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Thank you for coming to my potfolio.
I am a keen snap happy camera shy old man....
I will try and take photo's of most things as you may see in my portfolio.
Please leave comments and vote on what you like...
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  • Bristol Salon 2016

    Just got News in. I have got 3 images excepted in to Salon. One Monochrome image called Train Driving Doctor. I have two images excepted in to Nature (PSA PID) Artic Tern and the other is Scottish Wildcat. A good start to the year.

    16 Feb 2016 3:29PM | Read


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  • Sydney Harbour International

    Sydney Harbour International 2015 Acceptances Nature David Hollis Fish Eagle with Fish David Hollis Fish Eagles and a Giant Herron Mono David Hollis Kisses

    11 May 2015 12:01PM | Read


    Views : 380

  • 66th Midland Salon of International Photography

    66th Midland Salon of International Photography. Your results were Nature PDI (acceptance mark 11) "Fish Eagle with Fish" scored 12 and was accepted First time I had an acceptance to the Midland salon. A step towards going up the lad...

    4 May 2015 10:54AM | Read


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  • Basingstoke National Photography Exhibition 2015

    Http:// Nature Fish Eagle With Fish Two Wild Paimted Dogs In the Open Cuviers D...

    12 Mar 2015 8:36AM | Read


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  • Southampton 2015

    I have just had my report card for the Southampton International salon. I have had my 2 painted Wild Dogs excepted in to the saloon. If it not this image link it is a image very close to this image. Please see link.

    11 Mar 2015 7:45AM | Read


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  • Bristol international photographic salon 2015

    A good start to the year an acceptance in to the Bristol international photographic salon. see link above for image.

    20 Feb 2015 12:08PM | Read


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  • Yorkshire Salon

    2 more images have been accepted by Yorkshire International Salon one in open for my Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman. The second in Altered Reality and that was Washing money away. Not a bad way to finish 2014.

    27 Dec 2014 3:26PM | Read


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  • The South Devon Salon

    Thank you for entering the The South Devon Salon. This is the only notification you will receive regarding your scores so please retain this document in a safe and secure place. 12 (A) "CUVIERS DWARF CAIMAN" ACCEPTED OPEN SECTION ...

    16 Aug 2014 1:52PM | Read


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  • Robin Hood Open Exhibition 2014

    I have been told that I have just had an Acceptance of one of my images. Elephants looking for water Page 6 About 7th image on that page. That is 8 images being accepted so...

    22 May 2014 12:58PM | Read


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  • 32nd Rushden Open Photographic Exhibition

    I have just had an email to say that I have had an Acceptance for a creative image. It was my Fighting Machine at Night it scored 12 point. Another day to smile.

    30 Apr 2014 1:04PM | Read


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  • Chaltenham International Salon of Photograhy 2014

    Cheltenham International Salon of Photograhy 2014 Thank you for yor entering the Chaltenham International Salon of Photograhy 2014 Your results were Nature PDI (aCCEPTANCE MARK 11) Air Attack scored 9 I watching you s...

    29 Apr 2014 12:55PM | Read


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  • Bristol International saloon

    I have 2 image in this show. Link to images below. It turning in to a great year for my photos.

    25 Mar 2014 8:30AM | Read


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  • 101st International Exhibition - 2014

    Southampton Camera Club 101st International Exhibition - 2014 I have 2 acceptances 1 of them has won an awards on 05 March 2014 I will be going down to collect it on the Sat 26th April 2014. Happy Days

    20 Mar 2014 1:12PM | Read


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  • Leopard

    Thank you all for viewing my Leopard the other day. 14 UA given out to me. I would never think it was that good and I hope people look in to the eyes of this great cat. They then can see why we need to look after them and save them for the rest o...

    4 Feb 2014 8:08AM | Read


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