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A quick view of ukuwi's recent activity.

  • Mother and childs.

    I like this a lot and for many reasons, the vinaigrette is perfect, the composition is superb, the only thing I would address is the shadows, as the original lighting was above the image and the vinaigrette makes it look backlit and not making sense of the shadows, but overall a great shot.
    • 14 Mar 2020 7:18PM
  • Another morning

    Beautiful portrait, love the light on the subjects shoulder and the clarity of the eyes.
    • 25 Mar 2015 12:57PM
  • Angkor Wat

    Hey buddy, still taking naff photo's then haha
    • 25 Jul 2014 6:46AM
  • Emma's Tattoos

    Now that is great photography, love the rich colour saturation and the tonal quality.and superb clarity and very well lit subject. Love it
    • 3 Jan 2013 9:50AM
  • Chelsie

    Subject is just a little too soft , model is well lit, pretty model just not my favourite angle, the tones are good and I like the high contrast, I get the feeling she is sat in a cave, that could just be the angle, I may have tried to darken the area behind your models head,
    Overall nice shot, stands out.
    • 3 Jan 2013 9:41AM
  • Out for a walk...

    Beautiful capture of a beautiful animal, good clarity, good dof, great shot.
    • 3 Jan 2013 8:16AM
  • Light handed

    wish i had thought of that, very well done
    • 29 Nov 2012 6:33PM
  • my mum is the best on the site, nuff saidSmile
  • Probally the finest photographer known to the modern world, he creates a magic with his lighting techniques that surpass even the masters, and a creative bent that is unlike no other.

    keep puffing baby!!!!
  • Head and shoulders above the rest with a unique vision on life with the abilty to demonstrate it so well, truly an artist, thank you for sharing your work with us VictorSmile