are awesome.
All the best.
Ridgeway 14 222 2 Ireland
21 Mar 2007 11:13AM
TyChee,thank you for your compliment,after looking at your pf its a big one,got myself a coffee sat down and enjoyed looking at your pf,regards from Ireland,I am off to Ohio in August and am looking forward to filling a few memory cards and "deleting half of them,ha ha"
11 Mar 2007 8:07PM
Had another look at your portfolio and it's pretty impressive in quality and variety. Great. JNC
sparklep 14 146 1
2 Mar 2007 8:10PM
Your pictures are a real inspiration to me, and I have only just started with digital. My Nikon seems still complicated to me...but I am trying to get the hang of it.
A PF to be proud of Ty !! Keep it up ... Bert
Mrtaz30 15 2 United States
25 Feb 2007 9:37AM
Excellent have some wonderful images to look at...

27 Nov 2006 1:56PM
wow great photos! i think you are not an amateur, unlike me, aren't you? it is soooooo obvious in your portfolio Smile...what struck me most was what you wrote: that most people comment that your photos do not have people in them...
me too, i get the same comments Smile...but nowadays i am trying to take facial photos.
25 Oct 2006 9:44AM
Great work, thank you.
KingArthur 14 8 Malta
16 Oct 2006 9:01AM
Lovely gallery TyChee
25 Sep 2006 11:51PM
I Like your work very much, I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself browsing through your gallery to the point where I lost track of time and was getting the look from the wife...

More Please...

Andrew (Salem666)
JohnH37 14 1 United Kingdom
25 Sep 2006 3:39PM
Excellent portfolio.Nice variety of images.Like your manipulated photos as well.

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