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  • I am looking for a hard case to accommodate a Nikon D750 with grip, 200-500 f/5.6, 18-35, 28-300, 24-120 f/4, 300 f/4PF, 1.4x TC, charger, filters, and various other accessories. The primary role of the case will be storage at home. However, it will also be used to transport the equipment on transatlantic flights, so ideally, it should have wheels. I am looking at SKB and Pelican cases, including the Pelican 1564 and the SKB iSeries . Does anyone have any experience of this or similar case with similar gear to mine? Would you trust so much gear to the baggage hold of an aircraft?

    I'm unable to get to a camera store to try suitable cases (it requires a plane journey!), so any advice would be welcome.
  • I have the F-stop Lotus which is a 32 litre rucksack and will take the small and medium Pro ICUs comfortably. I can fit a D750 with grip attached, a 300 f/4, 28-300, 18-35 and 1.4x TC in the small ICU, though it is a tight fit. Accessories went in the empty space of the main compartment. The Medium Pro ICU will take accessories and additional lenses. I live outside of Europe, and ordered mine direct from F-stop.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I had considered a couple of Manfrotto bags (there were 15 backpacks on the list originally!), but decided against them for various reasons. The bag you suggest is one I decided against, primarily because of its thin waist strap and the lack of mesh pockets that could be used for storing food and water. The top-loading design of the RedBee-210 is an interesting design however, and I could certainly see its usefulness.
  • Thanks Andy and Phil. I am leaning more towards the 400 AW. As far as I can tell, it should fit, but the lens hood on the 200-500 is quite big.
  • I'm planning to purchase Nikon's 200-500 f/5.6 lens, but also need to purchase a new bag to carry it as my current LowePro Primus isn't designed to carry such a lens.

    As I live in an area without access to camera shops, I have done a bunch of research online and think I have narrowed my choices down to either the LowePro 400 AW or the Mindshift Gear FirstLight 30L. Both have pros and cons for day hike and air travel use.

    Does anyone here have experience of using either bag? My kit includes a gripped Nikon D750, 200-500 f/5.6, 24-120 f/4, 1.4x TC (or equivalent gear) with a monopod, extra memory cards, filters, tools and other odds and sods.

    I will be visiting the UK at the start of July for a couple weeks so will have the opportunity to try out the bags, but I do want to hear of any member's experience with either bag.

  • Thanks Nick, Sounds to me they want to keep it on file as they will give me 50% of anything the make.

    Does anyone else have any other advice?
  • I guess I posted this at the wrong time of the day. Does anyone have any advice for me? Would really love to hear it.

  • I have been contacted by Solent News and Photo Agency as they wish to use one of my photos as a one image feature. This is the first time this has happened to me, so I want to make sure I get things right from the start. Has anyone here had any good/bad/ugly contact with this agency? The person who contacted me included a number of links to other photographers images they have had published in the Telegraphy and Daily Mail, so they seem legit. However, I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed, things to watch out for etc.


  • Thanks for the comments.

    I have used a web engine plugin for Lightroom, which doesn't use thumbnails. It's one thing I like about it. You do have the numbers across the bottom of each gallery. As for the tag line, I'll change it.

  • Hi Folks,

    I've finally found a way of presenting my photographs online that I'm happy with. Would appreciate any comments and feedback. One question: Do I have too many images in some of the galleries (e.g., wildlife)? It is sometimes a bit slow to load.

  • Try a photobox pro gallery . I don't use this photobox service, but can recommend them for printing.
  • I can recommend . I hired a Nikon body and lens from them a few weeks back and was very impressed wit their service. Gear was shipped in a sturdy metal case. They give you the option of picking up and dropping off at a nearby depot it is more convenient for you.

  • So a misting of water it is then. Thanks guys.
  • I recently bought a Huey Pro calibration tool. It came with some Klear Screen wipes and a micro-chamois cloth. Unfortunately, the wipes have left behind smears on my Dell LCD monitor.

