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Welcome to my page, I'm a professional photographer based in Scotland. I hope you enjoy some of the photos I have up here, even though I make my living from photography, I still get great pleasure from going out and about and try not to pigeon hole my stuff.
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A quick view of uggyy's recent activity.

  • Far Away

    Thanks. It's one of those photos where I know I could push it more for impact but I want to keep it real. Your right is hard to balance in that respect. After all the human eye can't pull that detail out. It's the camera doing the work in the end.
    • 24 Jan 2014 3:49AM
  • Into the Night

    Thanks Paul, just trying to get back into the swing of things.... Too long stuck in the studio bro..
    • 22 Jan 2014 6:19PM
  • Looking up

    Thanks Smile
    • 21 Jan 2014 6:13AM
  • Rannoch Moor at Night

    Superb bro...
    • 18 Jan 2014 6:49PM
  • Looking Above

    I was thinking more Thunderbirds are go lol
    • 15 Jan 2014 2:07PM
  • Cold Snap

    Thanks all, was cold sitting down to take it lol Smile
    • 17 Dec 2012 3:15PM
  • isolated

    Thanks friends and also thanks for the user award, really appreciated Smile
    • 3 Dec 2012 10:26PM
  • 1. What do you like of their PF (if you do)?

    I think Paul's work is solid, his light techniques and model shoots are all spot on. I really like some of his wedding shots and his shoot with the lass and the violin is 1st class. Paul's work looks to me to be very sell-able to his customers, which I expect is his priority in most cases.

    His mono work again is solid and good impact with his abstract type water scenes.

    2. What do you think is lacking in their PF?

    As Pauls obviously more into studio work I think some group work or more variety in the poses. Yet saying that he has shown some great eye work on his partial nude poses, so I think I should just move on to the next section...

    3. How do you think they can improve their PF?

    I dont think Im anywhere near Pauls level studio wise for lighting.. I do think though that clever use of some filters and PS work might lift his photos up a notch or two and improve the impact. I would love to see Paul push some of his photos and really bump em UP, if that makes sense. Again though, his work is solid and cant be faulted....

    4. What do you like to see in their PF?

    More landscapes so I can crit it proper lol

    5. Whose work would you recommend them to have a look at (if you know any)?


    All in all, I like your work and think you know where your going... and enjoying the journey getting there.

  • A pleasure to view your work, not sure how I missed your work either Smile I wont in future.

    All the Best, Tommy
  • Took a good look at many of your images and left the odd click. Very good body of work and a pleasure to view.

  • Some very good quality images in here. Added you to my favs just to keep an eye on ya Wink

    Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • Posted on McKenzie's profile
    • 27 Sep 2007 10:09PM
  • Just managed to catch up with your recent images and enjoyed the lot... Keep on clicking bro and a pleasure to see your work.

  • Great PF. Showing spot on compositions and great range of colors and tone.

    Pleasure to view.

  • Had a wee look at your work, superb and coming on leaps and bounds. Look forward to seeing lots more.

    Keep on Clicking, Tommy
    • Posted on MrsS's profile
    • 17 Jun 2007 1:13AM
  • Hope you put up more, I liked your stuff...
    • Posted on Jay44's profile
    • 22 Oct 2006 12:49PM
  • For someone so new to the hobby, you could teach some old hats a few lessons Smile

    • Posted on Pogs's profile
    • 15 Oct 2006 11:45PM
  • Your PF is interesting and varied and shows a growning skill with the camera, though not sure about the guitar Smile

    Glad we will get to see your work LARGER now Smile

    All the Best, Tommy
    • Posted on Hanners's profile
    • 8 Nov 2006 11:13PM