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Im learning fast and hopfully getting better.
Hope you like what you see.
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  • So shiny screens are good are they all led ones these days, alot seem to be 15" would 17" be better, are makes as good as each other, any I should keep away from.
    Many thanks
  • Hi all willing helpers Smile I have to get a new laptop Tongue
    Im running ps5 and taking raw images, I have had a little look on the old tinterweb and would like to know what sort of laptops you are using, speck wise should I be looking at 4gb or more memory, 500gb harddrive i do have a external one for backup, (the next bits im getting the blonde card out) separate graphics card/memory thingys, i3, i5, i7 processor, screens led backlit ? Tongue its all getting a bit head scratching now.
    I have nipped in a couple of shops one of which said if you get a smaller camera or use your phone you dont need a laptop ! wow I didnt stay there very long.
    Money wise 600 ish.
    Hope you can help/ advise me Grin
  • I have used nintendo DS Lite screen protectors on my camera screens (sometimes need a bit of trimming), I have not done my G12 yet (very naughty) I better sort it sooner rather than later !
  • I went for the nissin 866mk11, only played with it a bit so more practice needed
  • Much chuckle worthy Grin
  • Thanks for the guide info, I will be reading lots later Tongue and do more reserching
  • Hi all I am thinking of getting a flash for my canon 40d, I borrowed a friends flash (metz 50af-1 digital) to have a play with to see if I needed one, well I think I need one. Smile
    This is where you may be able to help. The question is which one !!
    I have done a bit of reserch (metz 50af-1 digital, nissin 866mk11, canon) but its alot of money to spend if I get it wrong (upto about 200), so suggestions are very welcome,
    What important bits do I need to look for, do I need to give you more info.
    Many thanks. Vic Grin
  • Hi Chris The wait is over I joined my first forum Smile

    Vic xx
  • Thank you for the welcome MrGoatsmilk I have just looked at some of your pictures (nice deer),
    and Phil see you later Smile
  • When you use a hide clamp it always relies on other people not shaking the bench
  • Hello All

    I'm Vic (as in Victoria). I've been doing photography for a while but have only recently joined a club. They have been really helpful and my pictures are (hopefully) improving. Long way to go to get up to the standard of the rest of them though!

    They encouraged me to join epz. Now all I need to do is upload some pictures.

    I currently use a Canon 40D. Grin