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I am sorry my image editor will not let me use the fill command on the " Fill in a welcome message" statement present on my "about Me" section of my Portfolio Information.

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  • Untitled by RobertTurley

    Nice photo Smile There four white dots, not sure if dirt, dead pixels etc. Two are in the image just up from top antenna and to the left. They need cloning out.
    I am viewing this on a 46 inch HD TV hence why I see them a smaller monitor may mean they are not so obvious. They are not a fault in my TV as they move as part of your photo.
    • 7 Aug 2015 7:21AM
  • Six spotted Burnet Moth by georgiepoolie

    I think those are the type I have seen flying around the rough natural flowers and grass near me. It is a small rough area just behind the fence for the motorway. Never manage a good photo like that though, as they don't stay still long.

    Really nice photo, I could see that in a identification of moths book. Smile
    • 6 Aug 2015 6:55PM
  • Pink Geranium by TonyDy

    They are lovely to see and photograph. I have a pink flowering Geranium in my front garden which I have photographed too. Something about the peachy pink and the colour of the flower veins does make them eye candy IMHO.Smile
    • 5 Aug 2015 11:53AM
  • PORT ISAAC by Zacian

    Interesting almost stained glass / illustration feel to it. Reminds me of a church stained glass window even though this image has no religious icons in it.

    • 31 Jul 2015 6:17PM
  • In the woods for a tea party by Dixxipix

    Erm interesting but I would add I am not a trained Photographer!

    The main first thing to my eye is the background is to busy and distracting. If the depth of field had stopped just past the last two characters, causing the back drop of trees to not catch the eye so much I wonder if it would work better? Could you defocus the back trees to get the effect, or reduces the bright colours of the trees make them more matt or satin finished, but would it make the photo work better? Unknown these are just unproven speculative thoughts.

    • 31 Jul 2015 9:58AM
  • FIRST MOON SHOT by Zacian

    Not sure which country you are in, I am in UK. There was a very bright moon out near my home last night, I recall thinks how much it stood out when closing the curtains. Hence your photo caught my eye while looking at the gallery this morning.
    I am seeing this on a 46 inch HDTV hooked up to my laptop (laptop screen smashed in accident good while back). I am also sat about 10 foot back from the TV. Your photo reminds me of the wall posters you can buy of the moon from my perspective.Smile
    • 31 Jul 2015 9:48AM
  • Rescue by ddolfelin

    They do valuable work!Smile
    • 29 Jul 2015 8:49AM

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