    Does anyone have recommendations for other LCD monitor cleaning products?
  • I recently hired a D300 with the nikon 18-200 lens. I tested it out shooting red kite in Wales and found some of the photos to be soft at the 200 mm end of the range. I also noticed that when I had the camera hanging around my neck, the lens would zoom out buy itself.

    If I were you, I'd go for the Sigma 70-200 2.8
  • I'm seriously considering buying a Nikon D300. Before I take the plunge and switch brands to Nikon, I'm thinking of hiring a D300 and a couple of lenses from Has anyone here had ever used them and if so, how was the experience?
  • What about Photoshop Elements (it's only £76), or there's Gimp , or , both free.


  • Quote:Quote:Is anyone aware of any company offering something different? I got an email from Blurb only this morning saying that they were starting to offer the option of heavier weight paper on books of up to 160 pages. I deleted it, I'm afraid, so I can't quote it here.

    i've kept the email. Here's what they say:

    "You asked and we delivered – we’re pleased to introduce our new Premium Paper. That’s right, starting Thursday, October 23, all Blurb books up to 160 pages will be available with 100-pound text silk-finish paper. That’s 35% heavier than our standard paper, featuring improved opacity and stellar image quality to make your best work shine. Getting Premium Paper in your next book is easy – simply select “Purchase with Premium Paper” when ordering your book and you’re all set."

    more info on their blog
  • Thanks Mike, chkdsk ran when I booted the machine up this morning, and everything is now working OK.
  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your suggestions. Everything appears to be working fine now. I followed Strawmans suggestions and the first worked. Must remember to be more patient next time !
  • Err normal? this is the first time that I have ever seen this message on any of my dell pcs (am on my third). I've not got a raid configuration, but I have artitioned my single 320 GB drive into 3 smaller particions.

    I've left for about 10-15 minutes, so I'll do as you say strawman, and actually leave it overnight as I need to get to bed Tongue
  • I know this is not a pc forum, but I'm sure there must be someone here who can ateast point me inthe right direction.

    My 10 month old Dell desktop running WIndows XP with SP3 has just died. Whilst editing a photo in PSE 6 (with Lightroom open in the background), the computer froze up. I could not reboot using ctrl+alt+del, so had to hard reboot using the power button.

    On reboot, the Dell flash screen appears and then the miessage AHCI BIOS not installed!! appears and nothing else happens.

    Any suggestions as what to do would be greatly appreciated - I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to this. I do have Windows CDs, and can boot from the OS disk.
  • Thanks for the info. I currently have the 18-70 as it came with my KM 5D. I was hoping someone here would have used the 16-105. I like the idea of the slightly extra reach for shooting my brother's lotus from my dad's whilst on the move.
  • Anyone bought this lens since the OP's post? I'm thinking of upgrading to the a700 with the 16-105 lens, but have read mixed reviews about it.
  • I bought a Manfrotto 676B Digi monopod and a 234 monopod tilt head the day before I headed off to Iceland for 10 days. Used it all the time. Lightweight, easy to carry and has a good height. The tilt head has a quick release plate and allows you to take photos in portrait format. I took this photo using the monopod in breezy conditions on top of a volcano in Iceland.

  • This page should help you find the right one. Very interesting accessory.

  • Export the image from Xara3D into an 'images' folder inside the folder that contains your webpage. In Dreamweaver and with your page open, click where you want to insert the image. Then select Insert > Image and navigate to the folder where you saved the image and click OK.

    Just to give you an idea, this is how I setup my website directory structure. This must stay the same when you upload it to your webspace.

    HTH, Adam
  • Coffecup Html Editor is very inexpensive at $49, while Nvu is free and is said to rival Dreamweaver & Frontpage.

    Can't recommend either as I use Dreamweaver which is also out of your budget.



  • Quote:What about all the people in the crowd at Wimbledon, football matches etc, all clearly recognisable, and all being beamed all over the world on TV for a profit? Any different?

    For events like these, there is usually something written in the small print on the back of the ticket or signs up around the areas saying words to the effect of "by attending you consent to your face being displayed on TV". I'm sure I've seen this sort of thing at concerts broadcast on TV/recorded for DVD before now.