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Many thanks for taking the time to view and, perhaps, comment on my images. I hope you'll drop by again and hopefully the odd image may make you want to get out there and find new locations to capture the light. Perhaps we'll bump into each other Grin

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A quick view of Tynnwrlluniau's recent activity.

  • Loch Venacher

    Beautiful tones and sense of tranquility, Paul
    • 6 Mar 2021 10:54PM
  • Single to Barmouth

    Wonderful image. The best Iíve seen from here👏
    • 6 Mar 2021 10:48PM
  • Curves and Hills

    Magnificent shot, Ed. Many congratulations.
    • 6 Mar 2021 10:41PM
  • Peace in the receding tide

    Beautiful interplay of light, shadow and colour.
    • 17 Feb 2021 1:36PM
  • Loch Venacher

    Wonderful image, Paul.
    • 17 Feb 2021 1:33PM
  • Double trouble

    Excellent image.and the long exp has worked so well.
    • 17 Feb 2021 1:32PM
  • Beauty in Decay

    Great image, Paul. I saw that rock and recognised it immediately. I have a portrait image of the rock and falls with Bla Bheinn in the background. No sheep skull though. You’ve taken the fg rock to a new level 😂
    • 17 Feb 2021 1:26PM
  • Croeso and welcome to EPZ David. I look forward to seeing your work.
  • An excellent collection of beautifully crafted images.
  • Exceptional PF Jenn. I've enjoyed catching up.
    • Posted on taggart's profile
    • 3 Oct 2016 9:46PM
  • The variety and quality of your work, Dave is hugely impressive. You show clearly that you have originality and creativity even when addressing familiar genres and subjects. An enjoyment of the act of creation seems to exude from your posts and is certainly an inspiration to me. You could never be accused of following the crowd, my friend and long may it continue!
  • Hi Ryan
    You have a beautiful collection of images in your portfolio. Your landscapes have a lovely compositional balance and I'm very jealous of your bird shots. I will pop by more often now that I have you bookmarked Grin
    • Posted on BIGRY1's profile
    • 17 May 2014 11:55PM
  • Yours is a hugely impressive portfolio, Ant revealing such an intuition for composition and understanding of the interplay of light and the landscape. A pleasure to view.
  • Your work, Paul is of the highest order and a delight to view. I really enjoyed revisiting your portfolio this evening after being stunned and inspired by your latest upload, 'The Underwriter'
  • A quick look through your excellent porfolio is all that's needed to see that there's a really gifted tog behind the lens. Your images are typified by compositional balance and vibrant hues combined with restrained post processing. A pleasure to view, Ian and sorely neglected by myself making it all the more pleasant a discovery.
  • Your portfolio is both a delight and an inspiration, Yung. All of your images are expertly crafted and imho are up there with the best in the field of land and seascapes,
  • It's over a year since I last left a comment, Shaun and such a wonderful array of expertly crafted images certainly deserves better! Inspirational images of the highest calibre and a pleasure to view.
    • Posted on OAKEY's profile
    • 24 Feb 2013 11:18AM