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Hi there, and welcome to my portfolio.
I don't really specialise in any particular genre or style but I have to admit to being totally infatuated with B&W.
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A quick view of Vambomarbleye's recent activity.

  • watch your step

    • 24 May 2020 3:43PM
  • Curtains.

    • 24 May 2020 3:28PM
  • The Wall...

    I couldn't help but see the firing-squad scenario, with his hands behind him, staring down death.
    And I agree totally with what Moira said and hope she's wrong!
    • 24 May 2020 3:22PM
  • Just for context II and III

    Quote:Lovely Pre-Raphaelite mood, the lead is my Fave.

    That's what I see too, beautiful.
    • 24 May 2020 3:03PM
  • Just for context...

    A freshly landed trout, a knob of butter.............
    • 24 May 2020 3:00PM
  • The shadow of your swing

    The lead for me. There's something unsettling about the version, with the swing "hanging" upwards.
    I just love the gradation of tones in the shadow areas.
    • 24 May 2020 2:50PM
  • Quarry Turn

    First corner????
    • 21 May 2020 12:13PM

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