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07/01/2010 - 12:36 PM

Five Below

Five BelowVrs two for me, you pushed the HDR too far on the 1st one and hallowed the tree.

You need to lay back on the strength a little and try and balance it more in photomatix (even if the image looks flatter than it should be) before you post process in PS.
26/07/2009 - 1:28 AM

On tilt

On tiltPicture composition works very well, only thing I would consider looking at is the dark patch on the bottom left, on the cobble stones.

That dark patch seems not to flow with the rest of the picture. It might lift with some well worked dogding (if you use PS, try new duplicate layer, and dodge the hightlight at 20% with gentle strokes, untill it balanced in)...

Otherwise one cracking image....

10/07/2009 - 1:58 AM

Oil seed landscape

Oil seed landscapeOut of curioustity did you use a grad on this?

I agree with Caraboose on this one but to add...

Looking at your kit, the Sigma 10-20 is a great lens to work with in this type of situation, it has the ability to let you focus a few feet away at say F11-16 and pretty much keep the rest of the image sharp (at the 10mm end that is).

So one thing to keep in mind for a shot like this is to come lower and focus on a about 4 feet in front of you and you should have the rest pretty much in focus too. There is technicall ways of doing this, called the hyperfocus distance but erm I just go with the flow personally and see how it works Smile

I asked about the Grad because the tree seems darker than it should be about halfway up, its hard to avoid this using grads in this type of shot, unless you take a shot without it and merge them in say PS or use HDR, which would work a treat with a shot like this Smile (Im an HDR junkie)

All the Best, Tommy
10/07/2009 - 1:23 AM

18th Birthday

18th BirthdayAs above, its a fun shot and if she happy then superb...

I would though take the belly button out, it draws the eye towards it.

I see your marked as a pro so dont want to appear to be teaching you to suck eggs but with the arm and body twisted towards the camera it will accentuate the size of her arms, perhaps having her bending her arms back slightly would have kept the same pose but reduced the arms impact but tricky to say if would made too much difference.

I do though love the way you have lit it and the details in her face are first class, she has a beutifull face and fantastic smile, one imagines she could lite up a room with that smile, radiant, you must had built a good mood to have her smile so well Smile

All the Best, Tommy
08/07/2009 - 11:04 AM

The Wainstones

The WainstonesSuperb spot and composition, the image has an HDR or hard toned feeling to it.

Works well but I think the real hard bit to get working right on an image like this is the lighting.

In this case with the main focal area in shade, it becomes harder to balance the image. Even though you have managed to get detail in that area it still makes it really hard to get it spot on, your eyes get dragged to the back left hill, as Willie points out.

I recently put up a picture along the same lines, with the front area in more shade, I cant get it to work and I love it but no matter how I approach it, it just wont work Smile lol

Still a solid image but if you can visit that spot with better light sometime, I would love to see the results Smile

04/05/2009 - 11:16 PM

Circular Quay, Sydney

Circular Quay, SydneyWelcome bro...

Noise is a hard nut to crack. When it works, it works well, when it doesnt it can detract from a picture.

Even the type of noise will make a difference.

One other thing to watch for, if your going to use something as a FG object, like the light post on the right. As a holding point then you need to get it 100% straight. Its beveled a tiny bit, enough to be noticed.

All in all doing something like this in BW works and you have avoided going grey scale by using strong BW, which is good Smile So many people do BW conversions and are scared to push it to the limit.

Sheesh I mumble on a lot Smile Been a while since I did a crit, I tend to avoid them as I always seem to anoy people Smile

Take care, Tommy
02/05/2009 - 11:38 PM

Circular Quay, Sydney

Circular Quay, SydneyHmmm

I think compositionally its solid, nothing wrong with the image that way. It may lack something to add in the foreground, like say a person on the railing on the right hand side.

Im unsure though how the noise works on this image, sometimes noise or grit can add to a BW image but on this one I think it doesnt add. Without knowing your setting camera wise or any PS work you have did its hard to comment on this side. I dont know how this would look through a noise reduction filter, you might end up loosing too much detail but it may be worth looking at something like noise ninja and seeing if this would add/detract to the image.

On the whole though a good strong image but to me a little too much noise but then one mans poison is another mans sweet Wink

08/10/2008 - 12:06 AM

Durdle Doodle

Durdle DoodleComposition and colors spot on but Im not sure if your lens might have had some spray on it to cause some of the blots Im seeing as well as the flare. A wee bit of the healing brush would be well worth it for this one.

A wee trick I sometimes do is create a new layer and bump up the image to see if there anything amiss in the darker areas I might have missed.

14/05/2008 - 11:44 PM


BOWLER HATHi Hi, got to agree with cat..

I feel the lights a little flat and nothing seems to be hitting the hat (Im taking its a hat, as am only seeing a black circle).

The models legs are not flattering, the Mottled legs kind of detracts for me... PS time or else get her to wear jeans Smile

Well if you never speak to me again I wont hold it against you Smile

On a positive note, I quite like the pose...