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ugly's Blog


Thank you for coming to my potfolio.
I am a keen snap happy camera shy old man....
I will try and take photo's of most things as you may see in my portfolio.
Please leave comments and vote on what you like...
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  • ENDLESS MEMORIES International comp

    I have had 3 images ACCEPTED The First was in OPEN COLOR (PSA PID Color) END OF SEASON SUNSET The Next was in OPEN MONOCHROME (PSA PID Monochrome) TWO KISSES AT ONCE The last was in NATURE (PSA ND) LIONESS BACK SCRATCH 0


    15 May 2022 1:52PM  |  Read


    Views : 160

  • BOISHAKHI International Photographic Salon

    Well not as Good as I was hoping it a result Only one image got accepted Section Name: NATURE (PSA ND) The image was LILAC BREASTED ROLLER IN FLIGHT 0


    18 Apr 2022 8:39PM  |  Read


    Views : 173

  • Chile Photo Awards Circuit 29th March 2022

    The organizers of this salon are pleased to confirm that the image "Leopard Asleep in a Tree" by David Hollis was accepted in the Circuit (Fccv) The organizers of this salon are pleased to confirm that the image "Who is Watching Who" by David Holl...0


    1 Apr 2022 8:46PM  |  Read


    Views : 217

  • International Exhibition of Photography

    I have had 3 acceptances in the Donegal Ireland International OPEN COLOUR (colour digital) The Jacobite on Harry potter Glenfinnan Viaduct NATURE (colour/monochrome digital) Fox by water edge SPORT (colour/monochrome digital) Motor bike smok...0


    14 Mar 2022 7:02PM  |  Read


    Views : 309

  • Bristol International Salon 2022

    I have just had two images was accepted in to the Bristol International Salon for 2022 Both images are in the Nature Digital class The first one is Running Water Monitor lizard the second image is The Lilac-breasted Roller (Coracias Caudatus) I hi...0


    16 Feb 2022 7:26PM  |  Read


    Views : 289

  • Dhaka Photo Awards 2022

    First International Comp for 2022 has come in for me. DHAKA PHOTO OPEN COLOR (PSA PID Color) OTTER PORTRAITURE has been ACCEPTED NATURE (PSA ND) KESTREL HOVER has been Accepted FALCON EATING has been Accepted BURRING OWL LANDING has been Accepted ...0


    9 Feb 2022 6:56PM  |  Read


    Views : 332

  • BANGLADESH FOTO FEST Report Card info

    These are images that have been accepted and in which section. OPEN MONOCHROME (PSA PID Monochrome) 1. "TUNING" NATURE (PSA ND) 1. "LILAC-BREASTED ROLLER" 2. "FISH EAGLE ATTACKING GIANT HERRON" STREET & LANDSCAPE (PSA PID Color) 1. "NORTH BANK OF ...0

    28 Dec 2021 7:19PM  |  Read


    Views : 289

  • Three Country Grand Circuit 2021

    I have just had some great news on some of my images In Ireland [u] I just had in WOMAN (color/monochrome digital) Tuning her Guitar WILDLIFE (color/monochrome digital) Resting Leopard BIRDS (color/monochrome digital) Puffin in Flight wo Fi...0

    15 Dec 2021 8:03PM  |  Read


    Views : 389

  • Wonders of the world international comp

    1st December 2021 I just got a nice acceptance in to the wonders of the world international competition. My image is called FOX by Water Edge Which is in the nature section.0

    1 Dec 2021 8:30PM  |  Read


    Views : 312

  • Smethwick International comp

    16th November 2021 I have just found out I have been accepted into the Smethwick 47th International with a nature image I called the image. In the dust cloud0

    16 Nov 2021 8:45AM  |  Read


    Views : 306

  • Perms Jet light in the Dark

    Hi all Just to let you know. I have got into the last 50 of the perma jet light in the dark competition. I understand that they will do an exhibition with some of the best. I do not know if it the top 25 images of top 50. The last round of judging wi...0

    29 Mar 2021 11:46PM  |  Read


    Views : 344

  • Bristol Salon 2017

    After a long delay info is now coming out about Bristol Salon 2017. I have Light Seed excepted in to Open I have 2 acceptances in Nature first is In the Dust Cloud the second is Drinking Elephants 0

    31 May 2017 5:30PM  |  Read


    Views : 354

  • Khayyam 2016 International Exhibition of Photograp

    Hollis, David blown away England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2 Hollis, David train driving doctor England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2 Hollis, David light speed England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2 Hollis, David whitby abbey in flood lights England Accepted/ Rounds ...0

    30 May 2017 5:35PM  |  Read


    Views : 381

  • New Zealand Internatal Salon

    I have had a mono excepted in to New Zealand Salon. The image is Team Talk.0

    19 Mar 2017 6:32PM  |  Read


    Views : 435

  • Bristol Salon 2017 Report Card

    OPEN (PSA PID) "Light Speed" got ACCEPTED NATURE (PSA ND) "Drinking Elephants" and "In the Dust Cloud" got ACCEPTED A very nice start to 20170

    22 Feb 2017 7:02PM  |  Read


    Views : 485